In the Likely Event by Rebecca Yarros: Why You Should Read This Book

Rebecca Yarros didn’t take long to dazzle romance book fans after Fourth Wing with her latest release, In the Likely Event!

Check out my book review of In the Likely Event below to see what I think of this military romance book with heart.

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In the Likely Event is one of the new romance book releases coming August 2023. Check out the book review by She Reads Romance Books.

In the Likely Event
by Rebecca Yarros

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Military Romance, Second Chance Romance, Political Romance, Suspense
Published August 2023
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★★
Boyfriend Rating: 💍💍💍💍💍

In the Likely Event Summary:

When Izzy Astor gets on a plane to go home, she isn’t expecting much. It’s the usual holiday travel experience: busy, crowded, stressful.

Then she spots her seatmate, who is anything but ordinary. Nate Phelan sports dark hair, blue eyes, and a deliciously rugged charm that Izzy can’t resist.

Their connection is undeniable. Izzy never believed in destiny before, but she does now.

Just ninety seconds after takeoff, their plane goes down in the Missouri River.

Their lives change. They change. Nate goes on to a career in the military while Izzy finds her way into politics. Despite a few chance encounters over the years, the timing never feels right.

Then comes a high-stakes reunion in Afghanistan, where Nate is tasked with protecting Izzy’s life.

He’ll do anything to keep her safe. And everything to win her heart.

In the Likely Event: My Review

If you’re in a reading slump after devouring Yarros’ fantasy romance, Fourth Wing, then look no further than Rebecca Yarros’ newest release, In the Likely Event!

This woman is owning 2023 when it comes to the best romance books of 2023 because In the Likely Event is ANOTHER 5-star read for me like Fourth Wing!! 😊

I initially was on the lookout for another Rebecca Yarros’ book because I needed more of her writing but it was a total given to pick up In the Likely Event after reading the book summary and discovering it was one of Amazon’s First Reads titles for July.

As part of Amazon’s First Reads, you could read it for FREE if you’re an Amazon Prime member, or if you’re not a Prime member, you could purchase it at a discounted rate. Yay!  (Learn more here about First Reads).

Why You Should Read In the Likely Event

You know that a book is going to be good when you have no interest in putting it down, even if you’re on vacation and should be spending quality time with family.

Yarros’ captures your attention right from the get-go when Izzy and Nate meet on a plane, sitting side by side, but then that plane abruptly crashes forever connecting the two seatmates.

I felt like I was right there with them, recognizing their instant attraction and falling in love with Nate’s desire to protect her no matter what even just meeting one another.

What transpires is a romance that spans ten years, told from dual POVs that alternates between the present and moments from the past.

Military Romance and Political Romance Back Drop

I really loved the military and political backdrop to this romance. It utilizes the Afghan war and the US military retreat from the area in 2021 as added tension to Nate and Izzy reuniting in Kabul years after an “event” in New York that you know damaged their relationship but you don’t know what it was.

Kabul and instability in the entire country, coupled with the real reason Izzy traveled to Kabul, is the reason why Nate and Izzy are practically glued to one another the entire time she is in country.

It forces them to ultimately confront the reason for their non-communication for the last three years and their “non-relationship” relationship.

I’ve read romances with former military heroes but never a romance set in an actual battle zone.

Everything described felt really authentic with just enough detail to keep me in suspense and on edge but not so overwhelming that it detracted from their love story.

And knowing that Yarros’ husband was a career military man, I know that she did her research.

A Slow Burn Romance That Hooks

Izzy and Nate only spend 20 some days together over the 10 year span of this book but it didn’t prevent me from believing they absolutely, 100% loved each other nor did it prevent them from realizing the same.

I adore slow burn romance books because you know that the pay-off of the characters’ finally coming together for their happily ever after is going to be so good and so worth the wait and it was for In the Likely Event.

It’s a slow burn for their relationship yet I felt their chemistry and attraction with each encounter they had from the flashbacks to the past and it only built and built.

I also thoroughly appreciated WHY it took so long for them to take their shot.

Their age, their careers, their apprehensions…I understood all reasons and yet I was at the edge of my seat waiting to see them finally get their moment.

Fantastic Storytelling

Sometimes I think anyone can write a good romance but I’m here for those authors who can write GREAT romance.

I loved the use of alternating timelines but I also really loved the little gems we got along the way.

As someone who ADORES the movie Ladyhawke, I was ecstatic that Izzy got her name from the character in that movie.

And Yarros’ used the same aspect of that fantasy romance movie where the two characters are in love but never able to be together for the overarching theme of Izzy and Nate never fully being able to be together.

And don’t even get me started on the moment when we learn Nate’s call sign. I downright melted.

Plus, there is another “oh my gosh” moment at the very end that I should have seen coming but didn’t fully pick up on until the moment Nate said something and I was like, “Wow, Yarros is GOOD!” (I can’t say more or it’s a major spoiler!!). I love when that happens and it’s truly only the amazing writers that can pull those moments off.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fantasy romance or contemporary military romance – I’m sold on Rebecca Yarros and cannot wait to read more.

Do yourself a favor and read this book if you love slow burn romance, second chance romance, military romance, or just a wonderful love story.

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In the Likely Event by Rebecca Yarros is her latest romance book. Check out the book review from She Reads Romance Books.
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