A Soul of Ash and Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout: My Book Review of the Fantasy Romance

I have been completely captivated by the From Blood and Ash series and Jennifer L. Armentrout has delivered again in her latest release, A Soul of Ash and Blood.

Check out my book review below of A Soul of Ash and Blood to see if this is a fantasy romance book worth reading and whether it lived up to the hype.

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A Soul of Ash and Blood is the latest book in the From Blood and Ash series. Check out the book review from She Reads Romance Books.

A Soul of Ash and Blood
by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Category: Fantasy Romance
Tags: Fantasy, Married Couple
Series: From Blood and Ash
Published July 2023
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★
Book Boyfriend: ★★★★★

A Soul of Ash and Blood Summary

A great primal power has risen. The Queen of Flesh and Fire has become the Primal of Blood and Bone. And the battle Casteel, Poppy, and their allies have been fighting has only just begun.

Gods are awakening across Iliseeum and the mortal realm, readying for the battle to come.

But when Poppy falls into stasis, Cas faces the very real possibility that the dire, unexpected consequences of what she is becoming could take her away from him.

Cas is given some advice, though—something he plans to cling to as he waits to see her beautiful eyes open once more: Talk to her.

And so, he does. He reminds Poppy how their journey began, revealing things about himself that only Kieran knows in the process.

But it’s anybody’s guess what she’ll wake to or exactly how much of the realm and Cas will have changed when she does.

A Soul of Ash and Blood: My Review

This is THE book for anyone who’s fallen in love with the From Blood and Ash series and the epic love story of Poppy and Casteel.

I for one have been consumed by this fantasy romance series ever since book one, From Blood and Ash, and I was ecstatic that Armentrout decided to add this book to the series that essentially gives us book one again but told from Casteel’s point of view. Genius.

Honestly, this book came at the best time to remind me where Poppy and Casteel started, what is driving their quest and helped to get me back into the story that is already five books in.

You’ll learn how Casteel becomes part of the Guard, how he maneuvers himself into a position of one of Poppy’s personal guards and of course how me ends up at The Red Pearl for that epic scene.

Don’t worry, though, the book does start in the present to rehash where Poppy, Casteel and Kieran are reeling from the battle in the previous book.

From there you get these great flashbacks to book one that were so much fun to relive, only from Casteel’s vantage point.

Alas, the book does end on a cliffhanger so now we’re left waiting for book six to debut.

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