Romance Books With Toys: Where A Little Extra Is Added to the Action

I’m not one to shy away from many topics on the blog or podcast so today I’m discussing romance books with toys where a little something extra is added to the action.

In my latest episode of the She Reads Romance Books Podcast I’m talking about romance books where characters aren’t afraid to use toys together and I’m sharing all my favorites in this fun and steamy micro-trope. Curious? Interested? Tune in and listen!

Episode 9: Romance Books With Toys: Where Vibrators Get in on the Action

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Books Recommended on Today’s Episode:

Act Your Age, Even Brown is one of the featured romance books with toys. Check out the entire list of romance books featuring vibrators on She Reads Romance Books.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown
by Talia Hibbert

Check out my book review of Act Your Age Eve Brown.

Taking a Shot is one of the featured romance books with toys. Check out the entire list of romance books featuring vibrators on She Reads Romance Books.

Taking a Shot
by Jaci Burton

Wicked Wish is one of the featured romance books with toys. Check out the entire list of romance books featuring vibrators on She Reads Romance Books.

Wicked Wish
by Sawyer Bennett

Right Man Right Time is one of the featured romance books with toys. Check out the entire list of romance books featuring vibrators on She Reads Romance Books.

Right Man Right Time
by Meghan Quinn

Full Service is one of the featured romance books with toys. Check out the entire list of romance books featuring vibrators on She Reads Romance Books.

Full Service
by Penny Wylder

Episode Show Notes:

Hello romance readers! I’m so loving today’s episode where I’m featuring romance books with toys where vibrators get in on the action. Yep, I’m going there and you’re coming with me.. hahaha. OMG I can’t believe I just said that. See, we’re off to a great start already!

Anywhoo…yes, today I’m talking about some of my favorite romance books where the characters are not afraid to bring a toy into the mix because why not?

Now let me preface this by saying that these are actually really fun books. This means they aren’t all erotic romances but just some fun romcoms that I think help normalize how some couples like to add a bit extra from time to time. So without further adieu because I know you’re anxious to hear about these books….

Book one on my list of romance books with toys is Act Your Age Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. Ms. Hibbert, you totally, totally surprised me with this book when the vibrator made the appearance but I loved it.

This book after reading it became one of my all-time favorite romances because I just loved the story and characters. Act Your Age Eve Brown is an opposites attract romance. It’s book three in her Brown Sisters series but this was the first book I read though I really need to circle back to the other two and I hope they are just as good.

Eve is an adult, living in her parent’s home and without a steady job. She feels like she’s always messing up and letting her parents down because she’s not successful at anything. At the beginning of the story, she’s given quite a harsh talking to from her parents who basically force her out of the house and cut her off hoping she can make something of herself.

No one wants to be called an embarrassment by their parents so my heart lurched for this woman who I could tell was just a big sweetheart.

Of course, her streak of messing up continues in an epic way when she goes to apply for an open chef position at a bed and breakfast and ends up hitting Jacob, the owner, with her car after the failed interview. Poor, poor Jacob but he has no choice but to keep her around, moving her into his spare bedroom, since he’s out of commission.

So Eve is this sunny, wild thing and Jacob is this frosty closed-off man, both of which are on the spectrum and they are thrown into this forced proximity situation where the banter is just off the charts.

So, I’m already loving the interactions between these two and their chemistry is so obvious but then Talia throws in this scene where Jabob is in her room with her and sees her dildo and OMG it was soooo good. I was NOT expecting that in this book, but that scene was A-Mazing and these two were just super hot with one another. You’re just going to have to pick up the book to get the full details but trust me it’s worth it.

Book two on my list of romance books featuring toys where the dildos come out to play is Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton.

I was trying to remember if this was the first romance book I remember reading where a dildo made an appearance and I think it is so it holds a special place hahaha…

This is part of her Play by Play series which is one of the first romance books series that I binge-read from start to finish and I love that.

It’s a sports romance featuring a NHL hockey player and a woman who runs her family sports bar. Jenna is no stranger to pro athletes as her two brothers are athletes – one a pro football player and another a pro baseball player but she wants nothing to do with athletes.

But then Tyler becomes a regular in her sports bar after his games and he’s pretty hard to miss. I loved how Tyler could sense that Jenna wanted more out of life and he gave her the encouragement she needed to figure that out and make some changes.

This is a great couple and at one point they are making out in her living room and she decides to go grab a little something extra so that she can be full if you catch my drift. And you go Tyler, he is like heck yes I’m all for you bringing in your dildo and giving you that something extra. Jaci is all about the steaminess and I highly recommend this book.

Book three on my list is Wicked Wish by Sawyer Bennett in her Wicked Horse Las Vegas series. Oh, I love her Wicked Horse books so much.

This is actually a brother’s best friend romance. Jorinda was living the life she always thought she was supposed to have but then her husband tells her that he’s not satisfied with her, pretty much saying she’s crap in bed.

So she’s left without a home, without a marriage and a very sore ego and moves to Nevada where her friend convinces her to get back out there and what better way than a masquerade party at an adult club. OK, you go girl.

So OK total spoilers coming up now I should warn you…. you don’t have to wait long for the dildo scene in this one. Jorinda is captivated by this masked man at the club who goes into one of the observation rooms where this contraption is on display and he is looking for a volunteer to test it out. It’s basically this dildo on steroids.

Of course, Jorinda is selected without him realizing she is his best friend and business partner’s sister but there you go. They want to fight their attraction given the forbidden nature of their connection but they can’t and it a fun, hot romance with quite the scene at the beginning. Yowza!

Book four on my list of romance books featuring toys is a fun one and that’s Right Man Right Time by Meghan Quinn. I mean if you have read any of Meghan Quinn’s romance books you have to know that nothing is probably off limits for her but she’s going to give it to you in the best and funniest way possible.

So this is a hockey romance, age gap, AND fake relationship romance. This is book three in her Vancouver Agitators series where Ollie is a college girl whose ex is now dating her nemesis so when she sees them in a bar she goes up to the hottest guy there and kisses him. He just happens to be NHL star Silas Taters who goes along with the rouse and then decides he wants to continue their fake relationship so he can save face when he runs into his ex.

I love romance books with strong, confident heroines and that’s definitely Ollie who is someone who loves getting it on and isn’t shy about it. She’s got an entire collection of toys at her bedside and Taters is happy to have them make an appearance either with them or while they are Facetiming.

You go Ollie- I love how you make sure your needs get met and you snagged a good one.

Book five on my list of romance books featuring toys and dildos is Full Service by Penny Wylder. Now this is a very short novella, a short story really, but one not to miss because it was so much fun and of course steamy because Wylder wrote it.

This story follows Kara who is working at an adult toy store called The Pleasure Chest and a hunk walks in and asks her about a particular toy. She’s never used it or ANY toy so he buys it for her and says he will be back tomorrow to hear what she thinks of it.

Holy moly people. Yeah, it doesn’t stop with one toy and culminates with a pretty cool restaurant scene. So when I say this is the book, albeit short, about toys and vibrators I’m not kidding. It was fantastic.

Ok folks, so I hope you enjoyed this list and gave you a few ideas and of course books to add to your TBR list. Happy reading!

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