60 College Romance Books So Good They Score an A+

Discover all the best college romance books worth reading in this epic book list! If you’re a fan of this romance book category you’re sure to find your next great read in this list which includes my favorite and the most popular college romance books, college sports romance book series, and the best MM college romance books.

These new adult romances don’t disappoint if you like romance books set in college.

If you want to devour young adult romance books set in high school, then check out my list of best books about teenage romance.

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The Best College Romance Books

Daisy Payton is a freshman at college ready to start a new chapter in her life, on her own and away from the pressures associated with the family name Payton.

On move in day she meets senior Trevor Boone. Neither expected or anticipated their instant attraction but barriers ultimately arise that try to block their potential start at something more.

This was a tender novel that had me believing in love at first sight and the power of friendship from a debut author that I cannot wait to read from again!

It delved into friendship, the bonds of family, the importance of loyalty, honesty, forgiveness and grace. It also peered into the different social stratas, familial expectations and grief.

Now that is A LOT to cover in one book but Edwards does it so brilliantly that I didn’t want the book to end. Check out my review of Upsy Daisy.

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The last thing on Allie’s mind now that she was in college was dating. Yet Jesse, the cocky bad boy and star athlete couldn’t help but catch her eye.

I enjoyed Rose’s writing, dialogue and story flow in this college romance. Jess and Allie had their own brand of banter that seemed to be their form of foreplay, but the back and forth at times could be hurtful.

This book definitely fits the bill of new adult romance.

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Cassidy is finally in college as a 21-year-old freshman. She’s trying her best at acclimating to college life and society in general having run away from the cult she was raised in back in Wyoming.

Now she just has to convince her friend Dylan to tutor her outside the classroom and in the bedroom.

This was a fun, friends to lovers college romance mixed with a relationship coach story line!

I enjoyed how this focused mostly on Cassidy’s intimacy exploration after having grown up in such a repressive environment and how she manages her feelings for her best friend.

A great book in a great series. Check out my review of Heartland.

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Mick and Jolie met over the summer while both are working as counselors at summer camp. Those days were spent watching kids while sneaking off and humping like rabbits whenever and wherever they could.

Who knew they’d meet up again at college where Jolie is a returning junior and Mick a new transfer student.

This was a cute, new adult romance where the nerd scores the beauty. I liked how this was told from both points of view but Mick was my favorite.

He may consider himself a nerd (just because he’s smart and doesn’t party), but he’s far from it and quite the perfect boyfriend. Check out my review of Nerdy Little Secret.

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Dani is a college student who decides to be carefree for a night and hooks up with a player. She shouldn’t be surprised when they run into each other again and he doesn’t recognize her.

This was my pick for college romance book for the 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge! I liked the angle of this story where the guy forgets the girl. If you like instalove and college drama this is a pick for you.

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Not Fooling Anyone is one of the best college romance books worth reading. Check out the entire list of romance books in college from She Reads Romance Books.

Not Fooling Anyone
by Allie Winters

Lexie and Ethan are both college students in the same class but Lexie immediately stereotypes him as the dumb jock when she sees he’s a boxer who works out in the gym where her father trains up and comers.

While she’s spent years taking care of herself and keeping to herself for self-preservation, she finds herself claiming Ethan as her boyfriend in order to participate in a psych study on love to earn some well-needed cash.

Ethan goes along for the ride which kicks off their time together where he slowly breaks down her walls.

I loved the idea of this psych study and how it forced them to become closer with the various tests they had to do.

If you love fake relationship love stories and those set in college then you’ll definitely want to pick this one up. I highly recommend it. Check out my review of Not Fooling Anyone.

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Blind Side is one of the best college romance books worth reading. Check out the entire list of romance books in college from She Reads Romance Books.

Blind Side
by Kandi Steiner

Clay Johnson is the star wide receiver and Giana is the Public Relations Coordinator who’s trying to wrangle him. Only he’s not cooperating after his breakup with his high school sweetheart.

When he sees Giana’s own blunder in front of the guy she’s crushing on, Clay proposes a fake relationship to make his ex and her crush both jealous.

Only the plan backfires when they can’t help but fall for each other.

This is the perfect fake relationship book that got me in all the feels. I also loved the relationship coach aspect of the story as their “lessons” were hot while Clay tried to teach Giana how to get another guy’s attention.

Plus, I love a book boyfriend who takes his cues from what a girl loves in a romance book. 😊

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Waking Olivia is one of the best college romance books worth reading. Check out the entire list of romance books in college from She Reads Romance Books.

Waking Olivia
by Elizabeth O’Roark

His father’s debt, a failing farm and a floundering track team. College coach Will Langstrom already has too many responsibilities, and the last thing he needs is Olivia, a beautiful new addition to his team with a bad attitude and a troubled past. 

Abandoned and broken, Olivia trusts no one — especially not the cocky track coach the rest of the team adores. But when her past is revealed to Will, she discovers another side to him — one she could grow to love.  

I found Olivia to be such an interesting character with her sleep running. Unfortunately, she’s gained a reputation that follows her to her new school but when Will gets to know her, he’s willing to risk it all to help her.

While this is an age gap romance, it’s only slight. I loved this strong heroine and so will you.

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Book list of college romance books worth reading.

Katlyn’s always been the invisible girl, but she can’t escape the notice of Martin Sandeke—bad boy, jerkface bully, and the universe’s hottest, wealthiest, and most unobtainable bachelor—who also happens to be Kaitlyn’s chemistry lab partner.

When Kaitlyn saves Martin from a nefarious plot, Martin uses the opportunity to push Kaitlyn out of her comfort zone: spring break, one week, house parties, bathing suits, and suntan lotion. Can she overcome her aversion to being noticed?

A college romance book featuring an intelligent heroine the hero can’t resist? Yes, please! Reid delivers on smart romance where both characters push each other to grow and this was a great new adult romance series from her.

This was a great bad boy college romance book worth reading.

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Say You Swear is one of the best college romance books. See the entire list of romance books set in college on She Reads Romance Books.

Say You Swear
by Meagan Brandy

For years, Ari dreamt of what college life could bring and while some things changed, there was always one constant.

Her future was clear, and he was it. Until suddenly, he wasn’t.

Now there’s a new man in her life, one who isn’t afraid to go after what he wants, and what he wants … is her. They say first loves last forever. What about the second?

When this book finally got to Ari’s life in college, OMG, I couldn’t put it down. I think I went through an entire box of tissues too while reading it.

This book looks at first loves, love triangles, and a one-of-a-kind love that can survive anything. I loved it. Read it if you love friends to lovers romances.

Check out my book review of Say You Swear.

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Book review of Blindsided by Victoria Denault by romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books. Blindsided is the first book in a new college romance book series, Moo U in the Sarina Bowen's True North World.

by Victoria Denault

Tate Adler and Maggie Todd were never meant to be anything more than sworn enemies given the longstanding feud between their neighboring family farms.

Yet when Maggie discovers Tate’s secret, a side hustle that could jeopardize his hockey scholarship, their face-offs start to give off major sparks.

I adore enemies to lovers romance books and this one hit the spot with its Romeo and Juliet vibe where two families are at odds with one another with a hate that passes from generation to generation.

Tate and Maggie were the best characters to root for with some highly combustible chemistry in this must-read college romance book!

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Emma went on a blind date, not realizing it was with the wrong person. Only months later she runs into him again on campus – he’s her Russian Literature professor.

If teacher student college romance books are your favorites, then this is it. I particularly liked how the ethics of their relationship was discussed and addressed instead of just brushed aside.

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College Sports Romance Books

Anna didn’t have plans to fall for college star quarterback Drew Baylor. It was just supposed to be a hookup.

I love it when the hot guy on campus pursues the girl who thinks she’s anything but worthy of his attention. This was the perfect new adult romance book with a devastatingly worthy book boyfriend that you’ll love.

If you’re a fan of college sports romance books, this is a must-read as are the following books in the Game On series.

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Knox is a hot baseball player on campus and he has his sights set on Emory. She brushes him off so he may just have to up his game and take her to the baseball locker room to make her his and his forever if the superstition is true.

Knox made this college romance. He was so patient with Emory, empathetic and just all around awesome. This is the first book to a FANTASTIC series from Quinn if you love baseball romance books.

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Carson is recovering from an injury that may derail his senior year season and his chances in the draft. His only hope is the baseball whisperer – a girl on campus who may know more about baseball than he does. She may even become more than his fairy ballmother.

I absolutely loved The Dugout and it solidified Meghan Quinn as one of my most favorite authors. From the story, to the budding relationship to the secondary characters – this book had it all.

Plus, there were just so many lines that had me laughing out loud making it so much fun college romance book to read. The texting exchanges among friends were just priceless and any mention of “man dangles” had me in hysterics. Check out my review of The Dugout.

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Zack, a college hockey player, is tired of dealing with all the puck bunnies chasing him. He’s game to take on Sugar’s proposal to pretend date so that they both can benefit from the deal. Only the rules they establish for this fake relationship are so easily broken.

This is one of my favorite fake relationship romance books with all the feels of a great college romance. I love how easily the line is crossed from fake to real and how they both realize they are meant for more. It’s also one of the best hockey romance books.

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Max, the university’s star quarterback, is a shoe-in for the Heisman trophy if he can stay on the straight and narrow. Sunny, his new neighbor, agrees to be the distraction he needs by becoming his fake fiance.

This is one of my most favorite fake relationship romance books where there is so much more behind their attraction. I loved their chemistry and connection that runs much deeper than either realize. A must read for college romance book fans as well.

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He’s captain of the university’s hockey team and the privileged son of a U.S. Congressman. Danny’s from the opposite side of the tracks on a mission to build her own success. But can their relationship last when their different worlds collide?

I’m a huge fan of Sawyer Bennett so I can’t wait to read this college romance book. Plus I’m a sucker for opposites attract love stories so this is a must read for me.

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Book list of the best college romance books to read.

College Romance Book Series: Football Romance

The Underdog Series
by Kate Stewart

Theo may be considered a geek since he’s in the college’s marching band, but he knows what women want. What does he want? Laney. His hotshot football roommate might also have his eye on her but he’s not going down without a fight.

This 5-star book hit so many boxes for me. It had me sighing from the sweet romantic gestures, it had me laughing out loud with its many hilarious moments, it had me fanning myself with its hot, intimacy scenes and overall had me rooting for Laney and Theo’s HEA in this opposites attract, new friends to lovers story.

This was the perfect kick-off to a fantastic college romance book series. Check out my review of The Guy on the Right.

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All it took was one night for Troy and Clarissa to be forever linked, but that’s not what’s supposed to happen between a teacher and student. Now Troy’s in his senior year at college and willing to do anything to get her back and to gain redemption.

There’s nothing like a little kid who melts your heart in a romance book. Dante was the highlight of this book.

On the outside Troy may be the star football player on campus but you get to see a completely different side to him in this book – as someone trying to make it for the sake of his family.

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Lance has everything riding on his senior year football season. He needs to prove himself so he can get drafted and save his family’s ranch. The only problem is that he didn’t anticipate falling for the coach’s daughter.

This college romance book was absolutely wonderful. Stewart wrecked me with this book. My heart had all the feels after reading it that I wanted to reread it and reread it again and again.

To say I consider it to be one of the best romance novels of all time is an understatement. And the book’s epilogue is the best I’ve ever read. Read my review of The Guy in the Middle.

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The Hook Up Series
by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Delaney has sworn sworn off football players, especially the cheating kind. When Maverick, the captain of the college’s football team finally sees his chance, he dares her to give him one night. She can’t help but accept.

I love bad boy athlete – nerd girl college romance books. Especially those with girls who love Star Wars and The Princess Bride! Madden-Mills writes new adult, college romance books unlike any other and this one delivers on the dare.

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Golden boy quarterback of Waylon University, Ryker has had his eye on Penelope. She’s the sweet yet nerdy girl who seems to have it out for him because she can’t stand man whore jocks. But when Ryker’s college teammates set up a bet he can’t refuse, will he win or lose?

There’s something about romance books where a bet is involved. I loved the chemistry between Penelope and Ryker and devoured this book.

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Charisma, a senior at Waylon University, is still reeling from a humiliating and very public break up from her short time hook up, Blaze, the star football athlete who just helped his team win the national championship. Blaze, despite his actions to the contrary, wants her back – if only she’ll forgive him.

This is a book where you wish you could just jump into their world and give both main characters a big hug and never let go.

I’m not sure I’d call it an enemies to lovers story (more people with a history together that left them both raw), but it was a heartwarming journey of two people learning to trust in love and to ultimately let go of the fears holding them back from it.

A perfect, second chance college romance book worth reading.

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Dylan McQueen is Waylon University’s hot-shot quarterback who’s just trying to make it to the NFL.

He didn’t anticipate running into the quirky girl he kissed at the freshman bonfire who’s since haunted his every waking thought. She’s not his type, so why can’t he stop trying to win her?

Madden-Mills brings it again with this college football romance. Dillon is a different kind of hero – a cocky, take-charge athlete but one who is shy and a bit tongue-twisted around Serena. I loved that! Read my review of I Promise You.

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Fulton U Series
by Maya Hughes

Persephone is a 19 year old genius about to graduate college who’s ready to check off a bunch of “firsts.” Reece, the college’s star receiver, mistakenly walks in on her interviews for candidates to “be her first” and decides to help her with her list.

This is a fun, opposites attract, new adult romance with characters you can’t help but love. Seph is adorable in her quest for experience and self-discovery and Reece is the perfect friend who can’t help but fall for her and her quirks. It also made my list of best relationship coach books.

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Nix is a big man on campus and a football god. Too bad his neighbor didn’t get the memo. She’s nothing but a pain, calling the cops on his party, and now he’s stuck doing community service with his neighbor as his boss.

I really liked Nix from the first book in this college romance series so I look forward to seeing this enemies to lovers story play out.

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Berk is a star football player on campus who gets a mysterious, HOT letter from an anonymous sender. He’s desperate to find the girl who’s become his new pen pal and has enlisted his sweet neighbor in his search only to find he’s falling for her.

The letter Berk receives is enough to get me to want to read this college romance – the girl who wrote it does not hold back what she wants to do to him. I can’t wait to see what happens when he uncovers her identity.

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Why did I have to go and fall for my best friend? My coach’s daughter? And will I have to choose between my football dreams or our friendship?

This is LJ’s story which looks to be a great friends to lovers romance. Add in the forbidden element in that he’s falling for the coach’s daughter and it’s going to be hot and fun!

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College Romance Book Series: Hockey Romance

The Off-Campus Series
by Elle Kennedy

Hannah will tutor the failing hockey stud in this college hockey romance book if he helps her get the attention of the football player she’s after.

I love this kind of fake relationship romance where both people realize the one they really want is right in front of them, not the person whose attention they had wanted from the start.

Since Hannah was initially after someone else, I love how she can just be herself and gain some confidence whenever she is with Garrett.

Garrett was the playboy not looking for a relationship but neither could resist the other the more they hung out together. Such a perfect romance book!

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John Logan can get any girl he wants but it’s freshman Grace Ivers that catches his eye.  But when a thoughtless mistake pushes her away, Logan plans to spend his final year proving to her that he’s worth a second chance.

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College hockey star, Dean Di Laurentis is big man on campus and impossible for the ladies to resist. Even though Allie is nursing a broken heart even she falls for his charms but only for one night. Now she just wants to be friends but Dean is going in for the score of a lifetime.  

A college romance where the girl has the upper hand after a one-night stand? I love it and can’t wait to check this one out.

Amazon | Goodreads

Sabrina has her whole future planned out once she graduates college and it doesn’t include a hot hockey player. But when one night of passion forever ties her with Tucker she’s going to have to learn to become a team player.

Surprise pregnancy romance books aren’t typically my jam, but the first book in this series was so good that I’m going to have to finish the series no matter what!

Amazon | Goodreads

Briar U Series
by Elle Kennedy

Summer can’t help but be drawn to Colin Fitzgerald. The tattoo-covered, video-gaming, hockey-playing nerd-jock is SO not her type so it shouldn’t be hard resisting him now that she’s his new roommate, or is it?

Fan of opposites attract love stories will enjoy this college romance book between the beauty and the quiet hockey player. After reading it you’ll won’t be able to resist reading the second book in the series.

Amazon | Goodreads

Desperate to claim a sports broadcasting internship, Brenna has no choice but to ask hockey star Jake to pose as her boyfriend. Not sure it’s the best idea to fake date the coach’s daughter from a rival school, Jake still accepts with one caveat: She must give him one real date for every fake date.

This is a fantastic read. Both a fake relationship and enemies to lovers story – it sizzles with heat. Brenna is a strong heroine and Jake is the type of romantic hero that I adore. The perfect book boyfriend. This is a must read college romance book. Read my review of The Risk.

Amazon | Goodreads

Hunter is the new captain of the hockey team at Briar U and is determined to make up for last season. To stay focused, he’s going celibate – until he’s tempted by Demi.

You can’t help but come to care for Hunter after reading the first two books in the Briar U series and want him to find his happily ever after! This college sports romance book can easily be read as a standalone however.

Amazon | Goodreads

Taylor is in a college sorority filled with mean girls who dare her to seduce the hottest new hockey player on campus.

I have yet to read the final book in this college romance series but I do love a romance book where a bet is involved. I may have to check it out just to see that the sorority girls get what’s coming to them.

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The Ivy Years Series
by Sarina Bowen

Corey expected to start Harkness College as a varsity ice hockey player. But a serious accident means that she will start school in a wheelchair instead.

Across the dorm hall, she meets Adam, another would-be hockey star who has a broken leg. They may both be out of their sport, but he’s way out of her league. Plus, he’s already taken.

I haven’t read this college sports romance series by Bowen but I know she sure can write incredible hockey romance books so these books are on my to be read list for sure.

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She’s hiding something big. He’s hiding someone small.

Bridger is a hockey star on campus but right now his focus is hiding his eight-year-old sister in his dorm room. Scarlet is a freshman at Harkness College who’s also hiding something, her identity, even if it means lying to the green-eyed boy she’s falling for.

Two people with hidden truths – what could possibly go wrong? I can’t wait to see what happens in this college sports romance book.

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Michael has made an art of hiding his orientation from everyone. Including himself. Only his former best friend, John, is now his new teammate and has the power to out him.

A MM romance book by Sarina Bowen?! Sign me up. I can’t believe I haven’t devoured this college romance yet so it has moved up my list!

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Bella, the student manager of the Harkness men’s hockey team, loves sex and isn’t shy about it. So she can’t understand why her neighbor is acting weird after their hookup.

I love how Bowen turns stereotypes on its head with this college romance book where it’s the girl who sleeps around hooking up with the virgin boy.

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Freshman Lianne Challice is finally at a real school and trying to shed her famous persona. She’s been burned before whenever she’s gotten close to guys but she can’t help but feel a pull toward Daniel “DJ” Trevi, the hot, broody guy who spins tunes for hockey games.

Just when you think you can’t get a new take on a hockey sports romance, you have one featuring a hockey game DJ. Love it!

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College Romance Book Series: Water Polo

Malibu University Series
by P. Dangelico

Reagan is a water polo god at Malibu University – just not the world’s best driver. After almost running over Alice and jeopardizing her college scholarship, she has no choice but to accept his help, even if she knows he’s nothing but trouble.

Dangelico is a favorite author of mine because she writes such great slow burn romances with wonderful characters. This is one of my favorite new adult romances of hers where the heroine is not impressed by the hottie athlete, but in great, slow burn fashion – he wears her down. It’s another great pick if you like sports romance books.

Amazon | Goodreads

Dallas is a senior on the water polo team who has a reputation for being a wild man and his wild ways have finally gotten him into hot water. Dora is the shy wallflower who’s gotten roped into helping him serve out his plea deal.

Who knew that he’d also be the perfect person to help her with her checklist of new experiences.

This college romance book was a great, opposites attract, new adult romances for those who love a happy ending for two very deserving people. I loved seeing how both characters grew over the course of the novel. Read my review of Nothing But Wild.

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College Romance Book Series: Wrestling

How to Date a Douchebag Series
by Sara Ney

Sebastian is the wresting team captain at Iowa and better known as the douchebag on campus. Studying at the library with his teammates he catches sight of Jameson, a fellow student dressed in a cardigan and pearls.

Taking a bet, he approaches her but is soon surprised that she is not the stuffy, studious prude he pegged her for.

In this college romance book, Sebastian lives up to his douchebag reputation more times than not, but it’s also sweet to see how these two apparent opposites grow to care about and fall for each other.

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Zeke Daniels is an a$$hole – even his friends call him one- but he’s in need of a biology tutor. Enter Violet DeLuca- a sweet, caring, stuttering girl who at first is intimidated by Zeke but soon brings this tough guy to heel.

If you love tortured heroes and soft heroines who rehab their tortured hearts then this college romance book is for you. It is the best of the series.

The Failing Hours explores how these two seemingly opposites actually find common ground, trust and love one another. I absolutely loved Zeke and Violet.

Amazon | Goodreads

Rhett’s college teammates are so determined to get the wrestler laid they plaster fliers all across campus with his phone number. He just didn’t expect the hot girl to respond and want him.

I liked the change up in this novel where the college hero is practically a virgin, lacking confidence and experience when it comes to girls, but scores the beauty on campus.

Amazon | Goodreads

The How to Date a Douchebag series takes a turn with this novel and focuses on the wrestling coach’s daughter. Coach’s orders are to steer clear of her but douchebags will be douchebags. Luckily she finds herself the last nice guy on campus.

I can’t believe I haven’t read this one yet! I need to get on it because I like sweet, friends to lovers stories and especially those that involve roommates so this is on my must read college romance book list.

Amazon | Goodreads

Abe is the wrestler each of his teammates turn to for every need. Helping to mend his roommates broken heart and find him a girlfriend, he impersonates him on the college’s dating app and connects with Skyler. Only Skyler doesn’t know that she’s falling for Abe, not JB.

Oh how texting and emailing can get us into trouble!

You can never be sure who you’re communicating with and I loved that set up in this story. The lie doesn’t go on forever which was refreshing and I liked how Abe had to work to gain Skyler’s trust and her heart.

Amazon | Goodreads

College Sports Romance Series: Multiple Sports

Jock Hard Series
by Sara Ney

Scarlett likes to keep her friends out of trouble but guys call her the jock blocker so she’s been banned from Jock Row. The job to keep her out of the baseball house falls to the university’s hot shot short stop.

I really liked this college romance because it was unlike so many romance books. It’s SIMPLE (and I mean that in the best possible way) in that you are along for the ride in “watching” how Scarlett and Rowdy meet, connect and fall for one another over a period of weeks. Check out my review of Jock Row.

Amazon | Goodreads

Teddy keeps getting dragged to the rugby house on campus by her friends but there she just gets ignored by guys. Kip has been watching her crash and burn for weeks and decides to offer his services as her hairy godmother to help her get noticed.

I’m a sucker for romance books where the hunky hero takes pity on the unassuming heroine and decides to help her out with her lackluster love life (of course assuming he will just stay friends and not develop feelings for her- yeah right!).

This college romance book had the best banter and the best characters making it one of my favorites.

Amazon | Goodreads

Jackson is all about football on campus so rather than party, he cruises the strip on campus every Friday night. But one Friday night he has an unsavory run-in with Charlotte. He may push her buttons but neither one can’t help but fall.

This college romance book is such a funny, sweet and loveable enemies to lovers story. The honesty Charlie and Jackson shared between them was very special and the highlight of the book for me.

Ney writes phenomenal dialogue for her characters that just makes them shine.

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MM College Romance Books

Keaton wants to give his college girlfriend a birthday present she always wanted and will never forget – a threesome.

Looking for a guy to join them, he turns to a hookup app. Yet he soon discovers that texting with SinnerThree turns him on a little more than he’s willing to admit.

Bowen and Kennedy are the queen duo of writing MM romance. I loved this MM enemies to lovers story between college housemates that neither guy ever expected.

Amazon | Goodreads

Nate is taking a study break in his room and takes things in his own hands to provide some needed relief when his roommate, Eric, walks in on him catching him in the act but not necessarily looking away. Nate likes the attention, making him think he’s maybe not as straight as he thought.

Let me just say that this MM college romance book was HOT. It’s truly an erotic romance between two juniors, sharing the same house, who explore their intense chemistry everywhere but a bed. I loved it. Read my review of Want Me.

Amazon | Goodreads

Marc and Chet’s childhood friendship all but ended when their fathers had a falling. Now at the same college, they have been able to steer clear of one another until they end up interning at the same law firm.

Ever the competitors, the tension to one up each other is turned on, but the tension between them is just as strong.

This is a great friends to enemies to lovers story that’s part academic rivals to lovers with a great push-pull dynamic between the characters. The prologue really sets the stage for their connection followed by great will they or won’t they moments until they stop fighting their attraction.

Another great MM college romance book to check out! Check out my review of Try Me.

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Popular Romance Books Set in College

Abby is in college hoping for a new beginning, only Easton University’s walking one-night stand challenges her straight and narrow path with a bet she doesn’t refuse.

This is one of the most popular college romance books and I’ve yet to read it! I’m not quite sure it’s for me given the heavy subject matter but for those who love a college bad boy who’s drawn to the good girl – this is your book. Read it before watching the Beautiful Disaster movie!

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Jacqueline is in college hoping for a new beginning – only Easton University’s walking one-night stand challenges her straight and narrow path with a bet she doesn’t refuse.

Webber’s book is another favorite college romance book I haven’t read and probably won’t given the content. If you’re cool with it, it’s worth checking out.

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Gabriel is a professor who lives out his nights trying to escape his dark past. When Julia enrolls as his graduate student, his connection to her not only jeopardizes his career but exposes his past as well.

The Dante references in this book may be enough to keep me away on this college romance as well as the virgin- bad boy references. This teacher student romance book has been made into a movie on Passionflix so you may want to read it and then watch it! [Movies on Passionflix]

Amazon | Goodreads

Livie is starting her freshman year at college and embarking on the plans laid out by her father, completely ignorant of her own desires. She falls for Ashton, the playboy with his own secrets but he’s already taken.

I love coming of age, new adult romance books to a point but not ones with cheating so this will stay a pass for me even though I love Tucker’s books. If you enjoy love triangle romance books, check it out.

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Icebreaker is a popular college romance book. See the entire list of romance books set in college on She Reads Romance Books.

by Hannah Grace

Anastasia Allen has worked her entire life for a shot at Team USA as a competitive figure skater.

Nathan Hawkins knows the responsibility of keeping the hockey team on the ice rests on his shoulders, as captain of the Maple Hills Titans.

When a misunderstanding results in the two teams sharing a rink, and Anastasia’s partner gets hurt in the aftermath, Nate finds himself swapping his stick for tights, and the pair find themselves stuck together in more ways than one.

This college hockey romance was all the rage on #Booktok because readers were loving the enemies to lovers vibe between Nate and Anastasia. I personally love that it featured a competitive figure skater who was determined to reach her goal.

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There you have it! The ultimate list of college romance books you’ll ever want or need to read.

If you have a favorite that didn’t make the list, be sure to share it in the comments below!

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