February 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge

Join us for the February 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge where things heat up!

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Join in the February 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge by She Reads Romance Books.

The February 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge Has Begun!

Happy February! If you’ve been with me from the start with 2020’s Romance Book Reading Challenge, then hopefully you just completed the challenge for January and possibly even one or more of the January 2020 monthly challenges! If so, kudos to you – and don’t forget to share what you’ve read and if you’d recommend it in the comments below.

If you are new to the Romance Book Reading Challenge for 2020 and just joining us – welcome! – and get ready for some fun and great reading.

This year’s challenge is keeping it real and reading just one romance book each month.

Each month’s theme focuses on a different genre or romance book trope. For January, the reading challenge was to read one contemporary romance book. This month, we will read one erotic romance book – hubba hubba!

Erotic Romance – February’s Reading Challenge Selection

Now erotic romance can carry quite a heavy stigma – that it’s just porn – but that is not the truth. If you are an erotic romance virgin and have never read a book in this genre, I explain what exactly erotic romance is (and how it’s NOT porn or erotica) in on my erotic romance books post and give a number of book recommendations for your virgin eyes.

Sure erotic romance books probably have more graphic sex in them but so could your next contemporary romance. The sex in erotic romance books is not graphic for graphic sake but is integral to the character and relationship development in the story. Without it, the story would be damaged.

And don’t worry, a happily ever after is a requirement for all erotic romances.

So have fun picking a book in this month’s selected genre!

Want to Increase the Challenge?

If you’d like to take the Romance Book Reading Challenge up a notch this month or you really love this month’s genre, then you can tackle the February monthly romance book reading challenge.

For this month’s reading challenge, I’ve given you four additional categories for selecting an erotic romance book read in February. So if you’re up to reading more romance books this month, choose more erotic romance books based on these recommendations and ideas:

  • A Menage Romance
  • A Sex Club Romance
  • A BDSM Romance
  • A Paranormal Erotic Romance

Want Me to Pick an Erotic Romance Book for You?

If you want me to give you an erotic romance recommendation, I suggest you check out my list of best erotic romance books.

My Favorite Erotic Romance Author: Sawyer Bennett

One of my favorite authors is Sawyer Bennett, who writes erotic romances centered around a sex club. You can’t go wrong with any book from her Wicked Horse or Wicked Horse Vegas series – and all can be read as a standalone.

What’s My February 2020 Romance Book Challenge Selection?

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning is She Reads Romance Books blogger’s choice of erotic romance for the February 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge.

Backstage Pass
by Olivia Cunning

My February 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge Selection is Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning.

I have a weakness for rock star romance series so Backstage Pass made it to the top of my must read erotic romance list. Plus, I have yet to read a book by Olivia Cunning and I love checking out new authors (so I can devour their entire book catalogue if I like them!)

When the book blurb for this erotic romance starts off with “Five stunning guys, one hot woman, and a feverish romance…” who knows where this is going to go but I can’t wait to find out!

What’s Up Next in March?

Be sure to share in the comments below what you are reading this month and we will cheer you along! Then get ready for March’s Romance Book Reading Challenge when we’ll take on a rock star theme romance. 🙂

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