The Best Female Billionaire Romance Books Where the Women Hold All the Coin

If you’re a fan of billionaire romance books, why not read one of the best female billionaire romance books where the woman is the one holding the big bank account?

Billionaire romance books are such a popular romance trope, but these books give it a new spin and they are oh so good!

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Find the best female billionaire romance books worth reading in this book list from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books. Billionaire romance novels are a popular trend in the romance genre but these heroines are the ones with the big bank accounts.
Discover the best female billionaire romance books worth reading in this book list!

There’s just something about a billionaire romance book that turns people on.

Perhaps it’s the Cinderella story about a rich man finding a lowly girl, but why does the man have to be the rich character?

This story is flipped when it comes to female billionaire romance books where the heroine is the one commanding the board room, holding the title of CEO or just leveraging the big bank account!

In Honor of International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women's Day every March.

It’s no coincidence that this post on female billionaire romance books coincides with International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. First held in 1911, this day is continually celebrated every March.  

International Women’s Day is also an important day for women as it focuses on accelerating gender parity.

Though gender parity is a statistical measure that compares at many indicators between men and women, average income is a big one. Currently women make just under $.80 for every dollar that men make.

While we have a way to go to bring women’s salaries in line with men’s, I love how easily we can change this fact in the context of a romance book with these female billionaire romance books.

Supposedly the United States has the most billionaires in the world with women accounting for just 12% of them.

Ladies, I think we can change this statistic, don’t you agree?

We have women like Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna, and MacKenzie Scott to inspire, but here are some stories of female billionaires who can inspire us as well.

My Favorite Female Billionaire Romance Books

Marriage of Inconvenience by Penny Reid is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Marriage of Inconvenience
by Penny Reid

Being a billionaire heiress isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Determined to live a quiet life, Kat Tanner changed her identity years ago and eschewed her family’s legacy. But now, Kat’s silver spoon past has finally caught up with her, and so have her youthful mistakes.

To avoid imminent disaster, she must marry immediately; it is essential that the person she chooses have no romantic feelings for her whatsoever and be completely trustworthy. Fortunately, she knows exactly who to ask.

Dan O’Malley checks all the boxes. Sure, she might have a little crush on Dan the Security Man, but with clear rules, expectations, and a legally binding contract, Kat is certain she can make it through this debacle with her sanity—and heart—all in one piece.

I absolutely adored this billionairess romance book. It can easily be read as a standalone but the build up to Kat and Dan’s relationship throughout Reid’s Knitting in the City series made this an incredible book to read.

Plus, marriage of convenience stories are my catnip, especially when both parties already have feelings for one another that they keep hidden.

Kat is a great example of a woman who’s worked hard to get where she is, having to overcome a youthful past that was anything but kind. Even though she comes from money, she’s pulled herself up from her boot straps and has earned every right to take a leadership role in her family’s company.

I also love how Kat has a girl tribe in her knitting group that is made up of all types of personalities. These women are a great example of how wonderful it is to have the support of other women who have your back.

This is definitely one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading!

The Mogul and the Muscle is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

The Mogul and the Muscle
by Claire Kingsley

Cameron Whitbury—billionaire aerospace mogul—can engineer her way out of any problem. But a potential scandal and attempted mugging has her hiring Jude Ellis as her bodyguard to appease her friends.

With the threat against Cameron heating up, it’s best to keep things strictly professional between her and the hottie, right?!

I flew through this book which had the best characters to read! Cameron is the perfect, confident heroine and Jude is the silent, hot bodyguard type that I love. Cameron also has her own tribe of fellow female billionaires who support her which is awesome.

This is definitely one of the best female billionaire romance books I recommend!

Lush Money is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Lush Money
by Angelina M. Lopez

Roxanne is a self-made billionaire and she’s just negotiated her most important business deal yet. She’s offering a marriage of convenience and three nights a month to bail out Mateo’s impoverished kingdom. In exchange, he has to give her a baby.

This book offers a female billionaire romance and royalty romance in one with a marriage of convenience story! Roxanne is one tough cookie, dedicated to her sole goal of having a daughter whom she can love and give a wonderful childhood too – like she never had.

At first, she makes one controlling misstep after another, but I loved her focus and her intelligence. She’s a great example of a self-starter who went after her success. A great read for sure.

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More Female Billionaire Romance Books to Read

Discover even more popular female billionaire romance books to read!

The Price of Scandal is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

The Price of Scandal
by Lucy Score

Emily Stanton’s perfect life just became a disaster. She has a trust fund brother looking for a handout, a father who is more board member than dad, and a mother who thinks she should give up on this whole billionaire CEO thing and meet a man with a pre-nup and a yacht.

Oh, and then there’s that “misunderstanding” with law enforcement that’s put her billion-dollar deal on the line. Now she has Derek Price showing up, claiming he’s going to make all her problems disappear. He’s never lost, and he never takes clients to bed. Until the dazzling Emily.

I love how this is a enemies-to-allies-to-lovers female billionaire romance book where the heroine needs some PR help. Lucy Score writes the best characters and never fails to add in a bit of humor.

This is the first book of the Bluewater Billionaires series that features a group of female billionaires in all different businesses!

Wild Open Hearts is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Wild Open Hearts
by Kathryn Nolan

Luna da Rosa is a self-made billionaire running Wild Heart, her vegan makeup company. When she’s not changing the cosmetics industry, she’s dazzling her online fans until Wild Heart is caught in a scandal, destroying her reputation as a cheerful do-gooder.

Beck Mason is the prodigal son of Miami’s most notorious biker gang. But Beck left his criminal family to start Lucky Dog, rescuing dogs who need the most help, only he’s in dire need of cash—and fast.

Luna believes working at Lucky Dog will fix her image problem and get Beck the money he needs. 
But as the bohemian billionaire and the burly biker give into their attraction, will their differences keep them apart? Or will they finally learn to trust their wild hearts?

I love opposites attract romances and romance books with witty banter. Give me a female billionaire and a bearded biker? I’m in! If you like this mix too, this is the female billionaire romance book for you.

Crazy for Loving You is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Crazy for Loving You
by Pippa Grant

When you work hard and have the bank account to prove it, you’re entitled to play hard. But I’m still knocked off my stilettos when an insane chain of events leads to me inheriting a baby. The craziest part? The baby comes with a by-the-books, no-nonsense retired, regimented Marine.

Parenting? Changing diapers? Bring it on. But living with my new co-guardian? The gruff, muscled, tattooed former military man who manages to check all my boxes while trying to sneak under my skin? He needs to go. Because the longer he stays, the more layers he’s peeling off my heart.

This female billionaire romance book features an accidental parenthood story between the playgirl and the Marine. Could two people be more different? Sparks are sure to fly in this one!

And just because you run a billion dollar company and hold a billionaire status doesn’t mean you can’t also rock it in the parenting department.

The Billionairess is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

The Billionairess
by Ann Omasta

Selena Chase has reached the pinnacle of success. She is a powerful, fiery, incredibly wealthy woman. It hasn’t been an easy climb, but she is proud to be one of the world’s only billionairesses.

It can be lonely at the top, though. Could it be that all of the goals she has been laser-focused on for her entire life weren’t what she truly wanted? Can an ‘ordinary’ guy help Selena find the happiness she craves?

This female billionaire romance is the third book in The Broke Billionaires Club series. I love how this heroine reevaluates her life goals once she reached the top. Doesn’t everyone re-evaluate at some point in their lives? I can’t wait to check this one out.

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Tempting the Boss is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Tempting the Boss
by Mallory Crowe

Repairman Dean Carey can fix anything, even the rich ice princess, Victoria Green. But Victoria needs a lot more than a little repair, she needs protection, protection from the one person who will stop at nothing until she’s gone. With money as no object, Victoria enlists the help of Dean, the handyman, to become her own private bodyguard.

Despite not wanting anything to do with her, Dean can’t turn down a blank check…or resist guarding a body like hers. But as the chemistry heats up and her cold exterior begins to thaw, Dean realizes there’s much more to her than he gave her credit for. However, the challenge still may be beyond what he bargained for. Victoria’s enemy may be closer than she realized.

This female billionaire romance book adds a bit of suspense with its spice! I also like the juxtaposition of the female having all the coin who hires the handyman with a skillset she needs.

A perfect opposites attract story for this female billionaire romance book worth checking out. Once you read this one, pick up the rest of the books in the Billionaires in the City series.

Blush is one of the best female billionaire romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

by Cherry Adair

Amelia Wentworth has quite a few things on her bucket list, but as the CEO and face of a multi-billion-dollar cosmetic empire, she’s never quite found the time to do them.

Until, after a series of accidents, Amelia discovers that someone wants her gone. To protect herself, she changes her name to Mia, buys a secluded fixer-upper near the Louisiana bayou where no one will recognize her, and starts checking things off her bucket list like there’s no tomorrow—which there might not be.

Meanwhile, Cruz Barcelona is a hit man who’s promised himself this will be his last job. But when Cruz goes undercover to Mia’s ramshackle house, he starts to realize there’s far more to this poor-little-rich-girl than he thought—and he starts to fall for her. Which is going to make his job a whole lot harder.

This female billionaire romance book is an erotic romance about a billionaire on the run. The irony – her hero is the man who’s been hired to make her disappear. I wonder what will happen when that little secret gets revealed!

Do you have a favorite among the female billionaire romance books? Let me know in the comments below!

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