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The Strike Out by Meghan Quinn is a baseball romance book. Check out the book review by She Reads Romance Books.

The Strike Out
by Meghan Quinn

Categories: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance
Baseball, Sports, College
Release Date: January 4, 2021

Rating: ★★★★
Boyfriend Rating:

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We are now book seven deep into Quinn’s baseball lineup, and I am STILL loving these boys!

I honestly hope that Brentwood University keeps churning out baseball studs for Quinn’s author mind because I can’t help but fall for each and every one of these players.

What’s even better is that I know whenever I start one of these books that it’s going to be such pure reading bliss.

I got my first taste of Holt’s story in the sports romance compilation, Team Player 2 (which is fantastic BTW!) so I was so excited to see how the rest of his story would play out with the beautiful and sassy Harmony.

I’ll say that Holt and Harmony’s first run in wasn’t the best of scenarios and yet it was their apparent animosity toward one another that sparked their interest.

Harmony has been working hard to put herself through school which includes working at the local diner. She has no time or tolerance for the likes of rich, arrogant baseball players at Brentwood such as Holt Green and she has no problems telling him so when he shows up drunk with his baseball buddies.

But her sass and passion is catnip for the equally dazzling Holt and after some stalking and party crashing, he seems to win Harmony over to his charms.

While this book briefly dabbles in a few side stories effecting both Harmony and Holt, it really just focuses on their instant attraction and the development of their relationship. So if you’re looking for a baseball romance or a book with a lot of drama and angst, this really isn’t it.

What it is however is a deep look into two people who find the one who completes them and all the feelings that go along with finding that overwhelming, first love.

Great Characters

I found Holt and Harmony to be two equally strong, lovable characters.

Holt is full of confidence and sexual innuendo but he’s also got this incredibly sweet, romantic heart.

I loved his sexy, witty banter and how he shows Harmony that he is so much more than what he may appear to be on the outside.  

I probably loved the moments where he’s snarky and over the top one moment but then switches to the most sincere and honest of statements the next the most in this book.

As far as book boyfriends go, he is definitely one of the best and gets all the high marks!

He’s attentive, sweet, sexy and would do anything for Harmony. Plus he’s super big on communication and sharing. Is he honestly for real?

I can understand why Harmony would be concerned that he’s too good to be true!

I loved Harmony just as much for her sassy, no holds bare attitude. I love how she is upfront and asks him what his intentions are from the start.

Though she may have been fearful of an all-consuming love, she was willing to put her heart on the line.

Priya was the perfect side character. She was the best girlfriend and wing woman. Her back and forth with Holt was hilarious and a welcomed treat.

Relationship Goals

Communication is key in any relationship, and Holt and Harmony put on a master class of it if I’m honest.

Maybe I’m selling twenty-one year-olds too short, but they seemed so much more emotionally mature than I might give juniors in college credit for, especially two who are so new to love and relationships.

But I just went with it because it was a refreshingly mature development to this relationship.

As I said, there really isn’t much of a “story” beyond them coming and staying together but I loved it. It kind of reminds me of the simplicity and greatest of Jock Row by Sara Ney.

I highly recommend this book if you want a sweet love story to devour in one day!

*Thank you to Candy Kane PR for this advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

Which Quinn baseball romance book is your favorite and why? Share in the comments below.

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