Best Erotic Romance Novels for the Virgin Erotic Romance Reader

Look no further than this list for the best erotic romance novels worth reading.

If you are new to the genre of erotic romance (or even if you are already a big fan!), these are the best erotic romance novels for your virgin eyes.

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If you are a virgin erotic romance book reader, let’s start at the beginning and clarify what exactly erotic romance novels are.

What Makes an Erotic Romance Novel?

Well, let’s just start with saying that erotic romance novels are not P-O-R-N, even if that’s what your prissy neighbor might think.

It’s a legit romance book genre that many readers devour and which has exploded in popularity since the craze of 50 Shades of Grey.

Erotic romance also isn’t just a category of books filled with bedroom scene after bedroom scene, which can be a component of any romance book.

Erotic romance novels, according to Romance Authors of America, are “romance novels in which strong, often explicit, sexual interaction is an inherent part of the love story, character growth and relationship development and could not be removed without damaging the storyline. These novels may contain elements of other romance subgenres (such as paranormal, historical, etc.).”

I personally love how Sylvia Day outlines the various terms which often get confused with one another such as erotica and erotic romance.

On her website, she clarifies the definition of erotic romance novels even more in describing them as “stories written about the development of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction. The [sexual interaction] is an inherent part of the story, character growth, and relationship development, and couldn’t be removed without damaging the storyline. Happily Ever After is a REQUIREMENT to be an erotic romance.”

So erotic romance is not just graphic scene after graphic scene with no point.

The bedroom component to the romance is key to the character growth and development of the story which has a happy ending (pun intended) which is not the case with erotica.

I compiled this list of erotic romance books for the virgin erotic reader to fit this definition of erotic romance so I hope I did it justice.

Sometimes a book may get the label as erotic romance but really its just a graphic romance in my opinion.

Topics within Erotic Romance Novels

Given that sexual aspect to the relationship is an inherent part of an erotic romance story, there are many sub genres or topics often explored within erotic romance books. These include:

I think the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey may give the impression that all erotic romance is BDSM focused but that is not true.

I personally don’t care for BDSM or dom/sub stories (hence I’ve never read 50 Shades) but that still leaves quite a bit of options for me to read in this genre and I’ve listed some favorites below.

The Best Erotic Romance Novels to Read

The best erotic romance novels below are great for the virgin erotic romance reader who may be curious to check out the genre and just didn’t know where to start.

They will also appeal to the seasoned erotic romance reader as well if any of these titles have not made your must read pile yet.

To learn more about erotic romance, you can follow popular erotic romance authors (Sylvia Day, Maya Banks, and Jaci Burton to name a few) or groups like Passionate Ink, which is the Erotic Romance Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

My Favorite Erotic Romance Novel

My Personal Bad Boy by Bethany James is the best erotic romance novel

My Personal Bad Boy
by Bethany James

I consider this one of the most underrated romance books ever, and it’s one of the best romance novels of all time in my book!

This erotic romance book has a bit of everything in it plus a great story.

True to the genre, it follows the growing relationship between Wes and Nic which starts out with him answering her ad to be her personal bad boy and help her explore her fantasies in the bedroom.

There’s multiple partner action, toys and a bit of dom/sub interaction but it really focuses on their connection through their various meet-ups and how they both change as a result of them.

Amazon | Goodreads

My Favorite Club Erotic Romance Novel

Wicked Envy by Sawyer Bennett is one of the best erotic romance novels

Wicked Envy
by Sawyer Bennett

Sawyer Bennett is one of my go-to erotic romance authors because her Wicked Horse and Wicked Horse Vegas series are simply the best.

The erotic romance books in these series focus on a explicit club, The Wicked Horse, where people live out and explore their fantasies.

Wicked Envy is hands down my favorite of both series not only because it’s HOT but because the story looks at what it means to move from friends to lovers in a menage relationship and how that can change feelings for each person.

It’s a definite must read.

Amazon | Goodreads

My Favorite Bedroom Fantasy Erotic Romance Novel

Pillow Talk by Maya Banks is one of the best erotic romance novels

Pillow Talk
by Maya Banks

Pillow Talk was one of the first erotic romance books I read and it sure did open my eyes to this genre.

The couple in this book share their darkest fantasies which they later play out together and with friends. These fantasies include exhibitionism, multiple partners and pretend abduction.

It’s just one example of why Maya Banks is such a popular erotic romance author.

Amazon | Goodreads

My Favorite Menage Erotic Romance Novel

The Baumgartners Plus One by Selena Kitt is an erotic romance novel

The Baumgartners Plus One
by Selena Kitt

The Baumgartners Plus One is the start to a truly erotic series by Selena Kitt. Kitt doesn’t hold back in her erotic novels which can also explore taboo erotic romance topics.

This erotic romance novel however introduces you to Doc and Carrie who like to share another woman in their bed. It explores a lot of menage and FF action.

Amazon | Goodreads

My Favorite Erotic Romance Novella

he Open Door by Laurelin Paige is an erotic romance book.

The Open Door
by Laurelin Paige

I love this erotic romance novella because it follows a committed, married couple who seek to rekindle and spice things up in the bedroom which has been getting stale after years of marriage and children.

They receive an invitation to an explicit party which they accept.

This erotic romance book dabbles in voyeurism and some kink, but I loved the communication between the couple that results from their experience.

Amazon | Goodreads

My Favorite MM Erotic Romance Novel

Want Me  by Neve Wilder is one of the best erotic romance books to read.

Want Me
by Neve Wilder

This is one hot MM erotic romance set in college between two roommates.

This erotic romance book is all about the intimate experiences and experimentation between Eric and Nate in their relationship development.

From the start it’s pretty much one explicit encounter after another starting with an “oops” run in at the house they both live in.

Nate is clearly letting off some steam in his room while studying for a calculus exam when Eric walks in on him unannounced. Only Eric doesn’t turn his gaze right away, enjoying the view, and Nate finds he enjoys it too.

Thus starts off a story of discovery for Nate who realizes he’s not so straight after all. One of the best MM romance books!

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

Best Voyeur Erotic Romance Novel

Watching by Bethany James is one of the best erotic romance novels to read according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

by Bethany James

The entire Watching series by James is a must read in my book as it is a compilation of three erotic novellas that explore voyeurism.

A random meeting begins an exploration into voyeurism when Cecelia meets Jack and his two friends.

In the first novella, Cecelia’s interest in voyeurism is awakened and explored but then in the second novella, she questions whether she’d be equally as turned on if the roles were reversed.

These shorter reads with excellent writing are a wonderful look into voyeurism in the erotic romance novel genre. The series is on my list of best voyeurism books!

Amazon | Goodreads

Best Escort Erotic Romance Book

Escorted is one of the best erotic romance novels to read according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

by Claire Kent

This book totally took me by surprise in the best way. It’s not your average “girl falls for the escort” book, but had so much more to offer.

I found this erotic romance novel to be the perfect slow burn romance between a virgin and her hired escort who was a man struggling with his own inner demons.

What I liked best was that Lori was this strong, successful woman and not this wilting wallflower who fell head over heels the minute she met Ander.

Both leading characters are so compelling in this book as is their road to a relationship and love which is focused predominately in the hotel bedroom where they meet.

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

Best BDSM Erotic Romance Book

Three Hard Lessons is one of the best erotic romance novels to read according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Three Hard Lessons
by Nikki Sloane

For those new to BDSM or interested in checking out these romance books, I’d start with this book from Sloane as opposed to Fifty Shades of Grey.

I love this novel because revolves around a new couple who are exploring BDSM and the role it can play in their relationship.

Payton has worked in a pleasure club so she’s had her fair share of adventure but I loved reading Dominic’s perspective as he was more of an innocent, kind guy who was exploring his alpha, dominant side.

He even enlisted the help of a BDSM mentor and those scenes were pretty hot!

This erotic romance novel gives the perfect introduction to BDSM and is great for the newbie to this genre and category of romance. Check out my entire list of the best BDSM books to read!

Amazon | Goodreads

Best Reverse Harem Erotic Romance Book

My Five Bosses is one of the best erotic romance novels to read according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

My 5 Bosses
by Penny Wylder

While not all polyamorous reverse harem books have an erotic romance aspect to them, this one certainly did.

This too is an erotic romance novella, so it’s the perfect option to check out the reverse harem book trope or the erotic romance category.

While there definitely is a plot to guide this book, it’s also about five best friends sharing the new hire to their tech company.

I liked reading about each of the guys and the roles they played in the company, but man, Anya was one lucky lady with these gentlemen!

Amazon | Goodreads

Best Virgin Erotic Romance Book

Colters' Woman is one of the best erotic romance novels to read according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Colters’ Woman
by Maya Banks

Maya Banks is a go-to erotic romance book writer for good reason! This was one of the first erotic romance novels that I read and still remember.

Brothers, Adam, Ethan and Ryan have a family history of finding the one woman that they are meant to share.

Once they find Holly, who comes with a few set of problems to work through, they know she’s the one for them.

This book is really about Holly coming to terms with these three brothers wanting her while dealing with a past that’s caught up to her.

A bit of suspense mixed in with this relationship development and exploration for a virgin, this is a great erotic romance to check out.

Amazon | Goodreads

Best Exhibitionist Erotic Romance Book

Beautiful Stranger is one of the best erotic romance novels to read according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Beautiful Stranger
by Christina Lauren

Where do I start with this amazing book that is one of my most favorite romance novels of all time?!

Christina Lauren’s entire Beautiful series is one of the best series worth reading in my opinion but Beautiful Stranger claims the spot as best exhibitionist erotic romance.

Max and Sara are amazing together and after their first hook-up (which is so HOT), they begin a secret relationship where they hook up in places around New York City where anyone could catch them.

Max’s seductive Brittish accent aside, I loved how he worked to give Sara what she needed in exploring this new interest of hers and how it brought them together and ultimately finding love. A must read for sure!

Amazon | Goodreads

Best Historical Erotic Romance Novel

The Duke I Tempted is one of the best erotic romance novels to read according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

The Duke I Tempted
by Scarlett Peckham

I was so excited to read this historical romance that ventured into erotic romance and it did not disappoint.

I adored Poppy as this strong heroine but it was Westmead and his desires that made this an erotic historical romance novel.

Westmead was the perfect, struggling hero who needed to receive his pleasure in a certain way but wasn’t sure if that would turn off his partner.

This book explores the need for an alpha male to submit to a woman who can lead him to where he can let go and experience his utmost pleasure.

This is the perfect blend of historical romance with a bit of erotic romance to keep it steamy!

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

Best Rock Star Erotic Romance Book

Halo is one of the best erotic romance novels to read according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

While rock stars don’t hold the corner on erotic romance, I couldn’t help but include this book in the list because it (and the entire Fallen Angel series) is just that GOOD!

As I noted above, an erotic romance novel is one where the relationship development and growth between characters has a strong bedroom component that propels them forward. That describes Halo exactly.

Halo is a “straight” man who becomes the new lead singer for a world famous rock band.

Viper, the lead guitarist is instantly attracted to him and this book follows the attraction and developing relationship of these two men.

It’s downright hot and such a well-written book that I could not put down until I had to move onto book 2.

Yes, this book is extremely hot, but the authors use their interactions in such a great way to develop their relationship with each other as well as the band. I highly recommend it and the entire rock star series!

Amazon | Goodreads

More Erotic Romance Novels I Loved:

Beauty from Pain is an erotic romance novel.
Wild Wicked Wanton is an erotic romance book.
Wicked Lust is an erotic romance novel.
Crave book cover which is one of the best erotic romance novels.
Hot Holiday Nights is one of the best erotic romance novels.
One Night of Sin is one of the best erotic romance novels
Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning is an erotic romance novel.
Three Simple Rules is one of the best erotic romance novels.

More Erotic Romance Recommendations for the Virgin Romance Reader:

I have not yet read these titles by popular erotic romance book authors, but they are on my want to read list!

Bared to You is an erotic romance book.
One Night Promised is an erotic romance novel
Release Me is an erotic romance novel
Stripped is an erotic romance novel
Naked is an erotic romance novel.
In Flight is an erotic romance novel.
Long Hard Ride is an erotic romance novel.

Do you have a recommendation for the virgin erotic romance reader? Share in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Best Erotic Romance Novels for the Virgin Erotic Romance Reader”

  1. I haven’t read any of your suggestions but by this definition, I feel much better about reading some of them. I’m definitely not into the straight erotica/book porn ones. But I often read books where sex is a key element. I’m completely fine with extra-steamy encounters. Thanks for some new recommendations 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Megan. I think it’s really helpful to understand the difference between erotic romance, erotica and porn when making book selections as I too favor the former. You’ll have to let me know if you try reading any of these suggestions and then what you thought of it!

  2. I love that you’ve made these lists. I am always desperate for my next read (or listen on audible). I keep looking for Em Petrova in your lists though, just to see if you like her too! Boot Knockers is such a great series and she has so many other good ones. I see that a lot of my fav authors are in your honorable mentions. Lorelei James, Olivia Cunning, and more. I just wish I could afford to keep up with my book habits. Audible plus and kindle unlimited only do so much for me…

    • Thank you Amy! So happy you’re enjoying the book lists. I’ll be sure to check out that series!

  3. I have read some of these suggestions! I love this type of book. However my favorite author did not make the list. I am super obsessed with Tiffany Reisz! She is more for an advanced reader of erotic novels but she is the absolute best hands down!


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