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Check out my book review of Blindsided by Amy Daws to see if this friends to lovers, relationship coach book is one you need to pick up (hint: it definitely is!).

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Review of Blindsided by Amy Daws by She Reads Romance Book

by Amy Daws

Category: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance
Tags: Friends to Lovers, Sports, Virgin, Relationship Coach

Kindle | Paperback

Rating: ★★★★★

It’s official! Blindsided is one of my all-time favorite Amy Daws books. It delivers her characteristic witty and hilarious banter with one hot Scot and sassy virgin.

“You blindsided me, Freya. You blindsided me with everything I never knew I wanted.”

Why do best friends think that they can add in bedroom shenanigans, not have it change things and then think that the relationship can go back to normal when said bedroom activities are over?

NEWS FLASH: it doesn’t work!!! But that doesn’t stop me from loving these types of stories and Amy Daws writes a great one!

Maclay Logan is To Die For

We’ve met Maclay Logan and Freya Cook in previous Harris Brothers and spin-off books but we FINALLY get the story of these two Netflix-watching pals in Blindsided and it was FANTASTIC!

While I was already slightly in love with Mac given that he’s a tattooed Scottsman (swoon!) and best pals with Roan in Payback but man, I fell completely head over heels for him by the end of chapter 1!

Yes, he’s one hot and talented professional footballer (or soccer player if you will) but he’s seriously the BEST friend to Freya.

He recognizes her body-shaming ways and does not agree with her thoughts in the slightest.

He also recognizes that she’s not too experienced with guys so he volunteers to be her love coach to get her a date with the barista she fancies.

His pep talks in a dressing room and whispered words of encouragement in a coffee shop are just endearing and I love him for his support of his dear friend.

“You’re bonnie, and you’re my best mate. You should never feel the need to hide.” “You’re my wee treasure, and I’m right proud of you.”

Then, cue said aforementioned bedroom pact that never works…

Freya: The Virgin Seamstress with Spunk

After playing a wacky game of Never Have I Ever, Freya confesses that she’s a virgin.

And as the amazing best friend that he is, Mac steps up to say that he’ll gladly show her the ways of the bedroom.  

Freya is all in with this offer and I absolutely love how she is not only so freakin’ funny but she’s also so sweetly clueless.

“I have no idea what that one is. Road. Head. Hmmm. I imagine it’s something done on a road, but how does it involve your head?”

It’s even better that we don’t see her spunk change when they add “benefits” to their friendship.

In fact she kind of becomes a seductress which was awesome.

Although she struggles with body image, the story wasn’t bogged down with this issue but instead focused on her growth which was refreshing.

Hilarity at it’s Finest

I absolutely adored both of these characters and it’s definitely because of Daws’ fantastic character development and the hilarious banter she crafts between them.  

I can’t imagine it would be easy to write a Scot but man Daws has it down and wrote one hot Scot indeed.

Seriously, I loved his dialogue and Freya was one hilarious Cornish woman to boot!

And did I mention the hilarious banter?

Yes, I did, but it deserves mentioning again because seriously- where does she come up with this stuff – her one-liners and made up words.

They leave me in stitches.

I mean really- Amy Daws could have another career as a stand-up comedian, I just know it!

You’ll love this book if you’re a fan of friends to lovers books, a fan of the TV show Heartland, or just an overall fan of Scottish men 😊

Seriously, this book is one of Amy Daws’ finest (yet aren’t they all?)! Now for Mac’s sister’s story, pretty please?!

Thank you so much, Amy Daws, for this ARC! All opinions shared are my own.

Do tattoos and the Scottish brogue do it for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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