Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant: My Review

Check out my book review of Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant to see if this is a small-town romance book worth reading.

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Check out She Reads Romance Books' book review of Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant.

Not My Kind of Hero
by Pippa Grant

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Small Town, Neighbors to Lovers, Single Parent, Forbidden Romance, Teacher
Published August 2023
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Rating: ★★★★★
Boyfriend Rating: 💍💍💍💍💍

Not My Kind of Hero Summary:

I knew fixing up my life with a fresh start on the hobby ranch I inherited in Hell’s Bells, Wyoming, would come with challenges. Things like snow. Wildlife. Local gossip about why my daughter and I are here.

But the biggest challenge? My surly new tenant.

He’s like a bear. Fascinating from a distance, but don’t get too close, or he’ll bite.

His personality should be a good thing. I have no need of a new man in my life. But he’s not only my tenant; he’s also my daughter’s math teacher and soccer coach. I keep running into him. He keeps thinking I need to be saved.

Maybe I do, but here’s what I don’t expect: he’s a fixer-upper in need of saving too. And I might be the only woman for the job.

Hell’s Bells, help me.

Not My Kind of Hero: My Review

My first thought after reading this book…how have I not been reading Pippa Grant until now?

Seriously, this woman slayed with this book- It’s one of the best romance novels of 2023 for sure.

She nailed small-town romance with amazing characters, a wonderful storyline, and OMG the steaminess that I so loved. This is a must-read y’all!

Maisey is one of those female heroines who’s barely hanging on with her life in shambles when she moves to her late uncle’s ranch in Hell’s Bells Wyoming.

She’s divorced her husband who cheated on her after devoting six years of her life to his home improvement show that took her away from her daughter. With another family secret scandal casting its shadow over her and her daughter, they’re just desperate to start over in the new, small town.

But things aren’t so easy when her relationship with her sixteen-year-old daughter is tenuous at best, she has run-ins with bears and other wild animals and starts running herself ragged trying to get in good graces with the townspeople before her past can catch up with them. Plus, there’s that dilemma that she’s attracted to her neighbor who’s her daughter’s teacher and soccer coach.

I love when heroines aren’t quite perfect and have struggles that a reader can identify with. Maisey is basically starting over and is devoted to being the best mom she can be for her daughter while also trying to find herself.

“Sometimes figuring out who you are and who you want to be involves figuring out who to trust to go on the journey with you.”

Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant

Grant created such a wonderful story where you could really see Maisey’s love for her daughter, their struggle to trust each other again and Maisey’s struggle to put her daughter first when she’s starting to feel all the feelings toward Flint.

But then there was Flint…oh man did I fall for this man right along with Maisey.

While he proved an amazing neighbor and teacher to their small community, he wasn’t without his own personal struggles.

His past made him doubt his own worth so he never did committed relationships. But with his growing attraction toward Maisey, he couldn’t help but rethink his stance.

This was a man who could relate to the teens he was teaching and really be there for the community who was also there for him.

I LOVED the growing tension between neighbors and boy was their chemistry hot.

This book had the perfect amount of angst without any over-the-top drama because it wasn’t necessary. I loved seeing the characters’ growth and the happy ending was beautiful.

Pippa Grant made me fall in love with small-town romance again.

This is a must-read for 2023 and definitely, one for fans who love Things We Never Got Over.

*Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

My Favorite Quotes from Not My Kind of Hero

“For the first time in my life, I think I’ve found someone I want to love.”

Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant

“…just like Maisey is more than enough but doesn’t feel like she is, I too, am good enough. That I’m worthy of being first sometimes.”

Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant

…the more she tells me I’m good, the more I want to be even better.”

Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant

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Check out She Reads Romance Books' book review of Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant.
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