Book Review: One Moment Please by Amy Daws

Check out my book review of Amy Daws’ surprise pregnancy romance book, One Moment Please, to see if this is a romance worth reading!

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Book Review of  One Moment Please by Amy Daws, a contemporary romance release in April 2020. Review by She Reads Romance Books

One Moment Please
by Amy Daws

Series: Wait with Me
Contemporary Romance
Tags: Pregnancy, Enemies to Lovers, Tortured Hero

Kindle | Paperback

Rating: ★★★★

Amy Daws delivers again with this fantastic enemies to lovers romance that hit all the sweet spots!

One Moment Please released at just the right time when I needed to escape into a book that made me laugh while also making me feel and gave me the sweetest happily ever after.

Of course it came along with some signature Daws banter and OMG laugh out loud moments which I’ve come to expect from her books but it also delivered some really poignant prose to make me fall in love with these characters.

Josh Richardson earns his nickname “Dr. Dick” because he’s well, a complete dick to Lynsey when we first meet him.

I mean what do you care if she’s been sitting in the hospital cafeteria for weeks working on her thesis?

It’s not like she’s been taking up space in his ER (that comes later 😊). But for some reason he takes offense and decides to tell her so one day, thus earning him the name Dr. Dick.

Lynsey, unfortunately, runs into him again later that night at a bar where his dickishness continues but it almost morphs into some crazy foreplay which yes winds up earning them a one-night stand.

Flash forward weeks later poor Lynsey comes face to face with Dr. Dick once again in the ER where he tells her that she’s PREGNANT….and it happens to be his baby.

Without spoiling it, though I think it’s been a teaser for the book, the reason behind this oops pregnancy is hilarious.

Of course Daw wouldn’t give us just a simple (and boring) reason like the condom broke or they forgot to use protection.

Oh no, their reason for this unintended pregnancy was just plain awesome.

I love how the back and forth hate flirting helps Lynsey totally be herself with no filtering to impress a guy or to come across as something she isn’t.

And despite his dickish moves and less than stellar comments, you come to feel for Josh, understanding that something significant “made” him this way.

You just don’t find out the particulars for a bit. I loved however how their time together slowly opens him up so that he’s no longer such a closed-off man, even if he can’t see it.

I was afraid that Lynsey was going to come across as a bit of a flake but she was anything but. God bless her, she is pretty astute and doesn’t try to push Dr. Dick but takes things in their relationship at his own pace.

What I loved most was her honestly and her ability to share what she needed. Plus, she has the best friends in the world in Dean and Kate who were just great in this book.

Kate held a mirror up to one of Lynsey’s reactions and showed a completely different side to looking at her situation which I thought was so well done.

I seriously jump for joy whenever Amy Daws announces a new book release because I just know I’m going to love it.

She is one of my favorite authors for so many reasons and One Moment Please did not disappoint (especially since I’m not a huge fan of the surprise pregnancy trope!).

Definitely add this book to your must read list!

*Thank you Amy Daws for the advanced reader copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

Which do you like better: enemies to lovers stories or surprise pregnancies? Let me know in the comments below!

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