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Ex Games  by Stella Rhys is a fantastic contemporary romance book which weaves both an enemies to lovers story with a fake relationship. This is a must read romance book for fans of those popular romance tropes. Read the full book review by popular romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Ex Games
by Stella Rhys

Category: Contemporary Romance
Enemies to Lovers, Fake Relationship

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Rating: ★★★★ ½

The Perfect Enemies to Lovers, Fake Relationship Romance!

This was my first book by Stella Rhys and I adored it. I had been in such a book reading rut but this bad boy climbed me right out – it was so good!

I love a good enemies to lovers story and this one mixed a bit of fake relationship into it as well so it had TWO of my favorite romance tropes.

I can’t imagine waking up one day to find a note left by my fiance, boyfriend of 3 years, to say that he’s done and left. Plus he’s saddled you with mounting debt that you’re sinking under. Then to hear weeks later that he’s marrying his brother’s ex. Yikes!

That is not something I can really fathom, but so starts this story between the jilted fiance and the other brother.

To say that Taylor is not a fan of Mason is an understatement. She’s pegged him as a womanizer who hasn’t been a fan of her or her relationship with his brother from the get-go, but when Mason comes to her with a scheme to fake a relationship between them to stop the wedding between his brother and his ex, she can’t refuse.

Turns out this enemies to lovers story was built on a case of misunderstandings and Mason is really the one she’s supposed to be with.

I went into this book thinking it was mostly going to focus on the craziness around the wedding when the two of them showed up as a couple but I was surprised that wasn’t the case.

Instead we get a lot of lead-up time before the wedding where we see Taylor and Mason spending time with each other and actually getting to know the real person and falling hard.

This really solidified their connection for me. It was really about seeing their chemistry and attraction even if they were initially “faking” their relationship and not about the crazy drama when the exs all saw each other.

Sure there was a scene once they did travel to the wedding but it was just a small part of the book.

If I had to pick anything that didn’t jive, I’m not sure that I buy the issue that eventually causes the rift between Taylor and Mason, nor did I get the return to her high school scene.

It didn’t make her have this ‘ah ha’ moment that made her rush back to Mason, but I guess it all worked out in the end.

But I really did like these two characters. We got a lot of backstory which really helped explain their motivations both in the past and present. I wouldn’t have understood why Mason cared about breaking up the wedding without his explanation and I could better understand how Taylor had stayed with Aaron for so long.

We wouldn’t have had this great characterization if the book just launched into the wedding so kudos to Rhys for how she paced and plotted this story.

Mason was the perfect boyfriend and really made this story for me. He actually listened to Taylor which was evident in the surprises he gave her and of course he just oozed hotness

I felt for Taylor who finally got closure from a crappy breakup and from a harried past. Aaron was one of those characters who was easy to dislike!

I highly recommend this book to any reader, but especially to those who are fans of fake relationships and the enemies to lovers trope. It’s a good one!

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