29 Best Christmas Romance Books To Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Looking for the best Christmas romance books to get you into the holiday spirit this season or all year round? Then look no further as this book list has my favorite Christmas romance books that will keep you busy reading all season long.

When it comes to Christmas romance books, there is no shortage of options to choose from to help you get in the holiday spirit.

These Christmas romance books give you a love story with a happily ever after ending all wrapped up in some holiday cheer.

Discover my favorites below and then check out my list of the best Christmas romance novellas, my list of best Christmas historical romance books, or the best Christmas romance books on Kindle Unlimited for even more Christmas romance.

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The Best Christmas Romance Books

These Christmas romance books are my favorite to read to get me in the holiday spirit.

The Plight Before Christmas is one of the best Christmas romance novels worth reading. Check out the entire list of recommended Christmas romance novels from She Reads Romance Books.

The Plight Before Christmas
by Kate Stewart

A Second Chance, Christmas Romance

Whitney Collins has had it rough the last month but she’s on her way to her grandparent’s cabin to spend the Christmas holiday with her family.

She did not plan on also spending it with her ex whom her brother happens to bring along.

Now she’s stuck with Eli for the week, the man who broke her heart nearly two decades ago.

Between memories that resurface and the way he’s looking at her, Whitney’s not sure her heart is going to survive the holiday.

This Christmas romance has everything! The humor, the holiday moments, an amazing family get-together and of course an epic love story.

Eli made a bold move crashing the Christmas of his ex but the man was on a mission.

I loved the flashbacks we got throughout and just when I wasn’t sure why Eli walked away all those years ago, I got ALL the feels.

This will be a holiday romance I reread every year!

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An Ex For Christmas book cover - one of the best christmas romance books worth reading.

An Ex for Christmas
by Lauren Layne

A Friends to Lovers Christmas Romance Book

When a psychic tells Kelly that she’s already met her true love, she’s determined to discover her man before Christmas.

Thinking he must be an ex, she starts contacting her old flames, but not a single one is igniting any sparks like the ones she’s starting to feel for her best friend, Mark.

Mark is tired of watching Kelly’s heart get broken and is finally ready to move on. Then again, maybe this Christmas will finally bring him what he’s always wanted – her.

If you love Lauren Layne’s work then you’ll definitely love her Christmas romance book. It has a quirky heroine you can’t help but fall for in her quest to find true love. A lovely friends to lovers story.

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Christmas from Hell is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

Christmas From Hell
by R.L. Mathewson

A Neighbors to Lovers Christmas Romance Book

Duncan Bradford can’t stand his neighbor who seems to want to end him whenever he’s around her. Necie doesn’t hate Duncan, she secretly likes him, but her clumsy ways keep screwing things up when it comes to her hot neighbor.

If you’re familiar with the Neighbor from Hell series, then you know you’re in for humor, a hot hero, a quirky heroine and lots of food talk when it comes to this Christmas romance book!

I thought Necie was sweet and her grandfather hysterical making this a fun addition to this series.

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Charming Co-Worker is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

Charming Co-Worker
by Lauren Runow and Jeannine Colette

An Office Romance, Fake Relationship Christmas Romance Book

Katie’s wanted her boss for so long and this Christmas she’s going to get her man. She just needs a bit of help becoming a vixen this holiday to score her man’s attention.

Her co-worker, Hunter is more than willing to help her and proposes a fake relationship to make her boss jealous. But the more time she spends with Hunter, the more she realizes her boss may not be the man she wants after all.

I loved everything about this Christmas romance book. I especially loved the chemistry between Katie and Hunter which only grew stronger during their “fake” relationship.

Hunter is the perfect book boyfriend who truly notices the girl. All the little ways that he “got” Katie just made him stand out as the better man.

This book had it all – an exciting office romance, a sweet, fake relationship, and a wonderful storyline with many hilarious pun jokes! A must-read for the holidays.

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A Very Bossy Christmas is a must read Christmas romance book

A Very Bossy Christmas
by Kayley Loring

An Office Romance and Fake Relationship Christmas Romance Book

The professional line has definitely been crossed between Declan and his assistant Maddie. First, he asked her to be his fake girlfriend and attend his family’s holiday events in exchange for giving her Christmas day off.

And now they’re waking up together after one crazy night.

Declan needs his assistant by his side this holiday season, even if she claims to hate him. But it’s time he got it together or do the most unprofessional thing of all and fall for her.

Best book boyfriend alert! This is what a Christmas romance book should be. It was so good I just couldn’t put it down.

Declan and Maddie burned up the pages with their hate to love chemistry. The texting was oh-so-good and the writing just witty and hilarious.

It was not only hot but also incredibly sweet and tender with the perfect amount of holiday cheer. A must-read every year during the holidays!

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The Holiday Swap is one of the best Christmas romance books to read this holiday according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

The Holiday Swap
by Maggie Knox

A Christmas Romance Book Where Twins Switch Places

When chef Charlie Goodwin gets hit on the head on the L.A. set of her reality baking show, she loses consciousness as well as also her taste and smell–both critical to her success as show judge.

Desperate to keep her job, she asks her identical twin, Cass to switch places with her.

Only Cass is busy with her own problems running the family’s bakery. She’s struggling to make enough bread loaves for the Christmas Eve festival while also trying to get her ex to understand that they are indeed over.

Trading lives however proves more complicated than they imagined, especially when rugged firefighter Jake Greenman and gorgeous physician’s assistant Miguel Rodriguez are thrown into the mix.

This is such a fun and sweet romance that will definitely put you in the mood for the holidays.  The “swap” angle was a cute twist and I enjoyed the storyline for both sisters and their hot beaus.

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The Boss Who Stole Christmas is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

The Boss Who Stole Christmas
by Jana Aston

An Office Romance Christmas Novella

Holly Winter’s boss, Nick Saint-Croix, is a Scrooge. Too bad he doesn’t look like one too because then it would be easier to hate him. Even if he is hot, all Holly’s asking for this Christmas is a new boss.

I loved all of Jana Aston’s books in the Reindeer Falls series and this is the first.

It’s a short, quick read but still so satisfying with the perfect chemistry between Holly and Nick in an apparent, enemies to lovers romance.

The names are also just too perfect in this series! This is a must-read Christmas romance book (and series!) in my book.

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If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread
by Jana Aston

A Delicious Christmas Romance Novella

Ginger Winter is determined to win this year’s Great Gingerbread Bake Off and she’s not going to let Keller James stand in her way. Even if he is a famous chef with an irresistible British accent.

This is the second installment in Aston’s Reindeer Falls series and it was delicious! I loved the back and forth between Ginger and Keller which made this Christmas romance book all the sweeter.

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The One Night Stand Before Christmas is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

The One Night Stand Before Christmas
by Jana Aston

A Case of Mistaken Identity Christmas Romance Book

Noel Winter didn’t think she’d be texting Santa to come pick up his suit that he left sprawled on her floor, but apparently that is what happens after you have a one night stand with the man.

OMG if the book synopsis doesn’t have you wanting to read this book what will? A one-night stand with Santa? Love it!

This Christmas romance book story is wrapped up in a case of mistaken identity. I only wish there was more! A definite must-read for the holidays.

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The Trouble with Mistletoe is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

The Trouble with Mistletoe
by Jill Shalvis

A Sweet, Contemporary Christmas Romance Book

Willa loves taking care of animals, and while she may love cats and dogs she no longer cares for Keane, the man she once knew in high school.

Is it a good thing that he doesn’t recognize her when he stops into her pet shop in desperate need of a cat sitter?

He may have once been naughty but Keane now actually seems nice, but Willa’s unsure if she can trust him.  She’ll leave it up to the lucky fountain when she throws in a coin and makes a Christmas wish.

I love how each of the books in Shalvis’ Heartbreaker series revolve around the myth that wishes made when throwing a coin into the apartment complex’s fountain will indeed come true.

This is a cute Christmas romance novel with a hint of a second chance romance story.

I loved Willa’s spirit and generosity and was rooting for her happily ever after. If you’re an animal lover then you’ll love this story even more.

Watch the movie! If you’re a fan of romance movies, then see this book come to life by watching The Trouble with Mistletoe on Passionflix!

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Hot Holiday Nights is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

Hot Holiday Nights
by Jaci Burton

An HOT Christmas Romance Novella

Successful sports agent, Victoria Baldwin, is ready to put work aside and take a vacation over the holidays. In Hawaii to celebrate Christmas, she meets Alex.

Alex is a surfer competing in a local competition and could be the perfect holiday fling. But when Victoria meets Alex’s agent Ben, she realizes that she might just want both men.

This was one of the first steamy romance books I ever read and I loved it. Sometimes novellas can leave you wanting more but this book had just the right amount of characterization and a whole lot of heat, making it a perfect, quick read to heat up the holidays!

Amazon | Goodreads

Chasing Christmas Eve is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

Chasing Christmas Eve
by Jill Shalvis

The Best “Finding Love When You Least Expect it” Christmas Romance Book

Colbie needs an escape. It’s time she flees her crazy family in New York and take time for herself -even if it’s only two weeks. She didn’t plan on landing herself in a water fountain on her first day in San Francisco.

But luckily Spencer is there to fish her out. She came for an escape, but she may just find love as well.

Colbie and Spencer are two characters you can’t help but instantly fall in love with. They are two introverts who care so deeply for others but you want them to finally find their own happiness.

I loved their backstories and connection making this a truly wonderful Christmas romance book worth reading.

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A Bad Boy for Christmas is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

A Bad Boy For Christmas
by Jessica Lemmon

A Bad Boy Christmas Romance Book

Connor is only looking for quiet after spending four years in Afghanistan, but then he meets Faith and then all he wants is her. Faith is only looking for a relaxing holiday, free from men, especially her cheating ex.

Though Connor is the sweetest temptation, she’s not giving in. That is until Mother Nature has other plans and she finds herself snowed in with only Connor to keep her warm.

You know I love a good bad boy romance so this one was a definite pick for me.

I am also a sucker for romance books with a forced proximity storyline and what better way to find love than being snowed in with a bad boy? Another great Christmas romance book worth reading.

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My Fake Christmas Fiance is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

My Fake Christmas Fiance
by Julie Kriss

An Office Romance and Marriage of Convenience Christmas Romance Book

Who knew that a company’s merger plans would force a marriage? The do-gooder may have agreed to marry the playboy by midnight on Christmas Eve, but all she’ll really agree to is a fake engagement.

They have absolutely nothing in common, so it’s just a business deal. It doesn’t matter that he’s her dream guy, right?

I absolutely loved how this book opened with emails back and forth between Wesley and Penny, which gave you a look into their true personalities and the start of a connection between two strangers.

This is book one in a wonderful Christmas romance book series!

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

Santa Baby Maybe is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

Santa Baby Maybe
by S. Doyle

An Opposites Attract, Christmas Romance Book

Joy is the head ornament designer at the Christmas decoration company, Kane Co. As an artist, it’s her dream job but unfortunately it means also having to work with the uptight CFO, W.B. Darling.

He completely rubs her the wrong way, and is even going on blind dates to find a wife, so why are they hanging out together….and kissing?

I adored this Christmas romance – which may technically be a novella but it felt like a complete book to me and left me oh so satisfied.

This book had a great storyline, perfect character development, and a love story that will truly tug on your heartstrings. A must-read Christmas romance book to read every year!

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

How My Brother’s Best Friend Stole Christmas is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

How My Brother’s Best Friend Stole Christmas
by M. O’Keefe

A Friends to Lovers Christmas Romance Book.

Sophie Kane has been in love with her brother’s best friend for years and this Christmas she’s finally going to do something about it. All dressed up for the Kane Co. holiday party, she just wants Sam to notice her.

When the power goes out, she might just get her wish but when the lights turn back on, he pushes her away.

She’s now done with the former Marine, and yet he’s been hired on as her new employee and he’s not ready to let her go.

Oh this book was so good – a great mix of brother’s best friend angst with a heartfelt story that gives a real look at veteran’s PTSD.

Even for a novella, you could easily see the chemistry between Sophie and Sam from the start and want to root for their happy ending. I definitely recommend this read.

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship is one of the best Christmas romance books to read

Our Totally Ridiculous Made-up Relationship for Christmas
by Brittainy C. Cherry

A Fun, Fake Relationship Christmas Romance Book

Jules Stones comes from a family of Oscar winners so she can pull off a fake relationship, right? Rather than spend Christmas with her dysfunctional family alone, she hires struggling actor, Kayden, to be her fake boyfriend.

Don’t all the best holiday rom-coms usually involve bringing home a fake date to spare the person judgement from their supposedly loving family?

Jules and Kayden both had something to gain from this fake set up but I loved how it was their love that won out.

I highly recommend checking out Cherry’s Christmas romance book!

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More Christmas Romance Books Worth Reading

In a Holidaze is a must read Christmas romance book

In a Holidaze
by Christina Lauren

A Time Traveling Christmas Romance Book

Maelyn is spending the holidays at a cabin in Utah with her family and friends. Only she wakes up the morning after Christmas having kissed her long-time friend, NOT his brother whom she’s had a massive crush on since she was a teen.

That morning kicks off a time loop where she’s stuck reliving the same vacation giving her a chance to right the past.

If you want a Christmas romance book with a unique spin, this is a fun pick. The time loop plot was a neat twist without being overdone and I love a friends to lovers story!

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey is one of the best Christmas romance books worth reading according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Window Shopping
by Tessa Bailey

An Office, Christmas Romance

It’s two weeks before Christmas and I’m standing alone in front of the famous Vivant department store, when a charming man named Aiden asks my opinion of the décor.

Unknowing he’s the owner of the store, I told him my honest opinion which landed me a new job.

Now I’m dressing store windows and trying to ignore my handsome boss.

Amazon | Goodreads

The Twelve Dates of Christmas is a must read Christmas romance book

Twelve Dates of Christmas
by Jenny Bayliss

A Contemporary Christmas Romance Book Filled With Dates

Kate has yet to find any dating prospects in her small town of Blexford, England. So when her best friend signs her up with a dating agency to find love before the holidays, she finds herself agreeing to twelve dates with twelve different men in the twenty-three days before Christmas.

With each date more disastrous than last, the odds of her finding someone don’t seem to be in her favor, and yet she may just find that what she’s been looking for has been right under her nose all along.

Amazon | Goodreads

Mistletoe and Mr. Right is a must read Christmas romance book

Mistletoe and Mr. Right
by Sarah Morgenthaler

A Small Town, Christmas Romance Book

Rich socialite, Lana doesn’t necessarily fit in in the small town of Moose Springs, Alaska, but she’s ready to prove people otherwise. Trading her stilettos for snow boots she’s set on tracking the town’s Christmas mystery – the Santa Mouse.

When her first attempt at nabbing the Santa Mouse ends with tranquilizing Rick, it’s clear she needs help in her quest. Rick has always had a thing for Lana so he’s more than willing to help her nab the mysterious mouse and maybe he can nab her heart as well.

Amazon | Goodreads

Jingle All the Way is a must read Christmas romance book

Jingle All the Way
by Debbie Macomber

A Contemporary Christmas Romance Novel Where Love is Found on Vacation

Everly Lancaster’s life revolves around work. Though her boss is right to give her the nudge, she can’t believe she’s taking December off to take a vacation before visiting her family for the holidays.

A relaxing beach vacation sounds like the perfect get away only her assistant booked a guided cruise in the Amazon instead. Now Everly is trapped for two weeks in the rain forest.

Despite the setback, she’s finding herself swept away by nature’s sights and the ship’s charming naturalist, Asher Adams.

As her relationship with Asher deepens, she’s forced to take a look at her priorities and determine what really matters in life.

Amazon | Goodreads

Pride Prejudice and Mistletoe is one of the best Christmas romance books worth reading.

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe
by Melissa de la Cruz

A Modern, Gender-Flipping Re-Telling Christmas Romance Book

Darcy Fitzwilliam is both beautiful and successful. She’s never fallen in love and never goes home for Christmas – that is until her mother falls ill, forcing her to return to Pemberley, Ohio.

While home, she meets Luke Bennet, the carpenter who’s never left Pemberley, during the family’s holiday bash.

He’s not her type, but after Darcy and Luke have a one night stand, why can’t she stop thinking about him? Are they destined for more or will her pride and his prejudice against big-city girls stand in their way?

Amazon | Goodreads

is one of the best Christmas romance books worth reading.

Royal Holiday
by Jasmine Guillory

A Royal Christmas Romance Book

Vivian Forest has only been out of the country one time, so she jumps at the chance to join her daughter on a work trip to England to style a royal family member.

There are so many sights to see on the trip, including the sights of the striking, private secretary of the Queen, Malcolm Hudson.

When flirtations and stolen kisses turn into a fling, will their holiday romance end when it’s time for Vivian to return home?

Amazon | Goodreads

We Met in December is one of the best Christmas romance books worth reading.

We Met in December
by Rosie Curtis

A Roommates to Lovers Christmas Romance Book

Jess is following her dream and moving to London. On her first night in her new flat share, she meets Alex, the roommate sharing her floor, and her attraction is instant.

But after returning from a Christmas holiday, she finds Alex already in a relationship, dating the beautiful Emma from upstairs.

Amazon | Goodreads

Christmas Nights is one of the best Christmas romance books worth reading.

Christmas Nights
by J.H. Croix

A Contemporary Christmas Romance Book

Neither Janie or Travis have room in their lives for love but that doesn’t stop the sparks from flying between them when he fishes her out of the icy Alaskan waters after a boating accident.

Steamy nights leading up to Christmas may find these two trusting again and believing that finding love is possible.

Amazon | Goodreads

Wrapped Up in You is one of the best Christmas romance books worth reading.

Wrapped Up in You by Jill Shalvis

A Contemporary Christmas Romance Book

Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it. Ivy Snow’s life was always on the move growing up but she’s finally found a place to call home in San Francisco. She’ll do anything to keep it, including keeping the secrets of her past hidden.

But when she meets Kel, an Idaho sheriff and ranch owner on vacation, her past may ruin their budding romance.

Amazon | Goodreads

A Wallflower Christmas is one of the best Christmas romance books worth reading.

A Wallflower Christmas
by Lisa Kleypas

A Historical Christmas Romance Novel Set in Victorian London

It’s Christmas time in London and Rafe Bowman has arrived from America for his arranged meeting with Natalie Blandford. Before courting the lady-in-waiting he realizes he must learn the rules of London society and put aside his shocking American ways.

But winning a bride turns out to be more complicated than he imagined, especially when four former Wallflowers try their hand at matchmaking.

Amazon | Goodreads

The Christmas Fix is one of the best Christmas romance books worth reading.

The Christmas Fix
by Lucy Score

An Enemies to Lovers Christmas Romance Book

The residents of Merry, Connecticut are devastated when city manager and single dad, Noah Yates cancels their Christmas Festival because of a late season hurricane. The cancellation crushes their spirit and kills their much needed tourism dollars.

Catalina King, home renovation expert and reality star is not about to let the town of Merry suffer, so she’s bringing her camera crew to town for a holiday special, much to the dislike of Noah.

Amazon | Goodreads

More Thoughts on Christmas Romance Books:

Variety in Christmas Romance Books

What’s the best part about Christmas romance books?

You can find romantic holiday-themed books in any romance category or with any one of your favorite romance book tropes.

Christmas Romance Book Categories

There are many contemporary Christmas romance books but you can also find steamy Christmas romance books, paranormal Christmas romance books, historical Christmas romance novels and more!

Christmas Romance Book Tropes

My two favorite romance tropes for Christmas books are friends to lovers stories and fake relationship romances.

Christmas is a special time for friends to finally make the move so I always get extra feels when it comes to friends to lovers Christmas romance books.

And who wants to go home alone for the holidays and listen to the never-ending comments from relatives of why you haven’t found someone yet? That’s where a fake relationship can come in handy for characters.

I love it when a kiss under the mistletoe is what finally sparks the move from fake to real in these must-read Christmas romance books!

Holiday Novellas

Christmas romance novellas are becoming increasingly popular and are the perfect choice when you’re in the mood for a quick holiday read.

The holidays can be a very busy time with shopping, parties and more shopping. So if you’re short on time but still want to escape into a great Christmas romance book, then a Christmas novella is for you!

Do you have a favorite Christmas romance book? Share in the comments below!

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