Love Matched by Laney Hatcher: My Review

Laney Hatcher continues her historical romance, London Ladies Embroidery series with her latest release, Love Matched. Check out my book review below of Love Matched to see what I thought of her adaptation to Sandra and Alex’s story!

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Check out She Reads Romance Books' book review of Love Matched by Laney Hatcher.

Love Matched
by Laney Hatcher

Category: Historical Romance
Tags: Historical, Virgin
Series: London Ladies Embroidery
Published October 2023
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★
Book Boyfriend: ★★★★

Love Matched Summary:

There are three things you need to know about Lady Cassandra Fields:
1. Despite being beloved, this diamond of the first water has yet to land a husband.
2. Her bold personality and giving heart help fuel her charitable endeavors.
3. She’s looking for adventure–something beyond ballgowns, drawing rooms, and her ladylike skill with needle and thread.

Thus far, Cassandra’s abysmal luck has kept her from reaching her goals. With no husband and no household, she’s beginning to wonder if she has a future at all.

A surprising encounter with a cunning thief brings more to light than Cassandra is prepared to handle.

But the lady has never backed down from a challenge, and it seems this mystery man might have finally met his match.

When circumstances, once again, threaten Lady Cassandra’s dreams, she must decide if she’s willing to risk her careful plans for the thief who has stolen her heart.

Love Matched: My Review

I’m a bit obsessed with Laney Hatcher’s historical romance books and her historical retellings of the Knitting in the City series.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, what a FABULOUS idea to reimagine a favorite contemporary romance series as historical romance novels and Penny Reid put her beloved series in good hands with Hatcher.

Love Hacked is one of my favorite romance books of all time and obviously of the Knitting in the Cirty series so I was a bit excited to fall for Cassandra and Alex all over again.

In the contemporary version, Sandra is a child psychologist who is completely unlucky at finding love and Alex is a loner, hacker. Well in Love Matched, Cassandra is still the sassy heroine we love who is equally unlucky in love.

Every one of her suitors seems to have an unfavorable run-in when it comes to Cassandra but there’s a rumor that after surviving a mishap with Cassandra, the man will find his true match.

I can’t imagine that is something nice to hear and nor does Cassandra take it lightly. But then she finally meets Alexander – the footman who has watched her at several balls and events throughout the season.

Though both may be equally taken with one another, any feelings are doomed to go nowhere before they even speak to one another because of their different places in society.

And given their different social standings, I loved how there is a bit of a hate to love you start to this novel given Alex’s determination to keep Cassandra in his prejudiced box where he believes that she’s just like any other snooty lady of the ton but she quickly proves him wrong.

There really is so much to love about this novel:

  • A story about love found despite their different social status
  • A strong heroine who is smart, and thoughtful and yet doesn’t back down from what she wants and what she wants is MORE
  • An equally engaging hero who overcame so much and finally believed he could have MORE

I only wish that there was a bit more to the “danger” that their relationship posed to both of them and more of the tight-knit friend group.

Hatcher does set the stage nicely for Fiona’s story which I do hope is next so we will have to see!

*Thank you to Smartypants Romance for the advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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Check out She Reads Romance Books book review of Love Matched by Laney Hatcher.
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