Is Kindle Unlimited Worth It? Your Complete Guide to the Subscription Service

Anyone who loves to read has probably asked themselves the question: Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?

While I love to hold a book in my hands and absolutely love to utilize my local library, when you read as much as I do you have to find other, affordable options to read books, and a Kindle Unlimited subscription is an obvious choice.

If you’re unsure if Kindle Unlimited is worth it for you (given the cost increase in 2023) or how to get the most out of your Kindle Unlimited subscription, then read on as I outline the reasons why Kindle Unlimited may be right for YOU and the pros and cons to consider.

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Is a Kindle Unlimited Subscription Worth It? My Verdict

YES! Kindle Unlimited Is Worth It!

If you are a voracious reader like me who reads several books a month then a Kindle Unlimited subscription is absolutely worth the cost.

Considering the rising cost of paperbacks and hardcovers, a Kindle Unlimited subscription will save you a lot of money and give you access to a lot of books in a variety of genres including Amazon Originals.

And with a 30-day free trial, it’s easy to determine if it fits your reading needs without any commitment. Sign up today and learn more about why Kindle Unlimited is worth it below.

Table of Contents

This complete guide to Kindle Unlimited is designed to answer all the frequently asked questions so that you can determine if Kindle Unlimited is worth it for you. This post will cover:

  • What is Kindle Unlimited?
  • How Much is Kindle Unlimited?
  • Are There Kindle Unlimited Deals?
  • How Do You Cancel Kindle Unlimited?
  • How Does Kindle Unlimited Work?
  • How to Sign Up for Kindle Unlimited
  • What Kindle Unlimited Books Are Available?
  • Kindle Unlimited Pros & Cons
  • More Kindle Unlimited FAQs

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Check out the complete guide to Kindle Unlimited on She Reads Romance Books to determine if Kindle Unlimited is worth it for you!

Kindle Unlimited is an online reading subscription service from Amazon that gives you access to over 4 million ebooks and thousands of audiobooks, comics, magazine subscriptions, and Amazon Originals for unlimited reading and listening on any device.

You pay one monthly fee to read and listen to as many Kindle Unlimited books as you want (checking out 20 books at one time) on any device you have with the ability to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription at any time.

What Does Kindle Unlimited Include?

Kindle Unlimited includes A LOT in its library. With a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you have access to a wide range of:

  • Ebooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Magazines
  • Comics
  • Amazon Originals

How Much is Kindle Unlimited?

The Kindle Unlimited cost went up in May 2023 from $9.99/month to $11.99/month (plus any applicable taxes). This price is renewed every month until a subscription is canceled.

The Kindle Unlimited price includes access to everything in the Kindle Unlimited subscription library (ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and comics, etc.).

How Can You Get Kindle Unlimited for Free?

The great thing about Kindle Unlimited is that Amazon offers a 30-day free trial to new users so that you can determine if a Kindle Unlimited subscription is worth it for you before committing to the monthly fee.

Sign up for your free Kindle Unlimited subscription and try it today!

Is Kindle Unlimited Free with Prime?

No, Kindle Unlimited is not free for Amazon Prime members as it is a separate subscription.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you still need to sign up and pay for a Kindle Unlimited subscription to access its library of books.

You do not need to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership to be eligible for a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Kindle Unlimited is available to all Amazon users.

Kindle Unlimited should not be confused with the Amazon Prime Reading program as they are separate services.

What is Prime Reading and How is It Different From Kindle Unlimited?

Prime Reading is a benefit for Amazon Prime members that makes over a thousand ebooks available for borrowing, at no extra cost beyond the $14.99 Amazon Prime membership.

You can keep up to ten ebooks at a time without due dates. The selection of titles in the Prime Reading library rotates regularly.

Amazon Prime members also benefit from Amazon First Reads which gives members a sneak peek at books before they are released.

Prime members can also download one free book each month from a selection of six editors’ picks.

Are There Kindle Unlimited Deals?

Yes! After you sign up for your free trial to Kindle Unlimited and know that it’s right for you, then be on the lookout for a Kindle Unlimited deal when signing up for a membership.

Deals often include three months for the price of one or similar deals where you get more than one month for the cost of the subscription.

Amazon runs Kindle Unlimited deals throughout the year and always runs a Black Friday Kindle Unlimited membership deal.

The best part of these deals? They are available to you even if you had a prior Kindle Unlimited membership that you canceled.

In the past, I’ve canceled my Kindle Unlimited membership when I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it as often as I’d like and then I renew it whenever I see a great deal. It’s awesome!

Another thing to take note of is that whenever I’ve canceled my Kindle Unlimited subscription, Amazon often counters with a great deal to get me to keep my membership such as renewing for three months for the price of one or a similar deal.

I’ve definitely reconsidered and kept my membership when presented with these Kindle Unlimited deals.

How Do You Cancel Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

You can cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription at any time.

To cancel without being charged for another month, you just need to do so before your next billing date.

To cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Your Memberships & Subscriptions and sign into your Amazon account.
  2. Click Kindle Unlimited Settings on the right side menu of the Kindle Unlimited icon.
  3. Select Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership on the left sidebar.

Even if you cancel your subscription, your membership remains active until the next billing date of your subscription.

This could be the end of the current month of your subscription, or if you purchased a Kindle Unlimited deal, your membership will stay active until the end of the period you paid for.

Until the next billing date, you still have access to anything in Kindle Unlimited and anything you put into your Kindle Unlimited library. However, after the billing date passes, you lose access to content that you have checked out from Kindle Unlimited.

If you’re unsure when you signed up and what your next billing date is, don’t fret as you will be able to see when your current subscription will end when you click on Your Memberships and Subscriptions in your Amazon account.

Once you know this billing date, you can plan how to finish reading everything in your library before it goes away!

A Note About Your Kindle Library After Canceling Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Once you have canceled your subscription you may think you still have access to the books you had saved in your library with your membership because you can still see the book cover in your library.

Yet if you were to click on the cover, you will notice that you will not be able to open the book unless you renew your subscription or purchase the book.

If you don’t want to see the book covers in your library after you cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can delete them from your library by clicking on the cover and selecting “Remove From Library.”

But what about the highlighted passages and notes you made in a Kindle Unlimited book?

Rest assured that when you return books from your library or should you cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription, any highlights or notes that you made in a book will be saved and will be accessible to you again whenever you renew your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

As I mentioned above, when you cancel your subscription, Amazon will often offer you a Kindle Unlimited deal for another month or two or three at a reduced price to get you to stay and renew your membership.

Just something to keep in mind!

How Does Kindle Unlimited Work?

Kindle Unlimited is really easy to figure out and use – even for those that don’t consider themselves tech-savvy!

I’ll go through the basics of signing up for Kindle Unlimited and how to find books, audiobooks, magazines, and comics in Kindle Unlimited below so you can see how it works.

How to Sign Up for Kindle Unlimited

It is extremely easy to sign up for Kindle Unlimited and get immediate access to the entire Kindle Unlimited library.

To sign up, visit the Kindle Unlimited sign-up page and click sign in, then complete the sign-up process to complete your membership.

Learn how to sign up for Kindle Unlimited in this ultimate guide from She Reads Romance Books.

After completing the sign-up process you can immediately look for books and start reading!

You can access the Kindle Unlimited sign-up page on your computer, but if you want to sign up on your phone or other device, you will need to go to the Kindle Unlimited sign-up page in a browser.

As of now, you are unable to sign up for Kindle Unlimited in the Amazon app.

Kindle Unlimited is currently available only to US customers on Customers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Australia can sign up for Kindle Unlimited in their local Amazon marketplace.

How to Find Kindle Unlimited Books

Once you have signed up for a Kindle Unlimited membership, there are several ways to find Kindle Unlimited books to add to your library.

The easiest way to find Kindle Unlimited books is to visit the Kindle Unlimited home page on Amazon.

From here you’ll be directed to a lot of options for finding the best book for you including popular titles and recommendations from the Kindle Unlimited editors.

1. Kindle Unlimited Library Suggestions

Kindle Unlimited recommends books to you based on your reading. Find more about whether Kindle Unlimited is worth it from She Reads Romance Books.

The main Kindle Unlimited page will lay out many book suggestions for you.

For example, my Kindle Unlimited homepage outlines book options for me in the following areas:

  • Books We’re Loving This Month
  • News & Magazines
  • Books You May Like in Kindle Unlimited
  • Kindle Unlimited Based on Your Reading
  • Continued Series Started With Kindle Unlimited
  • Inspired By Your Browsing History
  • Recommended Picks by Genre
  • Amazon Originals
  • Bestsellers in Kindle Unlimited
  • Most Popular Ebooks with Audible Narration
  • Recently Included Books in Kindle Unlimited
  • New Releases

All of these suggestions make finding books that I’d want to read really easy and accessible.

2. Browse the Kindle Unlimited Catalog

Learn about the Kindle Unlimited library and catalog from She Reads Romance Books as she discusses whether Kindle Unlimited is worth it.

Another easy way to find books on Kindle Unlimited is to browse the catalog.

You can easily access the Kindle Unlimited library catalog by clicking “Browse the Catalog” at the right side of the main Kindle Unlimited page on Amazon.

The Kindle Unlimited main catalog page then lists recommended titles by genre. Or, you can choose a genre to explore from the left side menu bar.

I particularly love that the left side menu has a “Coming Soon” option which lets you see which books will soon be dropping into the Kindle Unlimited library.

Exploring the “Coming Soon” page can also help you determine if you want to renew your membership for the coming month.

3. Look for the “Read for Free” Button

Discover how to find books to read for free on Kindle Unlimited in the post from She Reads Romance Books.

You can also find Kindle Unlimited books by searching for specific titles in the Amazon search bar or in the Kindle store.

Wherever you see the Kindle Unlimited icon in the Kindle Store you can click on the “Read for Free” button to add that book to your library and start reading.

How to Find Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks

To find Kindle Unlimited audiobooks, click on the main Kindle Unlimited page and scroll to the first menu bar and click “Audiobooks.”

This will take you to the page to find ebooks with audio narration.

Alternatively, you can just look for the Kindle Unlimited ‘With Narration’ icon on Kindle book pages or browse the catalog of titles with free audiobook companions.

How to Find Kindle Unlimited Magazines

Full magazine subscriptions are also available with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. The magazines you borrow don’t count towards your borrowing limit.

To find Kindle Unlimited magazines, click on the main Kindle Unlimited page and scroll to the first menu bar and click “Magazines.”

This will take you to the page to find available magazine issues in the Kindle Unlimited library.

Click on the “Read for Free” button on Kindle magazine pages to download your chosen magazine and start reading.

At this time, you cannot borrow directly from the Amazon mobile shopping app for iOS or on your eReader but you can read any downloaded magazines on all devices.

How to Find Kindle Unlimited Comics and Amazon Originals

You can easily find comics and Amazon Originals in the same way from the main Kindle Unlimited page.

Although comics are available to read in Kindle Unlimited, you have access to even more with ComiXology Unlimited which is a separate paid subscription.

ComiXology Unlimited allows you to read freely from thousands of titles, including comic books, graphic novels, and manga. ComiXology Unlimited is available for $5.99 a month and you can cancel anytime.

What Books Are on Kindle Unlimited?

Now that you know how to sign up and access books, the big question is what books are available in Kindle Unlimited?!

With currently over 4 million titles to choose from, I would say a lot!

I love that there are so many options and genres to choose from in Kindle Unlimited.

From thrillers to mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, self-help, biographies, memoirs, and more there really is something for everyone.

Even cookbooks and craft books are also included in Kindle Unlimited!

If you have children in your household, you can also access a lot of great children’s books and graphic novels for kids including the Harry Potter books, Big Nate, Warriors, and even A Wrinkle in Time!

Since I’m a romance book reader, it is important to me to be able to read a lot of my favorite romance authors and a lot of new romance book releases and I can do just that in Kindle Unlimited.

The best thing about Kindle Unlimited for romance readers is that it gives you access to a lot of books written by indie-published authors as well as a lot of new releases and bestsellers in the genre.

You can check out my list of the best Kindle Unlimited romance books for suggestions to get you started.

As for other genres, the number of new releases from the big publishing firms may be limited but you still have a lot of great books to choose from.

How Many Books Can You Borrow on Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is truly unlimited in that you can read as many books, magazines, comics, and Amazon Originals with your membership as you want as long as it is active.

The only stipulation is that you can borrow a maximum of 20 books at one time. Once you hit that limit in your Kindle Unlimited library, you will need to return one book in order to borrow a new one.

You will have access to borrowed books, audiobooks, comics, and magazine subscriptions until you return them, cancel your Kindle Unlimited membership, or until the title is removed from Kindle Unlimited.

Remember that the magazines you borrow don’t count towards your borrowing limit.

How to Return Kindle Unlimited Books

It’s very easy to return Kindle Unlimited books that are in your library.

When you are in your Kindle Unlimited library on the Kindle app, click on the book you want to return and hold until the prompt menu appears.

From this menu, you can select “Return.”

Learn how to return books on Kindle Unlimited and whether Kindle Unlimited is worth it on She Reads Romance Books.

Do You Need a Kindle to Read Kindle Unlimited Books?

No. You do not need to buy a Kindle device to read books on Kindle Unlimited.

You can access Kindle Unlimited and read Kindle Unlimited books on any device – computer, tablet, or phone – with the free Kindle app.

The best part is that you can bounce between any device and pick up where you left off in your book in the Kindle app.

If you wish to buy a Kindle for reading, there are several great (and affordable) options to consider. I bought each of my kids a Kindle and they love them!

Can I Share My Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

Yes! You are allowed to share your Kindle Unlimited books with members of your Amazon Household.

One family member must be in charge of borrowing books, but once they select a book to borrow they can then select a family member to share it with.

You also have the option to enable automatic sharing if that is easier.

To set up an Amazon Household, go to Create Your Amazon Household.

To share borrowed content with a member of your Household:

  1. Click on Share Your Kindle Content on the Home screen of the Kindle App.
  2. Select the Household member that you would like to share with.
  3. Select books that you would like to share.
  4. Click Share Items.

To turn on automatic sharing, follow steps 1 and 2, and then select Share Future Purchases and Kindle Unlimited titles by Default. Turning on automatic sharing shares future borrows and purchases.

How to See What Books You’ve Read on Kindle Unlimited

If you read as much as I do, sometimes you forget what books you’ve read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!

To view which books you’ve read with Kindle Unlimited, go to your account on Amazon and click on “Content & Devices.”

Scroll down until you see Kindle Unlimited and click the box to see which titles you currently have borrowed from Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited Pros & Cons

Advantages of Kindle Unlimited

When you’re deciding whether a Kindle Unlimited membership is right for you, consider these advantages:

Access to Over 4 Million ebooks – I think the Kindle Unlimited library is an amazing selling point to the membership as it offers so many titles in a wide variety of genres.  With such a large library, you have the option to read millions of books, which may be even more than your local library offers!

Save Money When Reading Multiple Books – Considering that a Kindle Unlimited membership enables you to read an unlimited number of books, the cost savings can be significant if you are an avid reader.

The cost of a Kindle Unlimited subscription is equal to some paperback prices and even less than one hardcover so reading more than one book a month will recoup your costs were you to buy the books.

Try New Authors and New Genres With No Risk – You’re taking a gamble when you purchase a book by a new author you’ve never read before or in a genre you’ve never read before.

If you don’t like the book, you’re still out the money for the paperback or hardcover.

But a Kindle Unlimited subscription offers a no-risk or low-risk way to explore new authors and genres.

If you select a book and find it’s not for you, then you simply return it and pick a new one. I’ve found a lot of new, favorite authors from Kindle Unlimited!

Switch Between Reading and Listening to Books – Kindle Unlimited offers audio versions of a selection of books, making it easy to switch between reading and listening to books.

This is really helpful if you wish to continue with a story while driving or doing an activity where you cannot physically hold a book to read.

Access Great Book Recommendations – Have you ever read a book that you love and want to read more just like it?

Kindle Unlimited offers its members recommendations based on their reading history so that they can easily find more books to enjoy.

Utilize Kindle Unlimited for the Whole Family – Not only does a Kindle Unlimited membership give YOU access to unlimited reading, it also enables unlimited reading to your entire household which can save you a TON of money if you’ve previously purchased books for everyone in your family.

Find Titles Not Available at Your Public Library – Because Kindle Unlimited publishing requires exclusivity for ebooks, this means that any ebook title in Kindle Unlimited will not be available as an ebook from your local library network.

If you’re someone who utilizes your local library, you may want to consider also getting a KU membership for access to ebook titles you wouldn’t be able to get from the library.

Easy to Use – Even if you aren’t a tech-savvy person, it’s super easy to sign up and access books in the Kindle app!

Check out Multiple Books at One Time – If you are someone who likes to read multiple books at one time, then you can do that with Kindle Unlimited! You can have up to twenty books going at one time with your membership.

No Return Date Limitation – There is no return date to remember or to rush you through reading when you add a book to your Kindle Unlimited library.

You can keep a book in your Kindle Unlimited library for as long as your subscription is active if you like unlike borrowing a library book which you can only have for a set period of time before you have to return it.

Read What You Don’t Want to Buy – If your library at home is already overflowing but you still want to read a book, you can easily do so with Kindle Unlimited while saving the cost of buying the book too!

Plus, you can first read a book through Kindle Unlimited and if it turns out to be a favorite, then you can purchase the paperback or hardcover after the fact for your library.

Read Exclusive Books – Kindle Unlimited has exclusive books you won’t find anywhere else, including Amazon Originals. Plus, with the Kindle Unlimited exclusivity clause, you will only be able to read some authors’ ebooks in Kindle Unlimited.

Read on Any Device/Easily Switch Devices – To take advantage of Kindle Unlimited, you don’t have to make any additional purchases if you already have a phone, tablet, or computer.

You can access Kindle Unlimited books with the free Kindle app which is available on all devices.

With it being available on all devices, it makes it easy to switch from device to device to read the same book and pick up where you last left off!

Discover and Support Indie Authors – Many indie authors take advantage of Kindle Unlimited and make their books available in the library to save on printing costs and gain wide distribution for their work.

If you like to support indie authors then a Kindle Unlimited subscription is the perfect way to do that!

Disadvantages of Kindle Unlimited

Here are some potential disadvantages of a Kindle Unlimited membership:

Lack of Popular New Releases – Not every new release is available in the Kindle Unlimited library but that’s not to say that you won’t find any books from bestselling authors. The Big Five publishers keep their books separate so you won’t find their titles on Kindle Unlimited.

Only Electronic Books Available – Only ebooks are available in Kindle Unlimited so if you are someone who prefers to hold a book or not read on a screen then this is a disadvantage to consider.

Cost of a Kindle Unlimited Membership – Cost is a consideration for anything and if you aren’t reading at least two books a month in Kindle Unlimited then it might not be worth it for you.

Sometimes it’s easy to start a subscription and then forget about it so if you’re not an avid reader you may not recoup your cost or you could forget to cancel your subscription and still incur costs each month you don’t use it.

Is Kindle Unlimited Worth It?

Even after considering the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited, I think it comes down to cost and books to determine if Kindle Unlimited is worth it for you.

At $11.99 a month, I believe Kindle Unlimited is a great deal for unlimited reading. Considering the cost of most paperbacks, you can easily recoup your cost if you read more than two books a month in Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited is also only worth it if it has the books you want to read! With over 4 million ebooks to choose from, I don’t think it will be hard to find something you’ll like to read.

But before making your final decision, take the time to peruse the Kindle Unlimited catalog and check out the category of books available to determine if a Kindle Unlimited subscription is worth it for you.

A Note to Romance Readers: Is Kindle Unlimited Worth It For You?

Since I run a romance book blog, I have to address my romance readers out there who may be asking if Kindle Unlimited is worth it for them.

And for me, the answer is absolutely YES!

So many romance book authors are moving their catalog of books into Kindle Unlimited and you have to take advantage.

And if you are a fan of indie romance authors then Kindle Unlimited is the place to find them and their work.

One consideration however is that romance ebook purchases are not as expensive as paperback books considering you can find ebooks in the $0.99-$6.99 range.

A lot of my favorite romance authors sell their ebooks for $4.99 so I would need to read at least 3 books to make Kindle Unlimited worth the cost.

But if I consider the price of paperbacks from my favorite authors which is significantly higher, it’s a no-brainer that Kindle Unlimited is the way to go.  

Grab your subscription and then fill up your Kindle Unlimited library with the best Kindle Unlimited romance books!

Should You Sign Up for Kindle Unlimited?

So, should you sign up for Kindle Unlimited?

I hope I’ve given you a good overview of what is included in Kindle Unlimited and how it works to help you make that decision based on your own reading habits, reading choices, and budget.

Ultimately, it’s only a question you can answer but I highly recommend that if you are considering a Kindle Unlimited membership, first sign up for a free trial.

It’s a free, no-obligation way to really dive deep into the Kindle Unlimited library and see if it has what you are looking for.

Take the month to really explore the library and all the genres that are available to you.

If you decide that Kindle Unlimited is for you, then keep an eye out for a great deal and get reading!

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