Book Review: Bad Boss by Stella Rhys

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Bad Boss  by Stella Rhys is the latest, all-time favorite romance book read by romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Bad Boss
by Stella Rhys

Series: Irresistible
Contemporary Romance
Office Romance, Billionaire

Kindle | Audiobook | Paperback | Apple Books

Rating: ★★★★★

A Must Read Office Romance That Hooks You From the Start!

It’s always a big moment when I finish a book and realize that I have just found a new, all-time favorite.

I can usually tell when a book has promise to make this coveted list from the start (and I DO NOT add books to this list lightly – oh no, a spot has to be EARNED!). But a book has to have staying power all the way until the very end to really earn the final stamp of approval.

Well this office romance definitely earned it’s spot and is one of my all-time favorite romance books!

Bad Boss hooked me from the word go and I just fell more and more in love with Julian and Sara as the story unfolded.

I actually fell in love with this book after reading the first two chapters as a teaser from Sweet Spot (which is the first in this series) and then stayed up late to start this one – it was that strong of a hook.

What was the hook? Well Julian overhears a conversation Sara is having with her bestie saying that she is out on the prowl for the night because she needs a man who can give it to her and make the headboard shake.

Stepping into the elevator with her, they both instantly know that Julian is the man for the job, only their hook up is interrupted and names are never exchanged! GAH!

The torment they both felt having had instantaneous connection and passion with someone only to have them disappear without a way to find them again to finish the eh, job!

But, of course they end up seeing each other again where Julian ends up offering the unemployed Sara a job as his assistant to help him close a business deal with a very important company. Unfortunately this company is led by two complete douchebags.

Ugh, these guys show their true colors from the start (and it disgusts me how they throw their power around if they don’t get some) but it pushes Julian and Sara together on a daily basis where their chemistry just explodes despite a no-fraternizing clause. Yep. That sucker gets thrown out real quick.

From that initial hookup these two had chemistry and then some! Seriously, they were just so hot together and yet there was also this vulnerability and connection where you knew that this was building to more than just a fling.

As they grow closer, they both open up about their painful pasts which only solidifies their growing love and trust in one another as well. Despite sharing their pasts, the story didn’t veer off into a different direction or get bogged down in their pain.

It just gave these characters more depth and an opportunity to be more vulnerable. I thought their backstories where pretty unique and not your “standard fare” so kudos to Rhys for her creativity. Plus, Rhys doesn’t feel the need to wrap up their past stories completely which I think is perfect and more consistent with real life.

Julian is a self-made billionaire in this book. Some romance books about billionaires feel the need to have a power dynamic between the main characters which I can’t really stand.

This book was refreshing in that although Julian could put up a wall that hid his emotions and was devoted to making his business succeed, there wasn’t a power imbalance between these two.

Sara didn’t come from big money and yet he treated her with respect – not like a  subordinate or someone who needed rescuing. If anything, they found in each other a person who truly made them happy and with whom they could really be themselves. Perfection.

Bad Boss is the perfect office romance to read that will give you all the feels. I can’t recommend it enough!

This is the third book by Stella Rhys that I’ve read and this book has solidified me as one of her newest fans! I love her writing and the stories she creates but she really excels at character and relationship development.

I really loved the epilogue for this one too. Just read it already!

Do you have a favorite Rhys romance books? Share in the comments below.

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