The Summer Reads Hub

Looking for a great romance book to read this summer? Then look no further as this is the hub for all the best summer reads in romance.

Every year I create a new book list of the hottest summer reads in romance which you’ll find right here, all in one spot.

You’ll also find additional book lists of romance books that make the perfect beach reads for summer (or any time of year!).

The Summer Reads Hub on She Reads Romance Books offers all the best summer reads in romance at your fingertips. Find your next beach read here!
Discover all the hottest romance books to read this summer on The Summer Reads Hub!

Reading is the perfect escape for summer whether you’re on vacation or simply taking a stay-cation.

What’s even better?

Reading a romance book! 😊

I simply love relaxing into a good book that’s the perfect escape with a guaranteed happily-ever-after ending.

If you do too, then queue up one of these book lists, pick a title and ENJOY!

Play the Summer Reads Bingo Game!

Ready to make your summer reading even more fun? Play the She Reads Romance Books’ Summer Reads BINGO game!

This year’s BINGO game includes all 25 summer reads titles from the 2022 summer reads book list below.

Check out the titles and then sign up to grab your copy of the BINGO game and play to have fun and/or play to win a prize.

Check out the book list of the best summer reads 2022 that are the hottest beach reads in romance to read this summer.

Summer Reads 2022: The Hottest Romance Books of Summer

Discover the hottest summer reads of 2022 in this book list. You’ll find the 25 hottest romance books to read on the beach or at the pool this year.

Don’t forget to check out the list and sign up to download your copy of the 2022 Summer Reads BINGO game!

She Reads Romance Books shares the best beach reads worth reading this summer. You'll fall in love reading each of these books on the beach.

The Best Beach Reads to Fall in Love With This Summer

Discover the best beach reads of all time that you’re going to want to add to your beach bag this summer.

This is the ultimate list of books to read on the beach or by the pool.

Discover the best summer reads of 2021 in romance on She Reads Romance Books where you'll find the hottest romance books worth reading.

Summer Reads 2021: The Best Romance Books to Read this Summer

Check out the best summer reads in romance releasing in 2021. These are the romance books not to miss this summer!

Discover the hottest summer reads of 2020 in romance on She Reads Romance Books.

Summer Reads 2020: The Hottest Romance Books You Can’t Miss

Join me in reading the hottest summer reads of 2020. These romance books will bring the heat to your reading life this summer.

Check out the romance book list from She Reads Romance Books of romance books that inspire travel.

Escape into Romance Books that Inspire Travel

If you can’t get away on vacation, travel from your armchair and escape to an exotic place with these romance books that inspire travel.

From tropical beaches to snowy Alaska to the jungle and more – these romance books will take you places!

Check out this gift guide of the hottest summer gifts for readers that all romance book readers will love!

The Hottest Summer Gifts for Readers

Whether you take a vacation or have a stay-cation, summer is the perfect time to read which is why you need these summer gifts for readers.

Check them out for yourself or they make the perfect gifts for any reader or book club member in your life.

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