Here We Go Again by Alison Cochrun: My Review

Here We Go Again is Alison Cochrun’s latest queer romance and I’m here for it! Check out my book review below to see if I think Here We Go Again is a lesbian romance book worth reading.

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Here We Go Again
by Alison Cochrun

Category: Queer Romance
Tags: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Lesbian Romance, Queer
Published April 2024
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Rating: ★★★★★
Book Girlfriend: ★★★★

Here We Go Again Summary:

A long time ago, Logan Maletis and Rosemary Hale used to be friends. They spent their childhood summers running through the woods, rebelling against their conservative small town, and dreaming of escaping. But then an incident the summer before high school turned them into bitter rivals. After graduation, they went ten years without speaking.

Now in their thirties, Logan and Rosemary find they aren’t quite living the lives of adventure they imagined for themselves. Still in their small town and working as teachers at their alma mater, they’re both stuck in old patterns. Uptight Rosemary chooses security and stability over all else, working constantly, and her most stable relationship is with her label maker.

Chaotic and impulsive Logan has a long list of misguided ex-lovers and an apathetic shrug she uses to protect herself from anything real. And as hard as they try to avoid each other—and their complicated past—they keep crashing into each other. Including with their cars.

But when their beloved former English teacher and lifelong mentor tells them he has only a few months to live, they’re forced together once and for all to fulfill his last a cross-country road trip. Stuffed into the gayest van west of the Mississippi, the three embark on a life-changing summer trip—from Washington state to the Grand Canyon, from the Gulf Coast to coastal Maine—that will chart a new future and perhaps lead them back to one another.

Here We Go Again: My Review

Cochrun made me laugh, cry, and swoon in this masterpiece!

Ever since reading Cochrun’s debut novel, The Charm Offensive, she’s been on my must-read list which is why Here We Go Again made my list of most anticipated romance books of 2024. This book totally delivered and is one of the best romance books of 2024!

From the original characters to the cross-country road trip, to the human look at mortality and end of life, there is so much to love about this book that truly packs a punch.

Here We Go Again made my TBR list because I loved the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers storyline between Logan and Rosemary. I had to know why these two women who had been such good friends as tweens suddenly became enemies and didn’t speak to one another for years even when they found themselves both living and working in their hometown.

Right from the start, it seemed kind of obvious why these two were like oil and water from their first scene together. No two people could be more opposite than Logan – the ride by the seat of your pants, impulsive fuckboy who still lived at home with her father and Rosemary – the controlling, anxious and slightly uptight perfectionist.

Learning that their former teacher, mentor and friend was going to ask them to join him on a cross-country road trip as his dying wish, you knew that chaos was going to ensue and it did, though it also turned into this amazing journey for them all.

I enjoyed the romance development between Logan and Rosemary and how they came to finally talk about what happened between them as kids and how they came to be honest with one another about their current struggles. A lot is going on with these women that impacts their ability to trust others and feel like they are worthy of a relationship.

But then there is Joe and I was equally if not more captivated by this man and his journey and backstory. This book was heart-wrenching and has trigger warnings for a reason as it is about his death, his end-of-life journey and how these two women give their favorite teacher, stand-in parent, and friend the sendoff that he wants and how they grieve along the way.

Cochrun has this amazing ability to weave in important mental health and real-life topics that impact personal lives and thus their relationships into her stories and she definitely does so in Here We Go Again. ADHD, anxiety, neglect, alcoholism, and end-of-life care are just some of the topics touched on in this book and she does so beautifully.

While my heart broke at times for these characters, I also found myself laughing at the hilarity of them traveling around in a ridiculous van and getting into situations that just made you laugh out loud.

This book is also a really fun journey across the USA from Washington state to Bar Harbor Maine and will make you want to take a similar trip one day.

It is not a particularly steamy romance. There is really only one short scene that only has them watching each other so if you’re not one to like steamy romances this is not one of them and it didn’t need to be in my opinion.

This book is about friendship, loss, reunions, and mourning but ultimately about love that connects us all. I loved it and highly recommend it.

*Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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Check out She Reads Romance Books' book review of Here We Go Again by Alison Cochrun to see if this is a queer romance book worth reading.
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