The Best Rock Star Romance Books All Fan Girls Must Read

Looking for a great rock star romance book to read? This list has you covered with my most favorite romance books with rock stars that all fans will love.

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Looking for a rock star romance book to rock your world? Check out this book list of the best romance books featuring rock stars that every fan girl should read by romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

If you’re a fan of rock star romance books then this is the list for you.

I’ve compiled my most favorite rock star romance books that will have you aching to have these heroes serenade you with their best songs.

I won’t lie. These romance books have totally inspired a fantasy or two of having a torrid love affair with a hot rock star.

In reality, I can only imagine all the downsides to fame and rock stardom but in the fantasy world in my head, I wouldn’t pass on a romance with a hot rock star who only had eyes for me.

Variety in Rock Star Romance Books

Romance books with rock stars have something for every music fan.

Whether you like stories about a lead singer, a guitarist, bassist, or any other member of a band, there’s a book for you.

If you can’t settle on just one rock star romance, check out my list of best rock star romance series that feature each member of a rock band.

Or, if you’re more a fan of musicians in general versus the rock star on stage, I have a few recommendations for those too in this book list!

My Favorite Rock Star Romance Books:

Drive is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

by Kate Stewart

Stella is driving home, listening to one playlist as she recounts the years that led up to this point and to the man she’s driving home to.

That book synopsis is cryptic because I can’t give anything away when it comes to this book.

Stella is a reporter who covers the music scene and ends up falling for a drummer. But there is so much more to this epic romance book which is one of my all-time favorites.

It gives a great look at the struggles of a band just starting out, trying to make it big and the sacrifices that one makes to do so. It’s a definite must-read!

Kate Stewart also makes AMAZING song lists to go along with her romance books so be sure to check out her list for this book on Spotify!

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Halo is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

The members of the band, TBD, are in a major jam when their lead singer runs out on them. They are desperate for a new front man but when Halo walks in for his audition, they’ve found their man.

The only trouble is that Viper, the guitarist, can’t resist Halo and it’s a bad idea to mix business with pleasure -especially since Halo is straight.

Halo is book one in a trilogy and trust me when I say that after reading this rock star romance book you’ll be grabbing for all of the books!

The tension and smoking hot chemistry between Halo and Viper was off the charts in this one and I couldn’t put it down.

The story kicks off with Halo and the band working to find their footing and their new sound, making it a perfect rock star romance book.

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Lust Hate Love is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

Lust Hate Love
by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Killian Michaels is the bassist for the world-famous rock band Fallen Angel and whatever he wants, he gets.

What he wants is their band manager, Levi Walker but Levi is not about to ruin the best gig he’s got going by mixing business with pleasure.

I devoured this rock star romance book in a day as I was so excited to be back with the boys of Fallen Angel.

The sparks between Killian and Levi were just too hot to ignore despite Levi’s rules against getting involved with a client. The epilogue was a great ending to the series too.

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Make Me Sin is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

Make Me Sin
by J.T. Geissinger

Chloe Carmichael is pretty happy to be both maid of honor and florist for her best friend’s A-list wedding.  The only snag is the best man, Bad Habit drummer A.J. Edwards, who treats her with nothing but disdain every time they are around each other.

So why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Chloe is definitely not A.J.’s type but he can’t deny their chemistry. He continually pushes her away to protect her from his secret but his walls may not stand a chance when it comes to her.

This book has it all. An enemies to lovers set up that has all the feels with two characters who have such amazing chemistry that they are both trying to deny.

You won’t stop reading until they find their happy ending hoping that they really, really do.

This is definitely one of J.T. Geissinger’s finest!

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Looking for a rock star romance book to rock your world? Check out this book list of the best romance books featuring rock stars that every fan girl should read by romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.
Lead is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

by Kylie Scott

As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, whether it’s booze, drugs, or women.

However, when a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call to his life and lands him in rehab, he finds himself with Lena, a new assistant to keep him out of trouble.

Lena’s not willing to take any crap from the hot rocker and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry.

But when Jimmy pushes her too far and Lena leaves, he realizes that he may just have lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

If you’re looking for a book with a rock star whose career is at an all-time high after living a life that was anything but glamorous, then this is it.

Jimmy is the stereotypical rock star who found himself in rehab and is now trying to find his footing out of it.

Read this for Jimmy’s grumpiness but also for Lena who is a really great, strong female character who’s his perfect match.

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Dirty is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

by Kylie Scott

The last thing Vaughn expected to find in his bathroom was a runaway bride but that’s where Lydia Green ended up after escaping her wedding day once she found out her groom was a cheater.

Vaughn is a bartender who’s still waiting for his shot to make it with his music, but could his one shot come at a price just as he’s found love?

Vaughn is one hot rocker who’s trying to get his big break and his chemistry with the woman who broke into his house is off the charts.

I was instantly hooked with this story from the moment Lydia jumped over the fence, fleeing her wedding. It is also just laugh-out-loud funny with some of the best banter. It’s a must-read rom-com for sure!

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Idol is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading

by Kristen Callihan

Killian is a world famous rock star, but to Liberty, he’s the drunk guy sprawled out on her front lawn.

Killian is nursing wounds and a devastation that’s kept him away from the stage but it’s time for him to face the music and get his band back together.

If only he could keep Liberty in the process…

Idol is a great romance book to kick off a really great series featuring all the members of the band.

I enjoyed the song writing aspect to this romance book and how Killian and Liberty make it work in such a crazy world of fame.

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Stripped is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

by Alexis Anne

Travis Brantley is excited to have finally landed his first record deal but it comes at the price of touring with a pop princess whom he can’t stand even if she is gorgeous.

And yet, one night when Kristen goes indie and sings an acoustic song with Travis, it skyrockets their popularity and has him changing is tune toward the singer.

This rock star romance featured two singers on the road and I loved it. It has the great build up of an enemies to lovers romance that turns up the heat when the two finally become real with one another.

But things can’t always be that easy when it comes to living in the spotlight…This was the perfect romance book with rock stars worth reading!

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Lilac is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

by B.B. Reid

Braxton Fawn is the new guitarist for Bound but she wasn’t the first choice of her new band mates. They are determined to turn her dream into a nightmare and get rid of her.

She just has to survive the tour and survive her attraction to them all.

I loved that this reverse harem book featured a girl guitarist who was extremely talented and didn’t let anyone stop her from fulfilling her dream.

The beginning completely pulled me in and kept me reading to see how the extreme hate the boys had for her could turn around to something more.

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As Dust Dances is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

As Dust Dances
by Samantha Young

Who would guess that Skylar Finch, the lead singer of a hugely successful American pop-rock band, would be living off the grid in a cemetery in Glasgow.

The pressures of fame drove her to busking on the streets to make ends meet while trying to keep her identity hidden.

When Killian O’Dea hears the busker, he knows signing her to a deal would bring big success to his record label, only he can’t convince her to sign with him until one night she’s put in danger.

As their connection grows, Killian will have to make a choice between doing what’s right for the label and what’s right for the woman he loves.

Young took a different approach to this rock star romance and I loved it! She still brings her fantastic writing to this work but she gives us a female rock star who’s been burned by fame and no longer wants anything to do with it.

I also loved seeing the side of Killian as a record producer and how he had to wrestle his own demons when it came to pursuing Skylar both personally and professionally.

Read this for a great rock star romance but you’ll also walk away with some thoughts on the issue of homelessness in today’s society.

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Superfan is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

by Sarina Bowen

Three years ago Silas fell for a girl but then got the call that launched his professional hockey career. While Delilah went on to become a platinum record megastar, Silas never forgot her.

So when she shows up at a hockey game years later, he can’t help but reach out, but her music producer ex will do anything to keep them apart.

This book hooked me right from the start with a great opening scene filled with Twitter banter, meddling friends and a dare to kick things off with a bang.

I loved the angle to this rock star romance where a guy who’s a superstar in his own right totally fangirls over the pop star he never got over.

It also has a bit of a suspense angle to the story if that’s your jam too.

Amazon | Goodreads

Backstage Pass is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

Backstage Pass
by Olivia Cunning

Brian Sinclair is the lead guitarist for the rock band, Sinners but he’s lost his muse. One night he meets Myrna Evans, a human psychologist and professor, and he’s hooked.

Their weekend fling turns into a months-long affair when Myrna tags along for the rock band’s tour to study their groupies for her research.

On the road every boy in the band tries to seduce her, but it’s Brian who may steal her heart.

This one is your pick if you’re looking for a hot, erotic romance book with a rock star. Plus, you’ll get a taste of life on the road and groupie life.

I especially loved the reversal of “stereotypical roles” in this novel.

Brian is the rock star who’s wanting the committed relationship while Myrna is the one who’s just living the fantasy of being with a rock star and who is hesitant for any type of commitment.

If you love this one, you can check out the entire rock star series featuring all the members of the band.

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One Time Only is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

One Time Only
by Lauren Blakely

Jackson needs a job and he needs money, but what he doesn’t need is to lust after his new employer, rock star, Stone.

Stone is known for mixing it up in the sheets with men and women alike, but it’s his new bodyguard that makes him think that maybe he’s interested in more than just a fling.

The more time they spend together, the more they can’t stop their feelings. But one is the boss and one is the employee and that line can’t be crossed. Or maybe it can, but just one time only.

This romance book is a must-read for fans of rock star romance books and MM romances.

The tension between Jackson and Stone is super hot as they both try to resist their attraction given their working relationship but soon that line is crossed and it’s on.

Blakely doesn’t shy away from the hot bedroom scenes in this one!

Amazon | Goodreads

Catch Me When I Fall is one of the best rock star romance books worth reading.

Catch Me When I Fall
by A.L. Jackson

Emily’s whole life is wrapped up in touring with her up-and-coming country rock band Carolina George and trying to build their success.

One night when she’s feeling down, Emily finds comfort in the arms of a man who can finally give her the peace she’s been desperate for.

Only she doesn’t realize until the morning after that the man is the record producer who is set on signing their band.

I really liked the chemistry between Emily and Royce which was palpable from their very first encounter.

They are similar in many ways and he becomes her protector, savior and biggest champion at a time when she most needs it. 

There’s also an aspect of suspense throughout the book as Royce has an ulterior motive of revenge to save his family.

Amazon | Goodreads

Roomies is one of the best romance books with rock stars worth reading.

by Christina Lauren

Holland Bakker has developed a crush on the guitarist who busks for cash in the subway station near her apartment in New York City.

When Calvin McLoughlin rescues her from a drunken attacker one night, Holland is determined to pay him back by arranging an audition with her uncle for the hottest Broadway show.

The only problem is Calvin is in this country illegally so the only way he can perform in her uncle’s show and gain the fame he deserves is if he gets married…to Holland.

This book is more for the musician lovers who love an artist who can perform on a Broadway stage as opposed to a rock concert stage.

I adored the slow burn romance between Calvin and Holland as they navigate their marriage of convenience and his rise to stardom.

It’s one of Christina Lauren’s best and a book I highly recommend!

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Maybe Someday is one of the best romance books with musicians worth reading.

Maybe Someday
by Colleen Hoover

Sydney’s life was going great until she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Helping her to move on is her neighbor, the man across the balcony who plays music that moves her heart.

When the two begin writing songs together, she begins to think moving on is possible…maybe someday.

This is another romance book to read if you find musicians just as hot as rock stars and if you want to take a look at the words behind the music.

I loved this duo and their songwriting together. Colleen Hoover’s romance books make your heart yearn and give you all the feels and this one did that and more.

Related: Maybe Someday Series by Colleen Hoover: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you a lover of rock star romance books? Share your favorites in the comments!

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