Best Romance Books of 2019

Discover the best romance books of 2019. These romance books knocked it out of the park this year and should be added to everyone’s to be read list.

See if your favorite books of the year made this list of the best romance novels of 2019!

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My Selections for the Best Romance Books of 2019

It’s that time of year to look back on ALL of the books I read this year and pick out those books that stood out as the best romance novels of 2019.

This year I set a goal to read 100 books and I knocked it out of the park having read just shy of 200! So to say that I read a lot of romance books is true.

Not all of the romance books I read were published this year as I have quite the back list of romance books on my TBR pile, but many were and I had LOTS of favorites that stood out as the best of the year.

Several of my all-time favorite authors published new books this year and I happily gobbled them up, but I also found some new authors that I now love which is always so exciting.

This list of best romance books of 2019 are those that I considered to be the best from my reading list.

If you have a romance novel that you think is deserving of being labeled the best of 2019, I want to hear it so share in the comments below!

Below I highlight 10 of what I consider to be the best romance novels of 2019 from my reading list and then list all of my 5 star and 4 star reads that were published this year.

The Best Romance Books of 2019:

Beard Necessities is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Most Anticipated Romance Book of 2019
Beard Necessities
by Penny Reid

I almost didn’t want to read this one for that would mean saying good bye to the Winston Brothers as it was the seventh and final book to the popular Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid.

I didn’t hold out at all because I was desperate for Billy and Scarlet’s happily-ever-after, especially after reading their origin story in Beard With Me.

We’ve followed these star-crossed lovers through many a book and this novel shows us how love can withstand time, heartache, guilt, anger, loss and waiting.

I love how Reid carries us along as these two finally voice what’s been needing to be said and now work to find their footing with the Winston family members underfoot, trying in their own meddling, hilarious way to finally get these two together.

Though it can be read as a standalone I HIGHLY recommend reading the series in order and then checking out this best romance book of 2019.

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Halo is one of the best romance books of 2019.
Viper is one of the best romance books of 2019.
Angel is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Best Romance Book Series
Fallen Angel
by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Hands down I was gripped by this three-part rock star romance series by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine from the word go.

The band, TDB, is in a major jam because their lead singer just ran out on them.

They have been searching desperately for a new frontman when in walks Halo for an audition, instantly taking lead guitarist, Viper’s breath away for his amazing talent and scorching good looks.

Oh, but did I forget to mention that Viper is gay and Halo is straight? YEP! GAHHHH!!

These three books follow the attraction and eventual relationship between Halo and Viper and what their relationship ultimately means for each man and the band. I can’t recommend this series enough!

All three books easily made the cut for the best romance novels of 2019.

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The Lineup is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Best Romance Book Boyfriend
Jason Orson from The Lineup
by Meghan Quinn

Jason Orson is hands down one of my all-time favorite book boyfriends if not THE favorite of all time and that is saying something!

He is a true unicorn – someone so utterly perfect he can’t possibly exist in real life but man do I wish he did because I would hold on tight to this man and never let him go.

Jason is not afraid to talk out his feelings with his boys like it’s a complete girl gabfest. Despite his sensitive side he is an alpha in the bedroom and quite the dirty talker.

He’s perfection in that he has the greatest sense of humor and he COOKS. Let’s also not forget that he’s a professional baller with a hot body.

Yep- he’s a unicorn and the best book boyfriend you can ever find. Discover him in The Lineup where he meets Dottie, a no-nonsense businesswoman who tries to fight their attraction but ultimately falls and falls hard.

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Perfect Strangers is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Best Romance Book Plot Twist
Perfect Strangers
by J.T. Geissinger

Perfect Strangers was one of those books that utterly consumed me!

I fell immediately under the spell of Olivia and James’ intense chemistry and just went along for the ride – that is until it ALL CHANGED!

OMG did Geissinger throw a curve ball (or two) with this one and let me tell you, it left me reeling for days.

Olivia, a writer from the States, has just moved to Paris on a three-month “holiday” to find herself and her inner muse again. Two years prior she had endured a tragedy and she hasn’t written a book (or been intimate) since.

She meets James at a neighborhood café and the sparks immediately fly. Not fighting their immediate attraction, they agree to having a love affair in which no personal information is shared and which ends when Olivia is supposed to return to the States.

But then Geissinger wrote the plot twists of all plot twists. I can’t even give a hint of anything without giving spoilers but my jaw dropped and I was like “WTF” in all bold, CAPS, and multiple exclamation points!!!!!

You’ll just have to read it to learn why! Hands down this is one of the best romance books of 2019.

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You Can Have Manhattan is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Strongest Romance Book Heroine
Sydney Evans in You Can Have Manhattan
by P. Dangelico

Dangelico is hands down one of those rare authors that I automatically read no matter what.

She has a way with words to create such unforgettable characters and moments that just make your heart want to burst.

In You Can Have Manhattan, Scott Blackstone and Sydney Evans are reunited after not having seen each other for 8 years after one hot and heavy kiss.

Now they are thrown into a fake, marriage of convenience thanks to Scott’s father that neither one wants but are forced to agree to for their own reasons.

What I love about Dangelico’s characters are that they seem real. I was going to say slightly flawed but that’s not really it because they are just human – they are real in their feelings and actions.

Sydney is one of those strong romance book heroines that I absolutely adore and admire. She’s the epitome of a thriver as she describes herself.

I was so in awe of her control, her emotional intelligence and her ability to be vulnerable despite that being a very difficult place to allow herself to go given her past.

She also had to put up with some antics from Scott but she amazed me in her strength and determination. You’ll love her and this book as one of the best romance books of 2019.

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he Open Door is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Best Romance Book Novella
The Open Door
by Laurelin Paige

I honestly decided to give this novella a try after reading a blog post Paige wrote about how reading romance books has improved her marriage.

In The Open Door, I love how she took a married couple and explored the topic of how to keep the flame alive years later when jobs, kids and life in general all claim a part of your attention, energy and stamina.

I have not read her The Found Duet series so I went into this novella not knowing anything about our main couple.

I instantly liked them because you could tell they have a deep love for one another.

What I loved best about this book was that they were a couple that valued communication in their relationship and it was so important given the issues that came up when they were gifted a membership to The Open Door – an elite club.

This novella touches on body issues post pregnancy and age, concern about dwindling desire and attraction as well as what boundaries can be pushed when exploring physical intimacy in ways that others may consider taboo.

Even if kinky clubs aren’t your cup of tea, I thought this was an excellent read about a really great couple that’s doing it right in their marriage making it a definite pick as one of the best romance books of 2019.

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The Guy on the Right is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Best Romance Book Couple to Root For
The Guy on the Right
by Kate Stewart

This 5 star book hit so many boxes for me.

It had me sighing from the sweet romantic gestures, it had me laughing out loud with its many hilarious moments, it had me fanning myself with its steamy moments, and overall had me rooting for Laney and Theo’s HEA in this opposites attract, new friends to lovers story.

Theo and Laney’s friendship starts with a very honest conversation one night at a college party, when they stumble upon each other in the dark while drunk and reeling from the events of the not so great night.

The night sets them on such a great foundation of friendship that slowly turns into more for these two opposites.

I absolutely adored these two characters and found them to be so fun and original. They were hilarious in their banter, honesty and outspokenness that I was rooting for their happy ending from the start.

This is a definite must-read romcom in my book making it one of my selections for the best romance books of 2019.

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The Dugout is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Best Romance Book Cast of Characters
The Dugout
by Meghan Quinn

I honestly can’t like a romance novel if the characters don’t grab me.

I have to REALLY click with them otherwise it just doesn’t work for me, even if the story’s plot is amazing.

To say that I adored Carson and Milly is an understatement.

I also don’t think the secondary characters of a book get much love sometimes but I absolutely loved the entire cast of characters in The Dugout.

Shane and Jerry are hands down the BEST friends a girl could ever have. They are hilarious in their ribbing of Milly after her somewhat awkward, embarrassing moments and yet are so unconditional in their support of her.

Knox is a great friend to Carson as well. But then there’s Cory.

Cory Potter who claims the prize as the best, most supportive big brother a girl could ever hope to have. I do not have any brothers but if I could adopt Cory as my own I would in a heartbeat.

You’ll love Carson and Milly in this best romance book of 2019, but you’ll love the whole cast as well.

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Blindsided is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Most Hilarious Romance Book Banter
by Amy Daws

Blindsided is one of my all-time favorite Amy Daws books.

It delivers her characteristic witty and hilarious banter with one hot Scot and sassy virgin.

I absolutely adored both of these characters and it’s definitely because of Daws’ fantastic character development and the hilarious banter she crafts between them.

I don’t know where Daws comes up with some of her one-liners and made-up words. They leave me in stitches.

You’ll love this book if you’re a fan of friends to lovers stories, a fan of the TV show Heartland, or just an overall fan of Scottish men and hilarious banter.

This was definitely one of my favorites of the year and one of the best romance books of 2019.

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Red, White & Royal Blue is one of the best romance books of 2019.

Best Love Story
Red, White & Royal Blue
by Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue is my favorite romance book for 2019 and it was the winner of the 2019 Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Romance Book.

There was so much to this story: frenemies who slowly become lovers, a frank look at American politics and a presidential race, deep, heartwarming friendships, and the personal struggles of figuring out who you really are, owning who you really are despite fear or hardship and adjusting life dreams along the way.

I honestly could go on and on about why I loved this book but you just have to take my word for it (or read my review) and read it (and reread it and reread it) yourself.

If you love books about royals, or MM enemies to lovers or books that just make you feel, you won’t be disappointed. Red, White & Royal Blue is above and beyond a 5 star read for me and an amazing debut for McQuiston.

This is the best romance book of 2019 and a must read for all romance readers. Read it then check out even more books like Red, White and Royal Blue.

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