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Romance Book Reading Journal.

Created for romance book lovers who want to remember the best books worth reading.

Check out the Romance Book Reading Journal from She Reads Romance Books that's available in paperback and hardback.
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If you’re a romance book lover like me, you read a lot of books.

And when a 5-star read comes across your lap or the most unforgettable book boyfriend appears on the page, you never want to forget it.

Sure, you may keep track of your books on Goodreads, but as a romance book reader, there’s so much more you want to remember about a book and the feelings it evoked in you.

That’s where the Romance Book Reading Journal comes in.

We romance book readers are a special breed 😊

We don’t just read books – we feel them.

We don’t just get introduced to new characters – we sometimes claim them for our own (I’m talking about you Jamie Fraser – my ultimate book boyfriend!).

We don’t just hop between authors – we stalk our favorites, instantly one-clicking their next new release which can never come fast enough!

There’s so much to our romance book reading experience to capture, plan and remember that any ‘ole reading app just won’t do.

I Am Like You!

I read so many books that I started to:

  • forget why my favorite book boyfriends were so special,
  • lose track of when my favorite authors were releasing their next book,
  • miss new book releases I was so excited to read, and
  • forget how my most favorite books made me feel, unless I wrote a formal book review.

That’s why I created the ultimate journal, planner and reading tracker all in one, exclusively for romance book readers.

Available in paperback or hardcover, now you will never forget that unforgettable quote, character or 5-star read you couldn’t put down.

What’s Included:

The Romance Book Journal is a reading tracker, reading planner, and reading journal all in one.

It will save you time, help you stay organized, and give you the space to reflect on your favorite books, all in one place.

What’s in the Paperback and Hardcover:

  • 160 pages
  • 100 Book Reviews
  • 1 My Reading Goals Sheet
  • 1 Daily Reading Tracker
  • 1 Romance Reading Challenge
  • 1 Romance Reading Bingo
  • 1 My Bookshelf Coloring Sheet
  • 4 To Read Lists
  • 4 Favorite Books Lists
  • 2 5 Star Books Lists
  • 3 Favorite Book Boyfriend Lists
  • 1 Favorite Authors List
  • 3 Favorite Book Quotes Pages
  • 3 Book Series Review Pages
  • 21 Romance Book Trope Favorite Pages
  • 1 Reading Year in Review Page
  • 2 Things I’ve Learned Reading Romance
  • 4 Notes/Reflections Pages

Who Created This Awesome Journal?

Meet Leslie Murphy, writer and owner of She Reads Romance Books.

Hi! I’m Leslie, the romance book blogger here at She Reads Romance Books.

To say that I love reading romance is quite an understatement.

I wanted to connect with fellow romance book lovers to help them find the best romance books worth reading AND the best book boyfriends to fangirl over and so She Reads Romance Books was born!

Not everyone has time to create epic book lists or write book reviews to remember their favorite books. That’s when I decided to create the Romance Book Reading Journal.

I’ve done the work for you and created beautiful, well-designed pages that capture EVERYTHING you could possibly want to track, remember or write about concerning your romance book reading habit.

Why You Need This:

This Romance Book Reading Journal is a must-have for every romance book reader.

Here’s why I think you need this in your life:

  • It’s designed FOR YOU: This journal is designed exclusively for the romance book reader to meet all your needs and then some.
  • It’s FUN! There are pages to express your creativity and pages to help make your reading habit more fun, making this more than just a simple planner.
  • It’s beautiful AND user-friendly. Each page is laid out to capture all the information you need. Designed with a classic, simple, modern cover, this 6″x9″ book in paperback or hardcover will easily fit in any bag for on-the-go reading and will make a great keepsake or gift.
  • It will help you stay organized. Now you can keep all aspects of your reading life in one place instead of bouncing from app to app or notebook to notebook.
  • It’s affordable. The journal should last a full year of reading if you read as much as I do, but could last even longer!

Don’t Just Take My Word That You Need It:

Here’s what romance book readers like you have to say about the Romance Book Reading Journal:

“I have been looking for a journal for awhile where I can track all of the books I read, let me say I found it in this book. Not only can I keep track of the books I read but there is enough space to write my thoughts/review on each book. I absolutely love it!”

-Charlene Meny

“I love this Romance Book Reading Journal! It has everything I was hoping for to track my reading but had so much more than I was anticipating.”

-Jessica Cronin

“Consider me Wowed!! This is a great planner for stationery lovers who know the power of writing it all down on paper. As a planner lover, I appreciate that it’s highly customizable and I can quickly organize my romance book reading life.”

-Susan Comrie

Grab it Now!

Don’t waste another moment without this journal that will change your life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1). What do I receive?

The Romance Book Reading Journal is available in paperback or hardcover through Amazon, you receive a 6″x9″ book!

2). Who is this journal for?

This journal is geared toward the romance book reader, the lover of any and all romance book tropes, and any and all categories of romance!

That being said, any reader could use (and would love!) many of the pages including the reading tracker worksheets and reading planner worksheets. Other readers may also be interested in my Booktok Journal which is not exclusive to the romance book genre or my Book Club Journal.

3). What is your refund policy?

Because the paperback and hardcover is sold through Amazon you must contact Amazon for a return/refund.

4). I love this journal. Can I become an affiliate?

If you are a member of the Amazon Affiliates program, you can grab your affiliate link through their program and share it for the paperback and hardcover. Thanks!

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