Take a Book Quiz to Find Your Next Favorite Book!

Unsure what romance book to read next? Looking for some book recommendations? Or just want to have some fun?

It’s time to take a book quiz!

I LOVE to create quizzes and they are the perfect way to help you find the best book worth reading geared toward YOUR tastes and interests.

Take a book quiz to find your next favorite book. She Reads Romance Books develops fun book quizzes to help you find the best romance books worth reading.

There are so many romance books to choose from so how do you decide what to read next?

I want to help you find THE book that is going to be your next favorite read, so I created these fun book recommendation quizzes which will give you the best book recommendations for what to read next.

Ready to find your next favorite book? Here’s what you do:

  1. Take one (or all!) of the quizzes below.
  2. Find your result and check out the book recommendations.

Take a Book Quiz or Two, or Three…

Who’s Your Ideal Book Boyfriend Quiz

I’m all about collecting book boyfriends here at She Reads Romance Books. Take the quiz below to find the romance book you should read next based on your ideal book boyfriend type.

If You Were A Romance Book, What Type Would You Be Quiz

Ever wonder what your personality says about the type of romance book you like? Take the quiz below and find your match!

What Your Favorite Romance Movie Says About the Next Romance Book You’ll Love Quiz

Not only can your personality lead you to your next favorite romance book, but your favorite romance movie can too!

Take this quiz that looks at what you love about your favorite romance movie to give you a book recommendation on what to read next.

What Billionaire Romance Novel Should You Read Next?

If you love the billionaire romance book trope then I have just the quiz to help you select your next great book selection.

Take the quiz below to find the perfect title for you and then check out all of the best billionaire romance books worth reading.

What Colleen Hoover Book is Perfect for You?

Whether you’re new to Colleen Hoover’s work or a lifelong fan, this quiz will pick the perfect Colleen Hoover book for you based on your interests.

Check it out and get started on her work!

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