5 Snowed In Romance Books That Will Warm You Up this Winter

In today’s episode of the She Reads Romance Books Podcast I’m sharing my favorite snowed in romance books where love is found while being snowed in by a storm. If you love forced proximity books, you’re going to devour these books that will keep you especially warm this winter!

Episode #17: 5 Snowed In Romance Books That Will Warm You Up this Winter

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Hey readers!

I spent over twenty years living in Boston before moving to the South so I got my fair share of snow storms let me tell you. I can also say that I lived through the snowiest winter on record for the city where it felt like we got inches upon inches dumped on us for weeks on end and the snow piles didn’t melt until the end of May that year.

Gosh it was insane, but I don’t miss the Nor’easters and I don’t miss having to set up the generator if the power went out, but if I had to deal with the snow or get stuck in a snowstorm, you better believe that I’d want to with one of the romance heroes I’m featuring in today’s episode.

Forced proximity romance books are so much fun to read and one of my favorite romance book tropes and I especially love snowed in romance books where the main characters have no choice but to hunker down with each other to ride out the storm. And ride each other they often do to pass the time am I right?! 😊

If you like this micro-trope then I’m sharing 5 of my favorite snowed in romance books that you’ll want to add to your TBR list. Let’s dive in.

Book one on my list is the first book that popped into my head when I was considering this episode and it’s Credence by Penelope Douglas.

Credence is one of the best snowed in romance books according to She Reads Romance Books.

by Penelope Douglas

Credence has gotten a lot of love on #Booktok but it’s also a polarizing book because people either love it or they don’t. It has almost 27,000 reviews on Goodreads which is amazing.

And those who love it are probably readers who love taboo romance books because that is definitely how I’d categorize this romance. And it’s not a short book either, coming in at about 470 pages but I found myself totally sucked into this story.

Ok so setting the stage for this one – we meet Tiernan who is 17, almost 18. She is the only child of a film producer and his starlet wife, who basically ignored Tiernan her entire life until one day they suddenly pass away and she’s sent to live with her uncle, Jake, her father’s stepbrother and her only living relative who’s assumed guardianship of her.

Jake however lives in the mountains of Colorado with his sons Noah and Kaleb basically on this compound at the height of a mountain, away from the small town where they get their supplies. Once winter hits, it’s just the four of them living in their house until the spring frost comes.

So, I don’t know how much to say about this book without giving spoilers, but given how small the town is and how limited it is with women, all three men/boys take a liking to Tiernan and want her in a carnal way.

I forget how old her uncle is – and mind you they are not blood-related, but that doesn’t stop him from taking her virginity. But then there’s Noah and Kaleb who want her too. The story also focuses on Noah being the carefree son who actually wants to leave the mountain and then Kaleb’s story who is mute and hasn’t spoken since he was a small child.

It definitely pushed my comfort zone as far as the taboo but I was hooked and enjoyed the story. Kaleb was a bit more of a bully than I anticipated but Douglas created a unique story so got to give her that.

So, if you want to read a snowed in romance book where the girl gets not one but three men this is the book for you. I should also say it’s not a reverse harem romance where they have a polyamorous relationship but everyone gets a test drive. Last I checked it is available on Kindle Unlimited so that’s another reason to check out this book!

Onto book two on my snowed in romance book list is The Gamble by Kristen Ashley – the first in her Colorado Mountain series.

The Gamble is one of the best snowed in romance books according to She Reads Romance Books.

The Gamble
by Kristen Ashley

This is the first Kristin Ashley book I read and I think I’ve only read three but have mentioned them all now on the podcast – go figure.

This is definitely a forced proximity romance but not entirely. This book is long – at almost 700 pages and if they were snowed in for the entire 700 pages that would be a lot but a snowstorm is what kicks off this romance between Nina and Max.

Nina lives in England, but she’s desperate for a change of scenery and some distance from her fiancé so she rents a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. But when she arrives she finds, Max, the owner there. But Nina is sick so Max doesn’t kick her out despite the rental mix up and he ends up nursing her back to health during a snowstorm and the two end up growing closer as a result.

I really liked Nina who is a lawyer and really strong heroine and Max is the type of possessive hero I adore. You also get a small town mystery and a lot of great side characters so a lot to love about this romance that all starts with a snowed in meet cute.

Moving on to book three which is Paradise by Judith McNaught, my favorite romance book of all time and the book that started my passion for this genre.

Paradise is one of the best snowed in romance books according to She Reads Romance Books.

by Judith McNaught

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long on the podcast to mention it – shame on me- but I had to include it on this book list because there is a pivotal scene to this second chance romance where the main characters are snowed in together and forced to face their past. Ah, it was so good.

But Paradise as I said is a second chance romance about two people from opposite sides of the tracks. Meredith Bancroft is an 18-year-old who’s the only child living with her single father who runs the famous Bancroft department stores.

One night in an act of rebellion to her controlling father she hooks up with Matthew Farrell- a young man from the opposite side of the tracks who ends up getting Meredith pregnant and marrying her because of the baby. But things transpire that end up ruining their marriage and the two don’t end up seeing each other again until many years later when Matthew returns to town, now a gazzilionaire set on a hostile takeover of the Bancroft department store chain.

Given how their relationship started and then soon imploded – there are a lot of feelings between Matthew and Meredith, feelings that never got shared or expressed, but when they find themselves stuck in the same cabin overnight due to a snowstorm and at a time when Matthew is sick with only Meredith to take care of him – it’s a time for feelings and hurts and memories to finally resurface and be shared.

That time where they are forced together because of the store is one of my favorite parts of the book – just SO good but the entire novel is just wonderful.

Now after reading Paradise, which you totally need to if you haven’t already, you can also read Perfect by Judith McNaught, the next book in the series. This is Julie and Zach’s story where they fall in love after being secluded in a Colorado cabin for a week due to snow but also because he escaped prison and is holding her prisoner there while trying to clear his name. It’s another good one!

Book four on my list of snowed in romance books is Billionaire Lumberjack by Gwyn McNamee.

Billionaire Lumberjack is one of the best snowed in romance books according to She Reads Romance Books.

Billionaire Lumberjack
by Gwyn McNamee

This is a recent read for me because I loved the storyline and honestly the cover is pretty darn awesome too. The male model on the cover is the epitome of Beau.

Now, was this book the absolute best, ehhhh, maybe not given the repetition and predictability of the story but I still enjoyed it. This is a book though where the two characters are snowed in at his in the middle of nowhere cabin in the woods during a crazy blizzard.

Brooke is a woman fleeing Seattle and hoping to spend a few days at her friend’s remote cabin but she takes a wrong turn in her beat-up truck and basically stalls out in the middle of a huge snowstorm. Lucky for her she ventures into the woods and finds Beau chopping wood and he brings in her and warms her up since she basically collapsed with mild hyperthermia on his doorstep.

So most of this book is the two of them trying not to step on each other’s toes while they are in this small cabin with both of them having these mysterious pasts and traumas that are only eluded to but never shared. Then all of a sudden, Brooke catches a show of Beau in the shower and that breaks the tension between the two.

If you’re just looking for a mindless read about two people in a snowstorm then I say check it out. I think I got it when it was freebie at one point and I’m glad I read it.

The last book on my list of snowed in romance books is a novella from Jill Shalvis in her Heartbreaker Bay series, One Snowy Night.

One Snowy Night is one of the best snowed in romance books according to She Reads Romance Books.

One Snowy Night
by Jill Shalvis

Her Heartbreaker Bay series is one that I totally binge-read, after already binge-reading all of her Lucky Harbor books. This series reminds me of a less toxic Melrose Place (which I know that TV show is totally dating me but alas) where this friend group all lives and/or works at the same apartment complex.

This is a Christmas romance novella that takes place on Christmas Eve. Rory is desperate to get home to the family she hasn’t seen in years, but, her only ride to Lake Tahoe is Max Stranton the hot guy she’s had a crush on since high school and who she thinks likes her too.

Now they are stuck in a truck on a long road trip in a massive blizzard which helps them to finally discuss their past and admit their feelings.

This novella can be read as a standalone if you’re looking for a quick read that has a bit of holiday cheer but it’s really about two young adults who have great chemistry, might be a bit awkward and who are finally forced to confront their history about what happened in high school and get over it so they can be together.

It’s super cute, involves a dog and is definitely worth a read so check it out.

And that wraps up my list of best snowed in romance books. If you’re looking for even more books to read, you can check out my list of best forced proximity romance books where I list a lot of books where the characters are forced together like in a snow storm but also sharing close quarters, stranded or stuck in the woods, on vacation together and more! I’ll include a link for it in the show notes below. Happy reading!

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