Beard Necessities by Penny Reid: My Book Review

Penny Reid dazzles fans with her final book in the Winston Brothers series, Beard Necessities. Check out my book review below to see why this book and this entire series is a must-read for all romance book fans.

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Beard Necessities by Penny Reid Book Review by She Reads Romance Books

Beard Necessities
by Penny Reid

Series: Winston Brothers
Contemporary Romance
Second Chance, History between Lovers, Tortured Hero

Kindle | Paperback | Apple Books

Rating: ★★★★★

The happy-ever-after for Billie and Scarlet brings this epic romance series to a heartwarming end.

It’s sad to be writing this review because it means that the Winston Brothers series has come to an end.

As much as I was so looking forward to Billie and Scarlet’s story, I really didn’t want it to end.

So, I’ll first say, thank you to Penny Reid for creating this amazing family and amazing community of Green Valley.

It’s sort of scary how invested you can get in fictional characters but when you’ve been following these two for 6 books- to say that you get kind of desperate for their happy ending is quite an understatement.

This book was everything I hoped it would be – I cried, I laughed, I sighed and I simply smiled in happiness for these two, especially when reading the final epilogue (which is priceless and another gift from the whole Winston family).

Reid says you can read this as a standalone, but don’t do it.

I actually beg you NOT to just pick this one up without investing time in the entire series as it just wouldn’t be the same, wouldn’t carry so much weight and simply wouldn’t be as satisfying a read having not been with these characters and their past from the very beginning.

I also highly recommend you read Beard with Me first as well – Billie and Scarlet’s origin story – as it gives you their start and fills in all the blanks leading them to where they are in Beard Necessities.

This book doesn’t rehash Beard in Mind or even focus on any flashbacks which was such a great call because I honestly didn’t need any more angst for these two.

Instead, Reid expertly starts us off right where we left with them – the anguish between two people who love each other but AREN’T TALKING and moves us along with Billie and Scarlet until they finally do.

So, the beginning of the book hit me hard in the gut when Billie and Scarlet first see each other.

Billie just arrived in Italy where Scarlet has been helping out his brother Duane and his wife Jessica who just had a baby.

He’s not doing well after donating bone marrow and the whole Winston family is worried about him.

“Leave…Please. Leave”

Oh Billie, my heart just bleeds for you- for all that you have sacrificed for your family and for the love of your life.

But thank god for Scarlet. She seemed like a new woman to me in this book – which probably had something to do with the therapy she said she had been going to recently.

Well Hallelujah for therapy because she wouldn’t let Billie push her away this time.

Of course it also took some instigating by the entire Winston family clan to also push these two together to force them to talk, and then FINALLY they did and feelings were revealed.

Even once feelings are shared, I love how Reid carries us along as they now work to find their footing after so many years of hurt and guilt and anger and waiting with the Winston family members still underfoot, trying in their own meddling, hilarious way to finally get these two together.

I loved the quality scenes we got with family members from the past books.

The ones between Jethro and Billie were very special and Shelley surprised me with her poignant message that was so beautifully written.

(I also think I’ll be laughing over Jethro’s “clam” comment to Sienna for quite some time as it had me in absolute stitches!).

I will say that I wish that I could reach into the here-after and strangle Ben – ugh, what a selfish douche bag.

We got just enough to see his true colors and I’m grateful more wasn’t spelled out into greater detail as to his and Scarlet’s time together as it would have just detracted from Billie and Scarlet’s story and pulled me down.

I’m not going to go into more details about the book because if you’re someone who’s followed these two throughout this series you need to just experience it for yourself. It was everything I had hoped for.

Beard Necessities brought a wonderful conclusion to Beard with Me and the entire Winston Brothers series that shows how two soulmates can overcome so much and ultimately claim their happy-ever-after that is so very much deserved.

This is a must read book and series!

What did you think of this book and the Winston Brothers Series? Comment below!

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