13 Reading Goals for Adults to Adopt in 2024

Reading goals aren’t just for elementary school kids but for adults too! The start of the new year is always a great opportunity to set reading goals and I’m sharing some of my favorite reading goals for adults that you should consider adopting this year whether you’re an avid reader or novice.

To me, reading goals should always feel encouraging and supportive of your reading habit – never overbearing or unattainable because that would ruin your desire to crack open a book. So, check out my suggestions of reading goals for adults below, adopt them, adapt them or use them as a stepping stone to create your own and get reading this year!

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Reading Goal #1: Read a Set Number of Books

Let’s start with an obvious reading goal for adults which is to set a number goal for how many books you’d like to read whether it be for a month, a year or any set period of time. Setting a number goal is always an easy first step for maintaining or creating a reading habit.

Reading Goal #2: Create a To Be Read (TBR) List

Even if you have the goal to read more or to read a certain number of books, that goal can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to read in the first place. That’s why a reading goal of creating a TBR list is so helpful. A TBR list can be as small as 3 books or as long as 50 or more. Just start a list of potential books that you think you’d like to read. Creating a TBR list will not only help combat decision fatigue but it will also help you remember what books interest you when you’re ready to pick up a new one.

Reading Goal #3: Read New Authors

One of my personal, favorite reading goals is to read new authors that I’ve never read before. I definitely have my list of favorite authors that I continually read, but it’s exciting to find new authors to obsess over and follow once falling in love with their work. Consider picking up at least one book by a new author to you this year.

Reading Goal #4: Diversify Your Reading

Another reading goal for adults that never gets old is diversifying your reading. This could relate to reading new, diverse authors, but it can also include exploring new genres, or diving deeper into a favorite genre to explore subgenres or categories within that genre.

Reading Goal #5: Read Books That Push Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes it’s easy to stay in your lane and stick to books, series and authors that you are comfortable with which is why I love this reading goal. This year why not push yourself a little or a lot and select a title, author, or genre that pushes your comfort zone. You may be surprised by what you find!

Reading Goal #6: Spend More Time Reading

This reading goal is similar to number one yet slightly different. Instead of setting a goal to read a set a number of books, perhaps you want to set a reading goal to spend more time reading. This could mean spending a set number of minutes or hours a day reading or so many days a month reading. This reading goal for adults is all about establishing some consistency in your reading habit.

Reading Goal #7: Reflect on Your Reading

Too often it is easy to just simply move on to the next book after completing your current read. What if instead you set a goal and intention to spend more time reflecting on the books you read this year? This could take on a formal process as in writing a book review for each book, or it could mean simply journaling a few thoughts or reflections about the book, how impacted you, or what you learned after reading it.

Reading Goal #8: Track Your Reading

This year set a reading goal to track your reading! By tracking the books you read, you’ll also be in a better position to know if you’ve met any of your other reading goals. You can easily track the books you read with a reading app, such as Goodreads, or consider using a reading journal. Several reading journals can be utilized as a reading planner, tracker, and journal all in one. Check out my list of best reading journals to find the perfect one to meet your needs.

Reading Goal #9: Read What You Own

This should be a reading goal that I set every year for myself because my Kindle library is overflowing with books I’ve purchased or downloaded for free. Yes, I love to read new releases every year but I also make a point to read throwback titles I already have. If you too suffer from shiny object syndrome, consider this as the best reading goal for you this year.

Reading Goal #10: Utilize the Library

This reading goal piggybacks on the last goal. In addition to reading what you already own, consider setting a goal to utilize your public library as both of these will save you money! I love my local library and I’m so appreciative of the ability to borrow books throughout my state library system through the Libby app. The best part about using the app is being able to request books in advance, or to get on a waitlist for new releases coming soon. Save money with this reading goal this year by using the library to check out books.

Reading Goal #11: Try a Book Subscription Service

This reading goal can help you with your goal to diversify your reading and potentially save you money. Make this year your year to explore a book subscription service you’ve always wanted to try. Consider Kindle Unlimited for unlimited reading of fiction, nonfiction, magazines, cookbooks, and more. If you’re not sure about KU, read why I consider a Kindle Unlimited subscription worth it. If you love audiobooks, consider trying out Audible Premium Plus. Book of the Month is also a popular book subscription, or try one of the various book subscription boxes available.

Reading Goal #12: Join or Create Your Own Reading Challenge

Another reading goal for adults could be to join a reading challenge or create your own. There are so many great annual reading challenges out there whether you want to read 52 books in a year, travel the world with your reading, or read romance books all year long like in my Romance Book Reading Challenge. If you can’t find a reading challenge you like, create your own.

Reading Goal #13: Find a Reading Community

Reading is a great solo activity, but it can also be a fun group activity as well. Consider setting a goal this year to find your reading community whether that’s in an online book club or local book club with meetings you can attend in person. It could also mean joining and interacting with a reading community in a Facebook group or Goodreads group.

There you have it! I hope this list of reading goals for adults has inspired you to set a few of your own and get reading this year. Share with me in the comments below a goal you hope to achieve this year. I’d love to hear it!

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Reading goals aren't just for kids but adults too! Check out these suggested reading goals for adults from book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.
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