Nine Month Contract by Amy Daws: My Review

Nine Month Contract is Amy Daws’ latest romance book and I’m here for all the grumpy sunshine, forced proximity, small town goodness. Check out my book review to see if this is a romance book worth reading and don’t miss my podcast episode where I talk with Amy Daws about this new release!

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Check out She Reads Romance Books' book review of Nine Month Contract by Amy Daws to see if this is a grumpy sunshine, small town romance worth reading.

Nine Month Contract
by Amy Daws

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Surrogate, Grumpy Sunshine, Forced Proximity, Pregnancy, Small Town
Published April 2024
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★★
Book Boyfriend: ★★★★★

Nine Month Contract Summary:

Help Wanted: Grumpy Mountain Man seeks baby momma. Job is an incubator position only. Surrogate must be impervious to grunting in the form of communication and nosey brotherly neighbors. Rustic mountain range housing available upon request.

Wyatt Fletcher is ready to become a single father and when he interviews Trista, he knows she’s perfect. Only he didn’t plan to want to do a lot more than just make her his surrogate. He now wants to make her his.

Nine Month Contract: My Review

Amy Daws does it again and proves why she is a must-read romance author!

Amy Daws is one of my favorite authors and this book proves why she is on that list and why she is always a must-read author for me. I have missed her amazing banter and hilarious one-liners so much, and Nine Month Contract did not disappoint!

It has been over a year since Amy’s last release, Last on the List, came out so I was beyond excited to when she announced this new book. She has this amazing way of writing hilarious romcoms while also hitting you with all the feels and delivering the best banter and she does it again with Nine Month Contract which was fabulous.

This is a wannabe single dad romance, with some age gap and forced proximity thrown in, because Wyatt Fletcher is ready to become a single dad and he’s on the hunt for someone to be a surrogate for him. But add in two crazy brothers and a niece who wants to help him find a surrogate and love, and you get a want ad placed in the local bar and an ad up on Craigslist looking for a woman with a uterus who wants to give the mountain man a baby.

This book is hilarious in its setup which leads Wyatt to interviewing Trista for the role and finding her perfect for it – even willing to go the traditional surrogacy route in exchange for money she desperately needs to start up an animal rescue as well as an apartment located above Wyatt’s barn.

From their first attempt at insemination to their simmering attraction and the animals on the farm that keep multiplying, this book is such a great blend of Amy’s humor and banter while also blending other important topics such as body image, family love and support and the ability to trust that someone can be there for you no matter what.

Wyatt is absolutely top book boyfriend material. He loves Trista for the woman she is and the body she has and shows her every chance he can get. Acts of service is truly this man’s love language. He is also one amazing dirty talker and I loved it!

Trista is a woman after my own heart. She is a product of parental neglect and yet she is so strong and determined. I loved how she slowly came to accept the love that Wyatt and his entire family had for her.

This book kicks off a new series for Daws and I’m already excited for the next brother’s story. It can easily be read as a standalone but you do get Wyatt’s 3rd brother Max in here with his wife and daughter whose story you can find in, Last on the List which is worth the read as well.

If you love books with humor and heart and wonderful characters, you’re going to love Nine Month Contract. It’s one of the best romance books of 2024!

*I received an advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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Check out my book review of Nine Month Contract by Amy Daws to see if this is a grumpy sunshine romance worth reading.
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