Book Review: Bastard Bachelor Society by Sara Ney

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Bastard Bachelor Society by Sara Ney is a new contemporary romance for January 2020. Check out the book review by romance blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Bastard Bachelor Society
by Sara Ney

Series: The Bachelor’s Club
Contemporary Romance
Tags: Neighbors to Lovers


Rating: ★★★

A Review that Almost Wasn’t

So… this is an interesting book review for me to write because I’m rating it a 3, maybe even a 3.5, when I almost did not finish it – what the what?! Let me explain…

I really didn’t care for the first 6 chapters of this book and almost threw in the towel. Brooks and his friends seemed so juvenile to me when I guess I went into this book expecting more mature, 30 something, business professionals making a pact together.

When really, it felt like a bunch of frat boys, not even 20 something young professionals, making what kind of seemed like a silly club. BUT after chapter 6 the story finds its feet and takes off into what I’ve come to describe as signature Sara Ney writing.

What I mean by that is that Ney has this awesome ability to create stories that really just center on the 2 main characters and their interactions with the rest of the outer world just sort of slipping away.

Sure, Brooks made this no dating pact with his two buddies and sure he supposedly has this awesome, demanding job as an architect, but we really don’t see much of his work or his friends for the rest of the story.  

Same goes for Abbott. She’s a big player at her company and yet we really don’t see her work at all either.

Bastard Bachelor Society really becomes the story of Brooks and Abbott growing closer, becoming friends and possibly more despite that not being the intent at all, especially on Brooks’ part.

So, I just took it at face value that these are young people who supposedly have lives and friends outside of each other, but that we are just going to see this birds eye view on the two of them for this story and, I have to say that I LOVED that.

I think Ney is one of those authors who can really pull this off with her characters (as she has in the Jock Hard series which I devoured!).

What I Loved

I did laugh out loud at some of the banter and crassness of Brooks and his friends.

“You’re one handsome devil, Brooks Bennett,” Phillip tells me over my shoulder, standing behind me. Runs his hands along my shoulders, smoothing out the wrinkled fabric. “One sexy son of a bitch.” “I’d fuck you,” Blaine decides out loud. “I’d fuck you, too,” I tell him. “I’d fuck both of you,” Phillip chimes in loudly. “And I’d fuck myself.”

Brooks’ inner monologue regarding his thoughts toward Abbott was just too much too, especially when he brings a Madonna song to mind.

“I can’t stop thinking about banging her now, or sucking and thrusting, or, at the very least, dry-humping her lady parts. At this point, I’d settle for her dry-fucking my thigh…Shit, I totally misjudged my sweet neighbor. She looks so unassuming and innocent, even while almost naked. Like a virgin, touched for the very first time…Shut the fuck up, idiot. Focus or your dick will get stiffer and you’ll humiliate yourself.”

And then there was Nan – who surprisingly didn’t make a lot of appearances but man she was a hoot! I loved her addition to this story.

What Fell Short

On the flipside, I really wish the beginning was stronger as I think it could lose some readers. Plus, the side additions of Brooks’ friend’s ex-girlfriend and his intern seemed kind of unnecessary when instead a bit more background on both main characters could have helped strengthen the story.

Brooks’ friends themselves weren’t anything special to me either and were kind of odd. The whole cat as a character just wasn’t my cup of tea either.

So I guess what I’m saying is that the book would have been really great if it just stuck to the Brooks and Abbott parts 😊

That said, I did laugh my ass off at times and really rooted for these two.

Thank you to Sara Ney for this advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

Would you make a secret pact or society among friends? What would it be for? Share in the comments below.

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