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Check out my book review of The Risk by Elle Kennedy to see if this enemies to lovers, hockey romance in the Briar U series is a book worth reading.

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The Risk  is a must read college romance book by Elle Kennedy in the Briar U series. If you love fake relationships and enemies to lovers romance books, then you’ll find this book worth reading. Book review by She Reads Romance Books

The Risk
by Elle Kennedy

Series: Briar U
Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, New Adult Romance
Tags: Enemies to Lovers, College, Fake Relationship, Hockey, Sports
, Fake Dating


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Rating: ★★★★★

A fake relationship romance with an enemies to lovers story that’s fueled by a school rivalry sends the chemistry in this novel off the charts!

First off, The Risk is the second book in the Briar U series. I’ll be honest and just say it – I did not care for the first book, The Chase. The lead characters in that book just bugged the heck out of me in both their actions or more accurately, their inactions.

But what I did love about that book were the side characters Brenna and Jake. From their brief interactions alone, I knew that I had to read their story and I’m so glad that I did.

Do you need to read The Chase before this one? I’d say probably because then you can see these two characters meet, plus gain a bit of background on all the other characters in this novel.

Though if you really don’t want to, try this as a standalone because Brenna and Jake are a fantastic couple!!

Hockey is king not only for Harvard hockey star, Jake Connelly, but also for daughter of the Briar U hockey coach and hockey fan herself, Brenna Jensen.

Brenna has her heart set on a sports broadcasting internship and it looks like she’s going to need Jake’s help to land it. More specifically, she needs him to pose as her boyfriend.

Given that Jake plays for a rival school, it’s a tough ask for her to make and she doesn’t think he’ll agree, but he does with one caveat. She must give him one real date for every fake date they have.

This book has so many things going for it, hence the 5 star review.

It’s a fantastic, enemies to lovers story that sizzles with heat. They may be from rival colleges when it comes to the hockey, but Brenna and Jake’s chemistry together is so hot it easily melts the ice.

Kennedy seriously wrote the best banter between these two. The sarcasm was spot on and their back and forth was both hilarious and the best foreplay. Jake’s thoughts on girls’ night was laugh out loud funny. It’s dialogue like theirs that makes me love reading romance so much!

Brenna is a strong heroine who doesn’t get overshadowed by the hockey stud. I loved her confidence, her quick wit and her ability to go after what she wants.

She doesn’t let people walk all over her and she even stands up to her father whom she believes is ashamed of her. Despite that belief, she is one strong chick who isn’t also written as a b$#ch (thankfully).

Jake is the type of hero that I ADORE in romance books though Brenna describes him best:

“I like guys like this. Direct, assertive, and self-assured. Alpha, but not the kind of alpha that orders you around and gets too overbearing. Jake possesses an easy confidence, a surety about who he is and what he wants.”

He is my kind of guy so I am claiming him ladies and gentleman! He could have come across as this arrogant prick but I loved how he wasn’t shy about making his attraction known to Brenna.

He certainly didn’t beat around the bush or come across as too good for her. He was actually really caring and was the instigator to them starting a relationship and he was a really good boyfriend even if the label was fake at first.

OMG then there was Hollis and Rupi. Those two were hysterical. She was totally crazy but I loved her spunk and Hollis was just too funny and provided the perfect comedic relief to this book.

I also thought the side stories kept the book moving along. They added just enough without overloading the book with needless drama and without taking away from Jake and Brenna.

The tiny shout out to Ryan Wesley was a surprise and put a big grin on my face. I love the Him/Us series!

I am a sucker for college romances as well as fake dating stories and this one hit totally hit the spot. You won’t be disappointed!

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