Book Review: For You & No One Else by Roni Loren

Check out the book review of Roni Loren’s latest in the Say Everything series, For You & No One Else, from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

She’ll tell you whether this office neighbors to lovers romance is one worth reading.

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Check out the book review of For You & No One Else by Roni Loren, from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

For You & No One Else
by Roni Loren

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Office Neighbors to Lovers, Bet, Tortured Hero, Age Gap, Hacker, Therapist
Series: Say Everything
Published July 2022
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★½
Boyfriend Rating: 💍💍💍💍

As a therapist, Eliza Catalano part of her job is to look like she has all the answers, right?

But when Eliza ends up as a viral “Worst Date Ever” meme, everything in her Instagram-filtered world begins to crumble.

Enter the most obnoxiously attractive man she’s ever met, and a bet she can’t resist: if she swears off social media for six months, Beck Carter’ll teach her the wonders of surviving the “real world.”

It seems like the perfect deal—but something about Beck’s raw honesty speaks to Eliza in ways she never expected.

She knows he’s supposed to be completely hands-off, but as complex feelings grow and walls come tumbling down Beck may be exactly what Eliza needs to finally, truly face herself—and decide who she really wants to be. 

I love it when I find an author who delivers time and time again with each book. Roni Loren is one of those authors as she has blown me away with every book in her Say Everything series.

For You & No One Else is so well written and really made me think.

I could totally feel for Eliza who has a certain “life path” laid out in her mind that includes marriage and kids but which hasn’t come to fruition yet.

After a disastrously bad date which she found from a dating app (thank GOD I never had to use those!), she’s ready to thrown in the towel.

Which is why she is set and ready to take Beck’s bet to go off-line for 6 months and try and find “the one” the ‘ole fashion way.

Beck, Eliza’s office neighbor, doesn’t hold anything back when they first meet, which can be a bit abrasive at first to Eliza, but who actually finds it really refreshing to be around someone who says what’s on his mind and doesn’t hold anything back.

What you see is what you get and that is what Eliza shows in return. And that is what is so refreshing about her connection with Beck.

She doesn’t have to “put on a show” or think about presenting her best self because isn’t that what you do on your first dates. And how exhausting is that?

I love how Loren explores this idea of authenticity in this romance. How do you find someone while also being authentic to who you are?

Is that possible in the world of online dating? What’s the alternative?

I also loved how she made me question so many things that came up for Eliza and Beck.

Do you take someone at their word about what they want and don’t want?

Do you spend time with someone any way because they make you feel good even though they aren’t offering what you ultimately want?

Is happy for now better than nothing or is it a recipe for heartache?

I went back and forth on my answers to these questions but I loved how the story unfolded between Eliza and Beck so much.

It gave a wonderful happily ever after and perfect wrap-up to a series.

Loren will be one of those one-click authors for me because she undoubtedly gives the best writing, wonderful characters and such thought-provoking stories.

*Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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Check out the book review of Roni Loren's latest in the Say Everything series, For You & No One Else, to see if this is an office neighbors to lovers romance worth reading.
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