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Romance book lists from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Romance book lists on this site fit into 6 main categories:

1. Best of Lists

The best romance books worth reading in specific romance book categories or tropes can be found in these best of romance book lists. These lists also include my best books of the year lists and my all-time favorite romance book list.

2. Romance Trope Lists

Love a specific category of romance book or a certain romance book trope? Find books by trope with these trope romance book lists.

Want to discover all the romance tropes and romance categories in the romance genre? Check out the Ultimate Guide to the Romance Genre & Romance Tropes which links to my romance trope lists as well.

3. Monthly New Book Releases Lists

Check out the most anticipated new romance book releases for each month and year with these monthly releases romance book lists.

4. What to Read Lists

Every month I share my reading list and give you the honest truth whether a book is one to read or one to skip. Find out if a specific romance book is worth the hype with these what to read romance book lists.

5. Award Lists

Check out which romance books were nominated for annual awards in these award romance book lists.

6. Books to Movies and TV Series Lists

Discover which romance books are being adapted for movies and TV series with these books to movies romance book lists.

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You can also check out my Romance Book Hubs – your one-stop-shop for all the related book lists for specific categories and tropes of romance books.

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Summer Reads Hub

Have a specific list in mind? Search for it by category above or in the complete list of romance book lists below which are in alphabetical order. Browse all my book lists here.

Looking for my newly published romance book lists? Check out the images below!

Romance Trope Lists

Award Lists

Books to Movies & TV Series Lists

Extra Lists

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