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Check out my review of Nothing But Wild by P. Dangelico to see if this is a college romance book worth reading.

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Book Cover for Nothing But Wild, a four star new adult romance by P. Dangelico and book review by She Reads Romance Books.

Nothing But Wild
by P. Dangelico

Series: Malibu University
New Adult Romance
Tags: Opposites Attract, College, Sports, Relationship Coach


Rating: ★★★★

 “I. Am. Ruined. Ruined by a bad man and a great kiss. A kiss I can’t stop thinking about.”

I used to shy away from new adult romance books but there are some romance authors who are helping me embrace this genre and P. Dangelico is one of them with her Malibu University series.

Ahhhh the college years…when you’re in that quasi state of independence with a safety net and trying your hand at adulting as best you can.

The Characters: Dallas and Dora

In Nothing But Wild we are reunited with Dallas and Dora who we first met in Nothing But Trouble.

Dallas is a senior on the water polo team who has a reputation for being a wild man who throws caution at the wind.

Dora is a junior wallflower who’s limited experience in the dating world is partly due to her views about her appearance.

I went into this book thinking we’d see a wild and crazy Dallas come to toe with the quiet and demure Dora but that’s not exactly what it turned out to be.

For one, you just have to take it on faith that Dallas is this wild and crazy co-ed because you really don’t see it in this book except in the prologue and maybe a bit with his passion for surfing.

Nor is Dora this unassuming, shy wallflower.

She actually has quite the backbone and actually sticks up for herself and shares her feelings rather easily with Dallas and even her mother.

So I was pleasantly surprised to read a story about two seemingly opposites find a safe place with each other to truly be themselves, to be seen and to be loved.

Though both characters really grew over the course of this novel, I loved Dora’s growth the most.

From the first moment we see her and Dallas together, she just goes for things even if she’s unsure of the consequences or the reactions of her friends and fathers.

She ultimately accepts herself as she is, shape, stutter and all, demands what she deserves from those who love her and won’t settle for anything less.

Kudos girlfriend! And can I say that man, this girl can stand rejection and actually has some tough skin when it comes to Dallas and her mother.

Dallas wasn’t who I thought he’d be but he’s quite the emotionally aware person for someone of 21 years of age who’s never been able to depend on those who were supposed to love him.

His struggle is trusting in love.

He has to learn to believe that he’s deserving of it and that it can last which isn’t easy given he’s lived a life always being alone.

He doesn’t always make the best of choices or react in the best of ways when it comes to Dora but he does make an excellent wingman in helping her complete her Eff-It List 2020.

Plus, I loved how Dangelico gives a shout out to one of her favorite authors in describing him:

“…he looks like the windswept hero in my favorite Julia Quinn historical romance novel.”

I would have rated it higher but there were a number of transitions in the book that felt jarring to me so the story didn’t feel totally seamless, at least in the beginning but that’s probably just me.

We learn a lot about their peer group friends which is great but if I hadn’t first read Nothing But Trouble, I don’t think I would have really understood what was going on with Rea and Alice in the background but again not a big deal.

That being said I hope there will be there more books to come featuring this crew – especially Zoe and Brock.

A great, opposites attract, new adult romances for those who love a happy ending for two very deserving people.

*Thank you to P. Dangelico for the advanced reader copy. All opinions are honest and my own.

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