17 Werewolf Romance Books That Will Have You Howling for More

Are you ready to read the best werewolf romance books that will have you howling and panting for more?

This book list doesn’t have just any werewolf romance books. It gives you my favorites and many popular titles in this paranormal romance book category that you can certainly sink your teeth into.

Check one out if you’re new to this trope or try them all. You won’t regret it!

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Check out the best book list of werewolf romance books worth reading that will leave you howling for more.

Calling all werewolf romance book fans! This is the book list for you.

While paranormal romance wasn’t always my first choice when it comes to romance books, there’s just something about a werewolf romance that makes me want to instantly pick it up and read it.

My love of werewolves didn’t initially stem from a romance book, I admit, but from a romance movie.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched Ladyhawke with Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick but I adore the romance drama.

It’s the perfect movie for fans of werewolf romance books with mates who are cursed, and it’s one I can’t recommend enough.

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While I have yet to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, one of the more popular werewolf romance books and series (especially if you’re team Jacob), I have tested the waters with other werewolf romance books and I’m a big fan!

Why I Love Werewolf Romance Books

Werewolf romance books are definitely my preferred choice when it comes to paranormal romance for several reasons.

Werewolf Romance Books Feature Fated Mates

I love the idea of having one true mate or one fated mate which is often the case in werewolf romance novels.

When characters find their fated mate, a bond like no other is formed and often results in the comingling of scents between wolves.

Fated mates also often have an innate ability of sensing their mate’s location and even talking to them telepathically. That’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.

If you love werewolf romance books with mates, you’ll love the books on this list!

Werewolf Romance Books Feature Entire Packs

Not only do you get fated mates in werewolf romance novels, but you also get many amazing secondary characters who are also part of the wolf pack.

Because members of the entire pack are featured, many werewolf romance books are entire series.

The series often feature each member of the pack so you can sink your teeth into not just one but several books if you fall in love with the characters.

Werewolf Romance Books Include the Best Shapeshifters

Paranormal romance books can have any number of shapeshifters in them but there’s just something about a man shifting into a wolf that gets me.

There can also be vampires, fairies, witches, warlocks or even mountain lions or other shapeshifters, but a werewolf is my favorite.

Werewolf Romance Novels Add a Bit of Suspense

Often with many paranormal romances, including werewolf romance books, there is often an element of suspense to the storyline.

Pack politics and threats from the human world or other beings often keep you on the edge of your seat when reading a werewolf romance book.

Werewolf Romance Books Available through Kindle Unlimited

When you read as many romance books as I do, it’s always a bonus when you can find books you love while also saving money.

*Check out my post on Where to Find Free Romance Books Online

Kindle Unlimited has a wide range of romance books to choose from so I always feel like I get my money’s worth with my monthly subscription.

Many of the werewolf romance books on this list can be found in and read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

It’s really a no brainer to sign up for KU whether you want to test the waters with this romance book category or if you’re a big fan already.

Even if paranormal romance isn’t your thing, I have a feeling you may be a convert to werewolf romances with these books.

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The Best Werewolf Romance Books

These are some of the best werewolf romance books that I’ve read and highly recommend!

Feral Sins is one of the best werewolf romance books worth reading.

Feral Sins
by Suzanne Wright

When female wolf shifter Taryn Warner first encounters Trey Coleman, an alpha male wolf shifter with a dangerous reputation, she’s determined to resist his charms.

But Taryn finds herself drawn in by Trey’s forceful demeanor and arctic-blue eyes, and she eventually agrees to enter an uneasy alliance with him.

If the two succeed in convincing their respective packs that they’ve chosen each other as mates, Trey will win valuable political allies, while Taryn will escape an odious arranged mating.

If you love alpha males and sassy, sarcastic, strong heroines then you’ll love this werewolf romance book even if you aren’t into paranormal romance.

Trey was definitely one hot alpha werewolf but Taryn, even though she was a latent wolf, completely held her own. I couldn’t get enough of them – I highly recommend it.

I’d also consider this more of a contemporary werewolf romance as opposed to a fantasy, paranormal romance. Plus, you can read a total of 8 books in the series featuring the entire pack.

War of Hearts is one of the best werewolf romance books worth reading.

War of Hearts
by S. Young

Thea Quinn has no idea what she is. All she knows is that her abilities have been a plague upon her life since she was a child.

After years of suffering at the hands of a megalomaniac, Thea escaped and has been on the run ever since.

Conall MacLennan, Alpha and Chief of Clan MacLennan, the last werewolf pack in Scotland can’t just sit around while his sister is failing.

When he’s offered a chance to save her, Conall agrees to use his rare tracking ability to find Thea – the only one who can provide a cure.  

But Conall is not the only one searching for Thea and he never imagined having to make the choice between saving his sister or Thea.

I really loved how Young chose a modern, contemporary setting for this werewolf romance book which included Scotland and many places in Eastern Europe.

Even if you took out the paranormal elements of this novel, it would be a fantastic contemporary romantic suspense novel.

Collan was a great alpha Chief and wolf who I’d want on my side any day. Thea is one strong heroine and I found her backstory to be really interesting.

While this can easily be read as a standalone and complete novel, it kicks off a 5-book series.

Wanted by the Werewolves is a must read werewolf romance book.

Wanted by the Werewolves
by Casey Morgan

Love’s Hollow, NY is a place where magic is real. When I’m put under the influence of an evil witch, this small town is the only place to find a cure.

But I didn’t expect to also find such handsome men until two wolf shifters catch my eye at the local bar. Each wants to make me his mate though they don’t know about my curse.

The cure for breaking it will be pricey so I have no choice but to put myself up for auction where my wolves will have to buy me to keep me.

Wanted by the Werewolves is a collection of four urban fantasy menage and reverse harem paranormal romances where virgins fall for werewolves. Each book is standalone but connected by the same characters and world.

These are fun stories if you’re in the mood for something quick and HOT and are interested in not just one but maybe two or three werewolves at a time!

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Check out the best book list of werewolf romance books worth reading that will leave you howling for more.

Werewolf Romance Books on My Must Read List

Bitten is a one of the most popular werewolf romance books.

by Kelley Armstrong

Elena Michaels is the world’s only female werewolf. No longer satisfied hunting down rogue werewolves and living in hiding, she’s left the pack and now trying to live as a human.

When the Pack leader calls asking for her help fighting a sudden uprising, she only agrees because she owes him.

Once this is over, she’ll be squared with the pack and free to live life as a human. Which is what she wants. Really.

I love that this book focuses on a sole female werewolf.

It’s definitely one of the more popular werewolf romance books with a good dose of urban fantasy so it had to make my list.

Plus, I’m a sucker for romance books made into TV series and you can catch three seasons of this show on Syfy.

Wolf Marked is one of the best werewolf romance books worth reading.

Wolf Marked
by Veronica Douglas

I was just an ordinary girl waiting tables in a small-town bar until I backed my car over a werewolf.

Now I’ve got a cult of rogue wolves on my heels, and the only one who can protect me is Jaxson Laurent—the Chicago Alpha.

He suspects I’m special and can’t take his eyes off me, but the problem is—he’s the sworn enemy of my family.

Every time we get close it feels like something is going to rip out of my soul, but the heat between us is irresistible.

With danger around every corner and wolves howling in the night, I need to master my magic and stand my ground, or I’ll be gone before the next moon rises.

This urban werewolf romance book made my list because I adore enemies to lovers books. Add in a steamy, slow burn romance between a feisty heroine and an alpha hero and I’m all over it!

If you like fantastical worlds with magic and a bit of mystery to your romance, then this is definitely one to check out.

Shifter Wars is one of the best werewolf romance books worth reading.

Shifter Wars
by Kelly St. Claire

When I lost my Mum, I inherited a lot more than a pack of lies. I landed a $410,000 debt, discovered her previous surname and her real place of birth.

Desperate to uncover the truth, I drive to a tiny dot on the map called Deception Valley where nothing is as it seems.

But supernaturals, thongs, and mounting financial strain aside, Mum’s past is somewhere in this valley, and I need to dig up the truth or find a way to live with her lies.

Mating bonds, games pitting wolves against humans? I’m in!

This is the first book of a 3 part series so it does end on a cliffhanger. Fans of St. Claire’s Vampire Towers paranormal series will enjoy this one.

Sanctum is one of the best werewolf romance books worth reading.

by Hannah McBride

Skye Markham and her mother fled their dangerous pack and are now living in sanctuary within Blackwater, trying to create a new life for themselves.

Remy Holt has spent years guarding his pack and now he’s poised to protect Skye too if his wolf has anything to say about it.

As Skye and Remy’s lives collide, the shifter world starts to implode. Missing shifters, a depleting population, and pack fights are causing their sanctuary to crumble around them.

Skye thought she was finally safe … but maybe there’s no such thing.

There’s always a great mystery behind werewolf romance books and it’s no exception with this one plus it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger!

If young adult romances are your thing, especially with strong lead characters then this is the choice for you.

A Hunger Like No Other is one of the most popular werewolf romance books.

A Hunger Like No Other
by Kresley Cole

After enduring years of torture from the vampire horde, Lachlain MacRieve, leader of the Lykae Clan, is enraged to find the predestined mate he’s waited millennia for is a vampire. Or partly one.

Sheltered Emmaline finally sets out to uncover the truth about her parents—until a powerful Lykae claims her as his mate and forces her back to his ancestral Scottish castle.

There, her fear of the Lykae—and their notorious dark desires—ebbs as he begins a slow, wicked seduction to sate her own dark cravings.

While there is a mix of vampire and werewolf in this paranormal romance, it’s widely popular so it had to make my list.

Plus, any romance book with a hot Scotsman werewolf has to be worth a read! I think I’ll read it just for his Scottish accent alone.

Wolf King is a recommended werewolf romance book.

Wolf King
by Bella Jacobs

As a shifter from the wrong side of the tracks who’s just been rejected by my abusive fated mate, I don’t have a lot of options in this city.

I have no choice but to make a deal with Maxim Thorn, the ruthless Alpha and mob king.

He wants revenge on my pack leaders for poisoning his father, and I hold the key to his enemy’s destruction.

In exchange for one month of protection from my ex and his friends, I promise to give Maxim what he wants—me.

This book stood out to me because it’s more than just a werewolf romance book. It’s also a dark mafia, rejected mates romance which brings even more to the table to love.

I do love myself a good alpha male and Maxim oozes Alpha hotness being his pack’s Alpha AND a mob king.

Of course, since it’s book one in a quartet, it of course ends on a cliffhanger but that just means there will be more to love.

Cry Wolf is one of the most popular werewolf romance books worth reading.

Cry Wolf
by Patricia Briggs

Anna never knew werewolves existed, until the night she survived a violent strike… and became one herself.

After three years at the bottom of the pack, she’d learned to keep her head down and never, ever trust dominant males. Then Charles Cornick, the enforcer—and son—of the leader of the North American werewolves, came into her life.

Charles insists that not only is Anna his mate, but she is also a rare and valued Omega wolf.

And it is Anna’s inner strength and calming presence that will prove invaluable as she and Charles go on the hunt in search of a rogue werewolf—a creature bound in magic so dark that it could threaten all of the pack.

It’s not hard to understand why this is very popular werewolf romance book in the genre.

I love that we have a wolf who is an enforcer and very dominant who mates with a rare Omega wolf with a bit of mystery keeping you on your toes.  

Just a quick note that it is recommended that you read the prequel “Alpha & Omega” before reading Cry Wolf  as that gives the story when Charles and Anna first meet.

Wolf Signs is one of the popular werewolf romance books worth reading.

Wolf Signs
by Vivian Arend

When her brother cancels their backcountry ski trip, Robyn Maxwell takes it in stride.

The fact she’s deaf doesn’t make her survival skills any weaker, and she’s been craving the chance to escape into the Yukon wilderness.

Only the man she bumps into at the cabin starts cravings of another kind and raises strange questions about wolves, mates, and pack challenges.

All wilderness guide Keil Lynus wanted was a nice quiet retreat before challenging for the Alpha position of his Alaskan pack. He wasn’t planning on meeting his destined mate, or finding out she’s not aware she has the genes of a wolf.

Between dealing with his accident-prone younger brother, a deaf mate with an attitude and an impending duel, his week—and his bed—is suddenly full.

I can’t wait to read this werewolf romance book because I love its diversity. A deaf heroine and characters who are all First Nation or Native American.

Plus, I am a big fan of great banter in my romance books and I’m told that this one has its fair share of sarcasm. Bring it on!

Kudos to the author for a great title to this book given the characters and storyline. I love when even the littles of details are accounted for so I have high hopes for this one.

Moonglow is one of the popular werewolf romance books worth reading.

by Kristen Callihan

Widow Daisy Ellis Craigmore is ready to embrace her new-found freedom until a string of unexplained crimes brings danger to her door, forcing her to turn to the most unlikely of saviors.

Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup, has spent lifetimes hiding his primal nature from London society. But now a vicious danger threatens to expose his secrets.

Ian must step out of the shadows and protect the beautiful, fearless Daisy, who awakens in him desires he thought long gone.

As their quest to unmask the villain draws them closer together, Daisy has no choice but to reveal her own startling secret, and Ian must face the undeniable truth: Losing his heart to Daisy may be the only way to save his soul. 

A werewolf romance book that is also a historical romance? I’ve hit the jackpot.

I am such a fan of Callihan’s newer contemporary romance works that I can’t wait to check out her earlier paranormal books starting with this one.

I am very intrigued by Ian who’s had to repress his wolf nature for years and how that will play out given the danger Daisy is in.  

Tattered Loyalties is one of the most popular werewolf romance books worth reading.

Tattered Loyalties
by Carrie Anne Ryan

When the great fight between the Redwoods and the Centrals occurred three decades ago, the Talon Pack risked their lives for the side of good.

After tragedy struck, Gideon Brentwood became the Alpha of the Talons. But the Pack’s stability is threatened, and he’s forced to take a mate—only the one fate puts in his path is the woman he shouldn’t want.

Ryan is one of those authors whose paranormal works have been sitting on my to be read pile for way too long.

This is her second series of werewolf romance books which dives into the lives of the children of the couples from her first series, The Redwood Pack, but can easily be read as a standalone.

If you love diving into an entire wolfpack of characters then you’ll love this 10 book series.

Wolf Rain is one of the most popular werewolf romance books worth reading.

Wolf Rain
by Nalini Singh

Taken as a young girl, her psychic powers harnessed by a madman, Memory lives a caged and isolated existence until she comes face-to-face with a wolf.

Labeled an empath by her bad-tempered rescuer, Memory knows that her ‘gift’ is nothing so bright. It is a terrible darkness that means she will always be hunted.

Alexei prefers to keep his packmates at bay, but Memory awakens the most primal part of his nature—and soon, he must make a choice: risk everything or lose Memory to a darkness that wants to annihilate her from existence.

This book made the list because I anticipate some great push-pull between Memory and Alexei.

I love how Memory rises above her past and isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with the wolf who’d rather keep himself at a distance.

Singh is known for creating a great psy-changeling world and this sounds like the perfect one to devour.

Wolfsong is one of the most popular werewolf romance books worth reading.

by TJ Klure

Ox was twelve when his daddy taught him a very valuable lesson. He said that Ox wasn’t worth anything and people would never understand him. Then he left.

He was sixteen when he met the boy on the road, the boy who talked and talked and talked.

Ox found out later the boy hadn’t spoken in almost two years before that day, and that the boy belonged to a family who had moved into the house at the end of the lane.

He was seventeen when he found out the boy’s secret, and it painted the world around him in colors of red and orange and violet, of Alpha and Beta and Omega.

Ox was twenty-three when devastation came to town and tore a hole in his head and heart. The boy chased after the monster with revenge in his bloodred eyes, leaving Ox behind to pick up the pieces.

It’s been three years since that fateful day—and the boy is back. Except now he’s a man, and Ox can no longer ignore the song that howls between them.

If this book blurb doesn’t draw you in, I don’t know what will.

This is one extremely popular werewolf romance book that I cannot wait to read that seems a bit different from the rest of the pack.

It’s an MM romance that I have a feeling will just draw me in and make me feel. This is a must read for sure.

Healing of the Wolf is a must read werewolf romance novel.

Healing of the Wolf
by Cherise Sinclair

Despite a decade in captivity, Margery never lost her resolve to help the sick. Finally rescued, she has a chance at her dreams—at least for meaningful work.

With her leg crippled and her face scarred, she knows she has no hope of ever finding love.

After years away from his littermate as a police officer among humans, Tynan is finally home, a beta in the wolf pack, and serving his people as a law officer.

Assigned as Margery’s mentor in the pack, he patiently works to earn the skittish little wolf’s trust, wanting more from the gentle female than just friendship.

Separated from his littermate for years, Donal has remained unmated, devoting his energies to healing.

Believing ugly rumors about their new neighbor—a banfasa—he won’t have her in his clinic or his life—no matter what his newly returned brother wants.

But a feral shifter’s strike on Tynan shows Margery in a whole different light. What male could resist her?

I like to mix things up quite a bit so I love how this werewolf romance book is a menage romance between Margery and her two wolf littermates.

I’m most curious to see the differences between Tynan and Donal and yet how they are both drawn to Margery.

If you’re looking for a book with lots of alpha hotness and an emotional pull, this is one to check out.

The Wolf is must read werewolf romance book.

The Wolf
by JR Ward

Things get steamy when Lucan, a wolven forced into bartering deals for the infamous Prison Colony, meets Rio, the second in command for the shadowy Caldwell supplier, Mozart.

After a deal goes awry, a wolf with piercing golden eyes swoops in to save her from certain destruction.

As shocking truths unfurl, Rio is uncertain of who to trust and what to believe—but with her life on the line, true love rears its head and growls in the face of danger. 

I couldn’t resist adding a werewolf romance from J.R. Ward. This is the second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood spin-off series that takes place in the glymera’s prison camp.

If you want a dark and if you want hot, then give this unique werewolf romance book a go.

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