10 Best Office Romance Books

Discover the best office romance books worth reading in this book list!

If you like to see couples explore their connection inside and outside of the boardroom, then you’ll want to pick one of these office romance books that are my absolute favorite.

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Book list of the best office romance books worth reading.

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: The Best Office Romance Books

I don’t know about you, but I like my romance books to have that bit of undeniable tension to it before any relationship starts between the hero and heroine.

Office romance books usually have this in spades!

Why? Because you’re not “supposed to” fall in love with your boss or your employee or your coworker.

There’s usually a no-dating clause at companies for a reason, but in these top 10 office romance books, any limiting HR clause is thrown out the boardroom window.

The relationship tension in these novels is smoking as the hero and heroine are both trying to deny their feelings or they give in and are trying to keep it secret and not have it effect their working relationship.

And let me say – these include some males who are both top in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

Whether you like office romances set in the law office, the corporate office, Hollywood or the newsroom, these books have you covered!

Top 10 Best Office Romance Books:

Beautiful Bastard is one of the best office romance books

Beautiful Bastard
by Christina Lauren

This book takes a spot on my top 10 best office romance books because it had so much tension!

I don’t usually like the intern/boss type story but this one just works.

Chloe is not just some young thing but is completing her MBA and is a force. Bennett, her boss, is a complete alpha male but this enemies to lovers story totally feeds off their tension in the office.

And the scene where they first cross the line between business and pleasure…HOT!

Of course boss/employee relationships muddy the waters when promotions are at stake and that’s nothing new in this story, but the authors give us great characters who explore what’s a job worth when it comes to matters of the heart.

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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne is one of the best office romance books

The Hating Game
by Sally Thorne

This book exploded in popularity when it was released (and is now being made into a movie!) and rightly so – it is that good!

This is another enemies to lovers romance in which two assistants who’ve taken competition to another level at work are now up for the same promotion.

What I liked most about this book is when the layers are peeled back for each character and when they realize that their assumptions about the other were all wrong. Can your nemesis really become your love?

This was a stellar debut by Thorne and a must read romance book for sure. Soon to be a motion picture!

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Tangled is one of the best office romance books

by Emma Chase

Tangled is a great book because it showcases two equally ambitious characters in Kate and Drew.

Drew is confident, arrogant and quite the ladies man but he is totally brought to heel by Kate and I loved it. The New York City investment banking scene is cut throat but these two thrive on the pace and the confidence needed to succeed.

This was my first Emma Chase book and I’ve honestly read every one of her books since because I just loved this book and series. You will too.

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Legal Affairs is one of the best office romance books

Legal Affairs
by Sawyer Bennett

I think Sawyer Bennett writes the best heated romance and she brings some of that heat and more to Legal Affairs.

McKayla, after being dumped by her boyfriend, decides to take up her friend’s offer to join a discreet club and has one hot night with a stranger. Only that stranger turns out to be her new boss at the law firm she just joined.

Matt, the new boss, however can’t seem to keep his hands off of McKayla even though he doesn’t do repeats.

This book was definitely steamy and looks at the power dynamic between boss and employee. Plus, I love reading law-themed books by Bennett because she was a trial lawyer in her former life!

If you love Legal Affairs, you can also check out Confessions of a Litigation God, which tells the story from Matt’s point of view.

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Practice Makes Perfect is one of the best office romance books

Practice Makes Perfect
by Julie James

I love Julie James’ writing and wish she would write more books!

This is one of my favorites of hers because it pits two lawyers against one another when they find out that they are both vying for the same spot as partner.

I also love books where there is an initial misunderstanding that paves the way for how the two main characters act when really their feelings are completely different under the surface.

If you like office romances set in a law office with good old fashioned competition then this is your read.

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Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen is one of the best office romance books

by Sarina Bowen

Looking for an office romance book featuring a hot nerd? Well Brooklynaire is the book for you!

I adore Sarina Bowen’s books but this one is probably my favorite because I love Nate. He’s somewhat of a tech nerd but he’s a billionaire who owns a hockey team in Brooklyn.

What people don’t know about him is that he’s been secretly pining for Rebecca, his employee who helps him manage the hockey team.

Rebecca is a sweet heart and Nate is adordable and together they are just the best. It’s a great will they or won’t they story that you won’t be able to put down.

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Bossman by Vi Keeland is one of the best office romance books

by Vi Keeland

Bossman brings you another boss/employee office romance where the two characters hit it off with their chemistry before even realizing that they work in the same office.

Chase is the CEO of the company that Reese now works for and he doesn’t stop in his pursuit.

This is a great office romance with more depth to their backstories that will pull you in.

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Huge Deal   by Lauren Layne is one of the best office romance books

Huge Deal
by Lauren Layne

Huge Deal takes us to the investment banking scene in NYC where Kennedy is one of the top dogs.

Helping him along the way is his trusty assistant, Kate. Of course everyone around them can see the attraction and chemistry between them but they’ve kept their feelings hidden from each other.

But those feelings may not stay hidden once Kennedy’s brother takes notice of Kate.

A great office romance between boss and assistant that finally takes off when a little jealousy comes into play!

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Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren is one of the best office romance books

Dating You Hating You
by Christina Lauren

Dating You Hating You brings you a different office romance – one between two Hollywood agents!

Carter and Evie hit it off after meeting at a Halloween party, only to find themselves working for the same agency once their employers merge.

The only problem is that despite their attraction to one another, they are both fighting for the same job!

This is one of my favorite Christina Lauren standalone romances so check it out.

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Dirty Headlines by L.J. Shen is one of the best office romance books

Dirty Headlines
by L.J. Shen

Dirty Headlines takes the office romance to the newsroom!

This is a great enemies to lovers story where Jude inadvertently has a one night stand with Celian who turns out to be her boss at her new job.

That’s not her only problem though as she cleaned out his wallet the morning after their night together.

I loved the vibe of the newsroom in this story and the arrogance and passion of Celian. It was such a great read and the perfect office romance.

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Do you have a favorite office romance book? Share in the comments below!

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  1. I’d add in Spanish Love Deception, even though a lot of the romance takes place out of the office, the falling happens there. And I just finished the new release Love at First Spite and that would be a good addition to this group as well.

  2. Can any one help me find a book? The story goes. A women goes to a night club she trips and falls on to a sexy man. She spends the night with him but leaves in the middle of the night. The next day at work she finds out her company has been taken over and the man is her one night stand.


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