Fortuity by Jewel E. Ann: My Review of this Romance Book

Check out my book review of this amazing, single parent romance book that will sweep you away. Fortuity was my first Jewel E. Ann novel but won’t be my last!

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Fortuity  by Jewel E. Ann is a wonderfully written romance book that brings love to two single parents who’ve been hurt by love in the past. Fans of neighbors to lovers stories will find this book worth reading. Book review by romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

by Jewel E. Ann

Series: Transcend
Contemporary Romance
Tags: Single Parent, Neighbors to Lovers
, Found Family, Older Heroine

Rating: ★★★★★

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This was a book I totally picked up on a whim because I was seeing a lot of recommendations for it.

I’m so glad that I did because it is one of the best books of 2020 that I’ve read this year so far. I realized after the fact that it is the third book in a series but I read it as a standalone.

Fortuity is one of those books where two people who have been devastated by love in the past, finally find a love that lasts.

Both Gracelyn and Nathaniel have had their hearts broken multiple times to the point where Gracelyn has put herself on a self-imposed man ban and Nathaniel has been relationship-less for the last 10 years!

But these two are thrown together by happenstance and given a new chance at a happily ever after.

Yes! Another book with a heroine in her forties! We meet Gracelyn when she’s on her self-imposed man ban having had her heart broken by three men in her life.

Her heart is even more shattered when her brother and his wife pass in an accident, leaving her as the guardian to her ten-year-old nephew, Gabe.

They move into a house on the beach in San Diego, renting the top floor from an older gentleman whom they befriend.

Next door lives Nathaniel, who recently moved in with his ten-year-old daughter, Morgan, after having traveled with world for eight years.

San Diego is their last stop on their world travels for a few months before moving back to Wisconsin to be near their family whom they’ve been a part from for so long.

He too has suffered lost love three times and has since focused his life on raising his daughter.

Neither Gracelyn nor Nathaniel are looking to start a relationship given their finite time as neighbors, but it didn’t take long to see sparks.

It helped that Morgan is so lovable and friendly toward Graceyln and Gabe giving no choice for these neighbors to become friends.

I liked that this story isn’t too marred down in their past relationships and hurts. You learn just enough to understand where their hearts are and the chasm that had to be crossed to open them up to love again.

They weren’t rehashed to the point it made you depressed but to where you could sense real devastation in these two.

This was brilliantly balanced with moments of sweetness, hilarity and pure summer fun.

Morgan and Gabe were great characters in themselves helping to move the relationship between the adults along with levity along the way.

Navigating a relationship while also trying to do what’s best for your children is not an easy feat. I liked how the kids weren’t just side pieces to this story, nor were their interests just discarded.

Nate and Gracelyn had to make some tough choices when it came to being parents first and foremost and I appreciated that aspect of this story as it unfolded.

The most surprising aspect to this story is the slightly dominant side to Nate that you see behind closed doors. That was so hot!

As a parent myself I could totally relate to his determination to want to keep Morgan away from screens. Morgan was a hoot and I loved how she just put herself out there.

She didn’t hold anything back when it came to asking questions either. She was so funny and the time she asked Gracelyn about what she walked in on in the kitchen was hilarious!

I didn’t read the prior books in the Transcend series and after reading the book synopses for them, I don’t think I will.

I like the picture I have of Nate now and want to keep it.

I really liked that I went into this book blind and found myself really liking the characters and story. It tugged on my heart and had me rooting for their happy ending for sure! A must read for sure in my opinion.

What is your favorite Jewel E. Ann romance book? Share in the comments!

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