10 Romance Books Where Love is Found After Being Cheated On

The best part about the romance book genre is that every book guarantees a happy ending – even those books where a character has been cheated on. When your partner cheats on you, it can be difficult to trust again and put yourself out there, but I’m highlighting books where the characters do just that and find love again after being cheated on.

If you need some inspiration after a bad breakup, consider adding these romance books to your TBR list, and don’t forget to listen to the podcast episode!

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Happy reading…because life is better with a love story!

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My Favorite Books Where Love is Found After Being Cheated On

Love on Lexington Avenue is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

Love on Lexington Avenue
by Lauren Layne

When Claire Hayes finds out that her late husband was cheating on her with not just one but two women, she is determined to rid her home of anything that reminds her of the cheater. To help her redesign her boring Upper East Side brownstone she turns to bad-tempered contractor Scott Turner.

Scott bluntly makes it known to Claire that he has no patience for a pampered, damaged princess with a penchant for pink. But when long workdays turn into even longer nights, their mutual wariness morphs into something more complicated—a grudging respect, and maybe even attraction.

Why I Recommend This Book: I really felt for Claire in this book about being cheated on because she really thought that she had a good relationship with her husband. Scott is this perfect grump who just tells her like it is and doesn’t sugar coat things and their slow burn attraction was wonderful.

Layne’s books are cute and light and fun reads and it was really nice to see Claire find love again after such devastation.

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The Right Move is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

The Right Move
by Liz Tomforde

Ryan Shay is the newest Captain of the Devils, Chicago’s NBA team, and the last thing he needs is for Indy Ivers, his sister’s best friend, to move into his apartment. She’s messy, emotional, and way too tempting.

But when the team’s General Manager vocalizes his blatant disapproval of his promotion to Captain, a fake relationship with his new roommate might just turn his lone-wolf reputation around.

Indy is willing to go along with the rouse since she could use a date to a friend’s wedding where she’ll see her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. But blurred lines make it almost impossible to separate real from fake for these roommates.

Why I Recommend This Book: I loved the banter between Ryan and Indy in this one where Indy would kind of get on Ryan’s nerves because he wasn’t used to sharing his space and she was like whatever – my boyfriend cheated on me so you can just deal. But the two ended up really helping each other – him with his anxiety around his high-profile life and her with learning to trust and love again.

This was a super sweet romance and I loved it and the fact that Indy found love again after her douche of an ex. I highly recommend it.

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Make It Sweet is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

Make It Sweet
by Kristen Callihan

Life for Emma isn’t good. The character she plays on TV gets the axe and she finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman. She needs a break, and sanctuary comes in the form of Rosemont, a gorgeous estate in California promising rest and relaxation.

Then she meets the owner’s equally gorgeous grandson, ex–hockey player and current recluse Lucian Osmond. He’s charming when he wants to be but also secretive and gruff, and though they try to stay apart, they only grow closer—and their broken pieces just might fit together and make them whole.

Why I Recommend This Book: This is a great, opposites attract romance where both people are at a crossroads and help each other, not change each other, but just be there for one another and to show what’s possible. And any book where the hero cooks French pastries for the heroine is devine!

Boy Toy is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

Boy Toy
by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby

Sadie has survived the worst year of her life discovering that her now ex-husband was cheating on her with the much younger nanny. As a single mom of twin toddlers, she doesn’t have time for a man, but then she runs into Liam McAllister, the boy she baby sat as a teen who now happens to work at her children’s daycare.

Liam may still be harboring a crush on her and offers to be her boy toy and give her the pleasure she’s been missing but he’s too young for her and too handsome to take him up on his offer, right?

Why I Recommend This Book: You totally feel for Sadie in this one who is just trying to keep her head above water and then she’s got this guy basically offering himself to her AND being the most amazing preschool teacher ever. I mean I loved Sadie but man will you fall hard for Liam and how great he is with kids and just so capable. This was a five star read for me so I highly recommend it!

Not My Kind of Hero is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

Not My Kind of Hero
by Pippa Grant

Maisey is trying to fix up her life with a fresh start on the hobby ranch she inherited in Hell’s Bells, Wyoming. She just didn’t intend to run into wild animals or a handsome man that saves her time and again and sparks an attraction she thought was long gone.

But he’s her tenant and her teenage daughter’s teacher and soccer coach, making him off limits. Though turns out that he’s a fixer-upper in need of saving too, and she might be the only woman for the job.

Why I Recommend This Book: Pippa Grant nailed small town romance with these amazing characters which definitely earned its spot on my best romance novels of 2023 list. Maisey is one of those female heroines who’s barely hanging on with her life after her husband cheats on her and yet I was so enamored with this woman. It is such a great read with amazing characters and the best steaminess.

Check out my book review of Not My Kind of Hero.

This Could Be Us is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

This Could Be Us
by Kennedy Ryan

Soledad Barnes is a domestic goddess who’s always had her life all planned out. But none of her varied talents can save her when her life implodes from the ultimate betrayal of her husband. Picking up the pieces and caring for her daughters, Soledad rediscovers herself.

But then an unlikely man enters the picture—the forbidden one, the one she shouldn’t want but can’t seem to resist only she’s not sure that she can risk her heart and trust in love again. 

Why I Recommend This Book: This book made my list of most anticipated romance books of 2024 and it did not disappoint! There is so much to love about this romance where love is found after being cheated on but Ryan’s message about self-love is a definite highlight.

I also especially loved the sisterhood between Soledad and her girlfriends that permeate the entire Skyland series!

Check out my book review of This Could Be Us.

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Spite Club is one of the best romance books where love is found after being cheated on.

Spite Club
by Julie Kriss

Evie and Nick don’t have the greatest of meet-cutes when they both walk in on their partners cheating on them with each other. With Evie’s boyfriend screwing Nick’s girlfriend, the two decide that the best way to get revenge is to pretend to date each other and maybe enjoy each other in the process.

Nick is rude and rebellious and Evie is a good girl with goals to meet but the more time they spend with each other, the more they might just risk their hearts.

Why I Recommend This Book: I absolutely love fake relationship romance books and this one hooked me from the start considering that both of the main characters are being cheated by the other’s partner!

It’s an even better opposites attract love story because Evie is a good girl with a plan for her life while Nick has no plan, no job and a complete A-hole.

This is a shorter romance, only about 190 pages, but so worth it and available on Kindle Unlimited, so no excuses for not picking up this romance where love is found after being cheated on for both main characters.

Dirty is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

by Kylie Scott

The last thing Vaughan Hewson expects to find when he returns to his childhood home is a broken hearted bride in his shower, let alone the drama and chaos that come with her.

Lydia Green just discovered the love of her life is having an affair on her wedding day with the best man and she has nowhere to turn but the handsome stranger, former musician-turned-bartender whose house she invaded. She already tried Mr. Right and discovered he’s all wrong–maybe it’s time to give Mr. Right Now a chance.

Why I Recommend This Book: This is one of those romance books that had me howling out loud with laughter because Scott writes the best banter for these two. Lydia was hilarious and I loved how she just parks herself right into Vaughan’s life and he has no choice but to embrace her. I loved watching her get her happily-ever-after after being cheated on in the worst way.

Dragon's Lair is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

Dragon’s Lair
by Chantal Fernando

Faye is a law student and when she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she gets her revenge with a one night stand with his brother. The brother that happens to be the vice president of a motorcycle club. She’s a good girl with a strict upbringing. He’s her ex-boyfriend’s brother. But now they are tied together and she’s learning that may not be so bad after all.

Why I Recommend This Book: This is a good book where the girl gets the better guy after being cheated on in this motorcycle club romance. I loved how Faye not only wins the hearts of all of Dex’s club members but also that of the bad boy himself. The sass that she finally shows was epic too.

The Pool Boy is one of the best romance books about finding love after being cheated on.

The Pool Boy
by Nikki Sloane

Erika’s birthday did not turn out as planned when she finds her husband in a compromising position with his male boss. So now she’s starting over after his betrayal and doing what makes her happy.

Turns out what makes her happy is Troy, the hot, twenty-something pool boy. Her best friend kept telling her to have a fling and get back out there. But I’m not so sure she meant for her to do it with her son.

Why I Recommend This Book: Sloane loves to write forbidden romance and she brings it with her Nashville Neighbors series including this one that is an age gap romance and romance between a music exec and her best friend’s son.

Let’s just say that Erika and Troy have no problems experimenting and turning up the heat in this romance to help her heal after being cheated on by her husband!

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