New Romance Book Releases Not To Miss in February 2021

Discover all the best, new romance book releases coming this February 2021. These are the new book releases that I’m most looking forward to reading and which you should mark on your to read list.

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Check out the new romance book releases coming in February 2021!

New Romance Book Releases Coming in February 2021

Every month I share my list of new romance book releases that I cannot wait to get my hands on in the coming month.

These are the books that stand out to me based on the story line, romance book trope or the author who wrote it.

If you’re looking for a great book to curl up with this Valentine’s Day, a romance would be my pick and definitely one of these new book releases!

Variety in February’s New Book Releases

While I do have my favorite romance book categories and romance book tropes, I also like to mix things up a bit.

This month’s most anticipated new book releases offer something for everyone and include many of my favorite tropes.

I’m loving that there’s a few enemies to lovers books to check out as well as more sports romance, and office romance stories to read.

Historical Romance Novels Coming Soon!

February seems to be the month to publish historical romance novels!

If watching Bridgerton on Netflix has hooked you on historical romance, then you’ll be delighted with the new book releases coming in historical romance this month.

I can’t wait to read them all!

Several of these new romance book releases also made this year’s Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021 list so be sure to check those out as well.

Check out all of my recommended new book releases coming this February below, and keep up to date with all new releases on my upcoming releases page.

February New Romance Book Releases from My Favorite Authors:

Much Ado About You is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Much Ado About You
by Samantha Young

Romantic Comedy
February 2, 2021

Evie needs some time away so she books a holiday in a quaint English village that includes a temporary position at the Much Ado About Books bookstore.

She loves meeting all the villagers including Roane Robson, the charismatic and sexy farmer, but a holiday romance can only end in heartbreak, right?

I love that this heroine is taking a vacation to work at a bookstore! Samantha Young writes such rich romance books with engaging characters and enriching back stories so I’m definitely looking forward to reading this one.

So much so it made my list of Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021.

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How to Save a Life is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

How to Save a Life
by P. Dangelico

Contemporary Romance
February 2, 2021

Riley James has her sight set on goals to achieve, a business to grow and dreams to achieve. No way is she going to let anyone get in her way, except maybe Jordan West.

When tragedy strikes, entrusting Jordan with the care of a toddler, he needs all the help he can get.

This book was originally slated to release in January but now will be releasing this month!

I love P. Dangelico books so this one made my Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021 list.

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The Revelation of Light and Dark is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

The Revelation of Light and Dark
by Sawyer Bennett

Fantasy Romance
February 9, 2021

From a young age, she always knew she was different. Hallucinations and visions plagued her young mind but were then locked away until she learned her whole existence has been a lie.

Now she’s faced with a new world beyond comprehension with only the gorgeously handsome Carrick Byrne to teach me about my unique gifts. She doesn’t trust him, but there’s no one else to help her.

I’m going to be jumping into the fantasy romance book world so why not start with one from one of my favorite authors?

This book kicks off a 5 book series so I hope it’s a keeper.

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Ruthless Creatures is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Ruthless Creatures
by J.T. Geissinger

Contemporary Romance
February 19, 2021

Five years ago, my fiancé disappeared like a ghost. All that remained were my broken heart and unanswered questions.

Until Kage, a man full of mystery and secrets, arrives in town. Our connection is instant, unlike anything I’ve ever felt, but when I discover he’s tied to my past I may be the next one to get burned.

If Geissinger writes it, I’m reading it. End stop. The air of mystery surrounding this new release has me so excited to see where she takes me next in her writing world.

It too made my list of Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021.

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More New Book Releases to Look Forward to in February:

The Bookworm’s Guide to Flirting is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

The Bookworm’s Guide to Flirting
by Emma Hart

Roommate Romance
February 2, 2021

Saylor Green cannot believe she’s been set up on a blind date but that’s what she gets this Valentine’s Day – a blind date with her new roommate.

Dylan is hot and sweet and doesn’t spare his comments on her online dating escapades. Now he’s offering to help her with her dating success when all she really wants is to flirt with him.

This looks like the perfect book to curl up with on Valentine’s Day! I just love romance books in the relationship coach category so I can’t wait to check it out.

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Still Standing is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Still Standing
by Kristen Ashley

MC Romance
February 2, 2021

Clara Delany has hit rock bottom which is why she’s walking into the Aces High Motorcycle Club’s hangout, delivering messages for a criminal.

But there she meets West “Buck” Hardy, president of the Aces High MC who takes one look at Clara and knows they are about to start something. Too bad Clara doesn’t get the message and leaves only to get into more trouble. Luckily Buck and his boys ride in to save the day so he can claim her as his own.

This year I want to read a few more romance books in the MC romance category and what better way to start than with a Kristen Ashley book?!

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Wild Rain is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Wild Rain
by Beverly Jenkins

Historical Romance
February 9, 2021

A reporter has come to Wyoming to do a story on doctors for his Black newspaper back east. He thinks Colton Lee will be an interesting subject…until he meets Colton’s sister, Spring.

She runs her own ranch, wears denim pants instead of dresses, and is the most fascinating woman he’s ever met.

But Spring, who has overcome a raucous and scandalous past, isn’t looking for, nor does she want, love. As their attraction grows, will their differences come between them or unite them for an everlasting love? 

I have yet to read a historical romance novel set in this time period so I’m excited to pick this one up!

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Hit Me With Your Best Scot is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Hit Me With Your Best Scot
by Suzanne Enoch

Historical Romance
February 9, 2021

Coll MacTaggert, is not a happy man. The Highlander is being forced to find a wife or lose his family’s land. The trouble is the one woman he wants has no interest in marriage. But when Persephone’s life is threatened, Coll will do anything for his lady.

Give me Coll’s story! I fell for him in Enoch’s latest release in the Wild Wicked Highlanders series, Scot Under the Covers, for there’s just something about the big, burly Scot that hooked me from the get go.

This too made my list of Most Anticipated Romance Book of 2021.

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Only One Touch is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Only One Touch
by Natasha Madison

Sports Romance
February 9, 2021

When Nico inherited the Dallas Oilers, he became one of the youngest owners in hockey history. Becca is the most sought-after sports agent who only wants one thing—to be the best.

That is until one touch from Nico and everything changed.

I’m hoping this book has a great push-pull dynamic between the owner and sports agent. Plus it’s a hockey romance, so of course I’m interested.

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Hard to Score is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Hard to Score
by K. Bromberg

Sports Romance
February 16, 2021

I should hate her.

Isn’t that what I’ve been told time and again over the past ten years? That Brexton Kincade’s father is the reason for the demise of my family?

But when I watch her stride across the football field all this time later, I feel anything but hate.

I am so loving this series by K. Bromberg and can’t wait to see what she has in store for Brexton!

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Bet the Farm is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Bet the Farm
by Staci Hart

Opposites Attract Romance
February 23, 2021

Olivia Brent has one summer to save the dairy farm she just inherited. The only trouble is farmhand, Jake Milovic also inherited fifty percent of the farm and has thrown down a challenge. He doesn’t believe a city girl like her can work a dairy farm so he bet her she can’t save it in one summer.

Despite trying to distract her in her goal, the two end up having to work together to save the farm when mysterious circumstances put it in danger. But now the farm isn’t the only thing on the line. It’s their two hearts as well.

Take me to the dairy farm! I have to say that I love a good romance book with a sexy farmer….that may be an upcoming book list!

I’m looking forward to Hart’s book as it was on my Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021 list.

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Make It Sweet is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Make It Sweet
by Kristen Callahan

Contemporary Romance
February 23, 2021

Actress Emma needs a change of scenery. After losing her job and finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she’s ready for the escape and relaxation promised at the Rosemont estate.

She finds the estate gorgeous, and the owner’s grandson, ex–hockey player and current recluse Lucian Osmond, equally so yet with such pain in his eyes.

The two avoid each other despite their growing attraction but in staying apart they only seem to grow closer, healing each other in the process.

Oh, how I love a tortured hero! I cannot wait to see what Callahan has in store with Lucian.

Since I love this trope, it’s also on my Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021 list.

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Return to Us is a must read, new romance book release coming in February 2021.

Return to Us
by Corinne Michaels

Second Chance Romance
February 23, 2021

At eighteen, I walked away from the love of my life. Fourteen years later, a crash sends me back home to recover where I now see Grayson Parkerson every day while we work together at The Park Inn.

All it took was one kiss to fall for him again but now I have to convince him to give us a second chance.

I’m working on my list of second chance romance books so will see if this makes the cut!

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Hold the Forevers is a new romance book releasing coming February 2021.

Hold the Forevers
by K.A. Linde

Love Triangle Romance
February 23, 2021

I’m in love with two men. But I can only marry one. And today is my wedding day. As I walk down the aisle, prepared to say “I do,” he shouts, “I object!”

After more than a decade of loving Cole and Ash I now have to choose the one that I’ll marry and the one that I’ll leave behind.

Oh my gosh…this book’s synopsis has already totally pulled me in and hooked me. I have a feeling my heart won’t be the same after reading it!

Amazon | Goodreads

Which of these new romance book releases stand out to you? Share in the comments below or tell me if there’s another book you can’t wait to get your hands on in February.

Here’s to finding your next book boyfriend!

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