Book Review: The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox

If you’re looking for a sweet, holiday romance then look no further. Check out my book review of the 2021 romance book release of The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox.

This is a Christmas romance book that should be added to your TBR list.

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The Holiday Swap is a new Christmas romance book that released in 2021. Check out the book review by She Reads Romance Books.

The Holiday Swap
by Maggie Knox

Category: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance
Tags: Chef/Baker, Holiday, Small Town
Published October 2021
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★
Boyfriend Rating: ★★★

I definitely found my favorite holiday romance of 2021 and it’s The Holiday Swap!

This feel-good romance is the perfect book to snuggle up with to get you in the holiday spirit. It has just the right mix of sweet and spice for all romance fans to enjoy.

In The Holiday Swap we first meet Charlie Goodwin who is a famous pastry chef given her role on a hit reality baking show.

While filming a holiday special, she gets hit on the head causing her to get a severe concussion and lose her sense of taste and smell.

To hide her plight and hopefully save her job, she enlists the help of her identical twin, Cass, another pastry chef.

Cass agrees to swap places with Charlie as it’s an opportunity for her to escape the daily grind of running her family’s bakery as well as her ex who can’t take the hint that they are over.

I honestly enjoy a good swap story when it’s done right and writing duo Maggie Knox definitely delivered.

The story had great pacing with just the right amount of miscommunications, mishaps and shenanigans that would occur when two people switch lives.

Of course, you have to go with the flow and accept that the sisters rarely communicate during their switch which seems a bit absurd and yet understandable in this case given their busy schedules.

I loved the added twists of both sisters falling for a man who think they are falling for the other sister.

While the romances are quick given the time that transpires, they are sweet and believable and really add to that overall happily ever after feeling to the book.

As someone who has personally dealt with a concussion, I cringed at how careless Charlie was after her injury without regard to her recovery, but I had to let that go.

There is no way she could have juggled all that she did at the bakery but alas it’s fiction.

If you’re looking for a great, feel-good romance with the right amount of holiday cheer, then pick up The Holiday Swap. I truly enjoyed it.

*Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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