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Check out my review of Perfect Strangers by J.T. Geissinger to see if this mind-bending romance is a book you’d love reading.

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Book Review of Perfect Strangers by J.T. Geissinger by She Reads Romance Books

Perfect Strangers
by J. T. Geissinger

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Writer, Dirty Talker

Kindle | Paperback

Rating: ★★★★

“I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but … no. I don’t need to get to know you better first. Everything I need to know is what happens to me when I look into your eyes.”

This book. Seriously, this book. Where to start? Perfect Strangers utterly consumed me!

I fell immediately under the spell of Olivia and James’ intense chemistry and just went along for the ride.

They seriously gave me all the feels that go along with an epic love story set in Paris – that is until it ALL CHANGED!

OMG did Geissinger throw a curve ball (or two) with this one and let me tell you, it left me reeling for days. Let me explain.

I Became a Romance Voyeur

For the first part of this book I felt like a voyeur of a beautiful love affair.

Olivia, a writer from the States, just moved to Paris on a three month “holiday” to find herself and her inner muse again.

Two years prior she had endured a tragedy and she hasn’t written a book (or been intimate) since.

She meets James at a neighborhood café and the sparks immediately fly. Not fighting their immediate attraction, they agree to having a love affair in which no personal information is shared and which ends when Olivia is supposed to return to the States.

To say I was consumed by their passion is an understatement. Olivia deserved a man like James, though as one character later described him, he was almost too perfect.

He truly is the embodiment of what fantasies are made of: hot, smart, dominating yet sweet and caring and he is the BEST dirty talker around.

I got totally swept up in their electric attraction and Paris only added to the OMG factor.

I really couldn’t put the book down and yet Olivia’s friend Kelly put it best:

“Well, you ride that fat pierced anaconda, sister, and make sure you take good notes when you do, because from now on, I’m gonna be living for my daily episodes of Olivia Gets Her Coochie Spanked, starring Handsome James the Dirty Talking Artist.”

James was her muse in more ways than one and there’s no denying that IT GOT HOT… until it wasn’t.

Because WOW! Things changed people.

The Plot Twists of All Plot Twists!

When I say that J.T. Geissinger wrote the plot twists of all plot twists, I’m telling you the truth.

I can’t even give a hint of anything without giving spoilers but my jaw dropped and I was like “WTF” in all bold, CAPS, and multiple exclamation points!!!!!

Despite my reaction, I can say that this book solidifies what an amazing author she really is.

The originality of this story and the foreshadowing that I can now see after rereading passages, was so meticulously crafted that I’m just amazed.

So, for this feat in writing and the sheer passion between these two characters, I give this book a 4 star rating.

BUT I was truly devastated by the turn of events and how the story ultimately played out. I was utterly gutted because it didn’t complete the ultimate high I was initially on, feeling immersed in what Olivia and James had found in one another.

There is a HEA but it wasn’t a satisfying one for me. I’ll give it to Geissinger for causing my jaw to seriously fall to the floor and stay there with this story. She is amazing.

If you want to read about two deserving people finding the most amazing, passionate love of their lives in Paris then you have to read this book, though you might want to stop at the plot twist.

If you love being completely amazed by a plot twist by a very talented writer, then you’ll want to continue reading and give Geissinger your applause for her talents.

What did you think of the plot twist?! Comment below.

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