21 Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021

Wondering which new romance book releases for 2021 I can’t wait to get my hands on? Check out this list of the 21 most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021 to find the best book recommendations to add to your TBR list!

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Discover the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021 according to romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

If you weren’t already looking forward to 2021, I’m giving you 21 reasons to count down the clock with these most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

When you love reading as much as I do, you’re always on the look out for upcoming book releases that get your heart racing.

This year I already have 21 books that are on my must read list and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

My list includes historical romance, gay and LBGTQ romance, enemies to lovers stories ….and so much more.

Plus, this list of most anticipated romance books has you covered until August of 2021.

I also have a few books written by authors I have never read before so I’m excited to see what they have in store.

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Of course these won’t be the only books I’ll be reading in 2021 in my hunt to find my next best book boyfriend. You can follow along with what I’m reading by checking out my What to Read lists and stay up to date with all the new romance book releases of 2021 with my upcoming releases page.

Which romance book are you most excited to read in 2021? Let me know in the comments below.

My Most Anticipated Romance Book of 2021

One Last Stop is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

One Last Stop
by Casey McQuiston

Expected publication: June 1, 2021
LGBTQ Romance, Time Travel Romance

August looks forward to seeing Jane every day on the train. Only her subway crush is impossible because Jane is a girl lost in time, displaced from the 1970s.

I absolutely adored Casey McQuiston’s debut novel, Red, White and Royal Blue which was my favorite romance book of 2019. I’m hoping her next release will be my most favorite of 2021.

I can’t wait to read this lesbian romance with a time travel element!

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2021 Romance Book Recommendations from My Favorite Authors

Roommate is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

by Sarina Bowen

Expected publication: January 12, 2021
MM Romance

Kieran has a secret that he needs to keep only it’s becoming more and more difficult ever since his new roommate moved in. He can’t stop thinking about Roderick, the only person who knows the truth – tempting him to lose everything. 

My neighbors could probably hear my squeals of delight when I heard that Sarina Bowen was releasing a new MM romance! If she’s writing it, I’m definitely reading it. Especially if it’s about a broody lumberjack!

I fell in love with MM romance after reading Him and Us which she co-wrote with Elle Kennedy and I just know that this is going to be another favorite.

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The Invitation is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

The Invitation
by Vi Keeland

Expected publication: January 18, 2021
Contemporary Romance

I first met Hudson Rothchild at a wedding. My attraction to the groomsman was immediate and our chemistry was off the charts. We were having a great time until he realized I wasn’t who he thought he was.

That’s when I fled, leaving everything behind, including my cell phone. But who should find it? Yep. The gorgeous and now angry Hudson who’s now hot on my tail.

Keeland comes up with the greatest storylines for her books and I know this one will be no different. I love how this romance book looks to have a unique take on a modern Cinderella story and I cannot wait to see what she does with it.

Masquerading as someone else and leaving a cell phone instead of a glass slipper? I love it!

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Not My Match is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Not My Match
by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Expected publication: January 19, 2021
Friends to Lovers Romance, Sports Romance

My teammate and best friend swore me to stay away from Giselle, the sweet girl genius. But when she ends up homeless, I can’t help but invite her to live with me.

Not only does she need a place to stay, but it’s clear she also needs help in the love department given the crazy men she’s finding online. The only problem is the more I play matchmaker for the twenty-four-year-old virgin, the more I want her for my own.

Ahhh! When Madden-Mills writes a football romance, I AM ON IT! Honestly, whenever she has a new release, it’s immediately added to my TBR list as was this one.

Add in the fact that this friends to lovers story features a virgin tempting the star wide receiver and I’m swooning already. I also love relationship coach/match making stories so I know this one is going to be a hit for 2021.

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How to Save a Life is one of the most anticipated romance book releases for 2021.

How to Save a Life
by P. Dangelico

Expected publication: January 19, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Riley James has her sights set on goals to achieve, a business to grow and dreams to achieve. No way is she going to let anyone get in her way, except maybe Jordan West.

When tragedy strikes, entrusting Jordan with the care of a toddler, he needs all the help he can get.

Why do I feel like it’s been way too long since I read a Dangelico book? Because it HAS been too long.

Nothing gets you more excited than a new release from one of your most favorite authors, making this book definitely one of my most anticipated books of 2021.

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Much Ado About You is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Much Ado About You
by Samantha Young

Expected publication: February 2, 2021
Romantic Comedy

Evie needs some time away so she books a holiday in a quaint English village that includes a temporary position at the Much Ado About Books bookstore. She loves meeting all the villagers including Roane Robson, the charismatic and sexy farmer, but a holiday romance can only end in heartbreak, right?

OMG, a vacation away working at a bookstore with a sexy farmer to boot? Who wouldn’t want that?!

Samantha Young writes such rich romance books with engaging characters and enriching back stories so I’m definitely looking forward to picking up this one in 2021.

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Ruthless Creatures is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Ruthless Creatures
by J.T. Geissinger

Expected publication: February 19, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Five years ago, my fiancé disappeared like a ghost. All that remained were my broken heart and unanswered questions. Until Kage, a man full of mystery and secrets, arrives in town.

Our connection is instant, unlike anything I’ve ever felt, but when I discover he’s tied to my past I may be the next one to get burned.

Yes, yes, yes! Whenever I finish a Geissinger book I am immediately hungry, no desperate, for her next release.

The air of mystery surrounding her next romance book has me so excited to see where she takes me next in her writing world. Her new romance book releases are ALWAYS a must read as will this one be for 2021.

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The Wedding Game is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

The Wedding Game
by Meghan Quinn

Expected publication: March 1, 2021
Enemies to Lovers Romance

A crafting genius and jaded divorce lawyer end up competing on a wedding reality TV show. Despite the fierce competition and their constant bickering, their mutual attraction soon becomes undeniable.

Oh, I can already envision the hilarious banter that I’m sure Quinn will deliver on with this one. I have no doubt that there will be some hilarious scene having to do with glitter and a glue gun and I am READY FOR IT.

Whenever I’m looking for some hilarity with my romance, Quinn’s books are the perfect choice and I am so looking forward to reading this one in 2021.

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The Devil Wears Black is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

The Devil Wears Black
by L.J. Shen

Expected publication: March 9, 2021
Second Chance Romance, Fake Relationship Romance

Maddie’s life is exactly as she wants it – perfect. The perfect career, the perfect apartment and the perfect boyfriend. All it took was one ask from her ex, Chase Black, to have her perfect walls come tumbling down.

Even though Chase once broke her heart, she’s somehow agreeing to play his fiancé so he can fulfill his father’s last wish. She’s eager to make the arrogant devil squirm in this scheme, but her plan soon backfires when she realizes she’s still in love with him.

L.J. Shen never fails in making me feel ALL the feels with her romance books so it was a no brainer adding this one to the list. I also have a weakness for fake relationship romance books and I have a feeling this one is definitely going to tug on the heart strings.

March can’t come soon enough!

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The Soulmate Equation is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

The Soulmate Equation
by Christina Lauren

Expected publication: May 18, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Single mom Jess Davis is a data and statistics wizard, but she’s hasn’t been a whiz in the dating department. Raised by her grandparents—she’s been left behind too often to feel comfortable letting anyone in.

But when she hears about GeneticAlly, a new DNA-based matchmaking company, she decides to take a chance and dip her toes back into the dating world. Only her match, an unheard-of 98% compatibility, is with GeneticAlly’s founder, Dr. River Pena, a stubborn man who she knows without a doubt is not her soulmate.

Instead of throwing in the towel, she decides to accept GeneticAlly’s proposition to pay her to get to know River. And the more she gets to know him, she comes to realize there may be more to the scientist after all. 

I’m still hoping for a Christina Lauren release to knock me off my socks like their earlier romance books.

I love the premise of this love story looking at the “science” of compatibility and how our own picture of who our soulmate should be may not be the one we end up with after all. I’m sure this romance book will be on many a must read list for 2021.

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When Stars Collide is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

When Stars Collide
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Expected publication: June 29, 2021
Sports Romance

Thaddeus Walker Bowman Owens is the backup quarterback for the Chicago Stars. He’s a total team player yet that characteristic is tested when it comes to his new travel partner, Olivia Shore.

Olivia is an international opera superstar joining him on a nationwide tour promoting a luxury watch brand. Too bad he has no tolerance for divas and she has a grudge against the jock.

Despite the trash talk and drama, when a series of dangerous encounters threatens them, these superstars have to find a way to work together or crash and burn.

The Chicago Stars series was one of the first romance book series that totally sucked me in from the start. I absolutely could not contain my excitement when I heard that Phillips was releasing a seventh book in this beloved series.

I’m sure this can be read as a standalone but you have time to catch up on the entire series before this one releases in June!

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Devil in Disguise is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Devil in Disguise
by Lisa Kleypas

Expected publication: July 27, 2021
Historical Romance

Lady Merritt Sterling, a young widow running her late husband’s shipping company, knows that London society is just waiting for her to slip up and catch her in a scandal. She’s evaded any such notion until she meets Keir MacRae, a rough-and-rugged Scottish whisky distiller.

Keir doesn’t know why someone wants him dead, but when his secret connection to one of England’s most powerful families is revealed, the only one he can trust is Merritt.

Merritt will do anything to protect the man she’s grow to love, even if he turns out to be a devil in disguise.

Another book in the Ravenels series is coming! Lisa Kleypas can do no wrong when it comes to writing historical romance and her Ravenels series is one of the best worth reading. I do love a Scottish hero so I can’t wait to read this one in 2021.

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More Romance Book Recommendations for 2021

Hit Me With Your Best Scot is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Hit Me With Your Best Scot
by Suzanne Enoch

Expected publication: February 9, 2021
Historical Romance

Coll MacTaggert, is not a happy man. The Highlander is being forced to find a wife or lose his family’s land. The trouble is the one woman he wants has no interest in marriage. But when Persephone’s life is threatened, Coll will do anything for his lady.

Finally, Coll’s story is coming! I fell for Coll in Enoch’s latest release in the Wild Wicked Highlanders series, Scot Under the Covers, for there’s just something about the big, burly Scot that hooked me from the get go.

I have a feeling Persephone is going to be quite the match for this guy in this anticipated romance book of 2021.

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The Bride Bet is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

The Bride Bet
by Tessa Dare

Expected publication: February 9, 2021
Historical Romance, Enemies to Lovers Romance

Once upon a time, two sworn enemies – the bookish daughter of a scholar and the devilish heir to a duke – made a pact: If they were both still single in ten years, they would marry each other.

Duke of Westleigh returns a decade later because he needs an heir, so he’s holding her to their marriage bargain.

I absolutely love Tessa Dare’s historical romance books and I cannot wait to read this one. I’m a sucker for a good enemies to lovers romance and I adore the marriage pact of this story.

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Bet the Farm is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Bet the Farm
by Staci Hart

Expected publication: February 23, 2021
Opposites Attract Romance

Olivia Brent has one summer to save the dairy farm she just inherited. The only trouble is farmhand, Jake Milovic also inherited fifty percent of the farm and has thrown down a challenge. He doesn’t believe a city girl like her can work a dairy farm so he bet her she can’t save it in one summer.

Despite trying to distract her in her goal, the two end up having to work together to save the farm when mysterious circumstances put it in danger. But now the farm isn’t the only thing on the line. It’s their two hearts as well.

Who doesn’t want to read about a dairy farm? Stacy Hart writes such unique stories and I have no doubt this one will be as well. I’m eager to see how this farmhand and city girl get together in 2021.

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Make It Sweet is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Make It Sweet
by Kristen Callahan

Expected publication: February 23, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Actress Emma needs a change of scenery. After losing her job and finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she’s ready for the escape and relaxation promised at the Rosemont estate. She finds the estate gorgeous, and the owner’s grandson, ex–hockey player and current recluse Lucian Osmond, equally so yet with such pain in his eyes.

The two avoid each other despite their growing attraction but in staying apart they only seem to grow closer, healing each other in the process.

Oh how I love a tortured hero! I cannot wait to see what Callahan has in store with Lucian but I have a feeling it’s going to be well worth the wait, making this a given on my most anticipated list.

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Second First Impressions is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Second First Impressions
by Sally Thorne

Expected publication: April 13, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Ruthie Midona has devoted her life for the past six years to the Providence Luxury Retirement Villa but all is upended by Teddy Prescott, the son of the new property owner. Teddy has spent his time partying and coasting through life until his father lays down the law. If he wants to stay at the Villa, he needs to earn his keep.

Hoping to run him out, Ruthie assigns him the role of personal assistant to two eccentric, ninety-year-old residents but all Teddy seems to do is charm the old biddies, the entire villa and her.

But when Ruthie finds out Teddy’s father plans to sell the retirement home, she’s left to wonder what Teddy’s intentions were all along.

When an author leaves such a strong impression on you with her first novel, you take notice when her next romance book release comes out. I think it takes a special writer to craft stories with eccentric side characters but I know that Thorne is up to the task, making this a most anticipated romance of 2021.

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Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2021 From Authors I Haven’t Read Before

The Ex Talk is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

The Ex Talk
by Rachel Lynn Soloman

Expected publication: January 26, 2021
Enemies to Lovers

Shay Goldstein has been a producer at her Seattle public radio station for nearly a decade. She loves her job but lately it’s one big headache due to her newest colleague, Dominic Yum, who’s fresh off his Masters in Journalism program claiming to know everything.

When Shay proposes a new show idea to help the struggling station, it’s given the go ahead. The problem? She’s now paired with Dominic as her co-host for the new show, The Ex Talk. On it the two, posing as exes, will share relationship advice live on the air.

The show is an instant hit but as the show’s popularity grows, so does their deception as the two start to fall for one another.

I absolutely adore the set up of this enemies to lovers romance plus I can’t wait to see what type of relationship advice they dish out. I have yet to read a romance book by Soloman so I have high hopes that I find not only a favorite for 2021 but a new author to follow as well.

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

Everything After is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Everything After
by Jill Santopolo

Expected publication: March 9, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Fifteen years ago, Emily lost her two passions in life: music and Rob. Now she’s a psychologist helping troubled college students like she was and living a happy life with her husband, Ezra.

When a tragedy upends her perfect life, she hears a familiar voice on the radio singing a song about a woman who got away. As her passions come roaring back into her life, she’s faced with tough questions. Who is she meant to be? Who is she meant to love?

Wow, my heart is already aching just from reading the synopsis of this book so I cannot wait to see what the whole book is going to do to me!

I really enjoy romance books where the characters struggle with their identity and making choices that are true to who they are in their soul. I cannot wait to see what choices Emily chooses to make! Santopolo is another new author to me and I’m looking forward to this new release in 2021.

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

Act Your Age, Eve Brown is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown
by Talia Hibbert

Expected publication: March 9, 2021
Opposites Attract Romance

Eve Brown is a certified hot mess. No matter how hard she strives to do right, things always seem to go wrong. Case in point when she accidentally hits the owner of the bed and breakfast with her car, breaking his arm. Jacob may have turned her down for the head chef position during her interview, but with him laid up and understaffed Eve is everywhere he turns trying to help.

Eve’s chaotic nature is the complete opposite to Jacob’s need to control everything, so why is he starting to get used to her being around and liking it?

This book had me at certified hot mess. 😊 I love a good opposites attract romance especially when a stuffy curmudgeon of a man is involved.

I cannot believe I have yet to read a Talia Hibbert book, so I cannot wait to read this romance in the Brown Sisters series. I’m sure I’ll be circling back to read the first two after I’m done with this one.

Amazon | Goodreads | My Review

The Heart Principle is one of the most anticipated romance books releasing in 2021.

The Heart Principle
by Helen Hoang

Expected publication: August 17, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Anna Sun dislikes Quan Diep or so she keeps trying to convince herself. Only he seems to have eyes for her newly engaged sister Camilla.

Anna must work to overcome her OCD, and find a way to bury her anxieties and seduce Quan so he doesn’t ruin her sister’s engagement and a crucial real estate deal.

But when Quan discovers Anna’s true intentions, he’s forced to confront his own hurtful past and learn to forgive, while Anna must face her greatest challenge: truly opening herself up to love.

I love when romance books give voice to real world complexities such as mental illness. Though mental health conditions never define a person, I cannot wait to read about this character and see her growth throughout this novel.

Hoang’s books have garnered such praise that it’s high time I read one, making this a most anticipated romance book for 2021!

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