Romance Book Reading Challenge 2020

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Join in the romance book reading challenge for 2020 where we will read one romance book each month in a different romance book genre or romance book trope.

Romance Book Reading Challenge for 2020 – Are You In?!

This year I’m jumping on the bandwagon and ushering in 2020 with my own version of a romance book reading challenge.

Will you join me? YAY!

Although I devour romance novels and probably read at least two every week, I wanted to make this challenge doable and fun, so we will be reading one romance book each month.

That’s 12 romance books for the year – doable, yes?!

I thought that a challenge where you read one romance book a week would be well, too much of a challenge as life can get BUSY, and I don’t want this reading challenge to become a chore.

So, I decided to keep it simple and pick a few popular genres and a few popular romance book tropes as the main focus of the reading challenge for this year.

Monthly Romance Book Reading Challenges

Each month the reading challenge will feature one romance book genre or trope, and I’ll be sure to offer book suggestions to kick start ideas for your monthly romance book selection.

If, during one month you want to take it up a notch and read more than one book, I’ll offer some additional, monthly challenges as well.

These monthly challenges will dive deeper into the monthly genre or trope and give you some more ideas for book titles to choose from.

Just click on the monthly challenge image below to learn more about these challenges and find book recommendations!

This is going to be so much fun!

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Ready to get started? You can print the bookmark below which lists the monthly romance book challenge topics and click on the monthly challenges to learn more. Happy reading!

Print Your Romance Book Reading Challenge Book Mark & View the Monthly Challenges:

2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge Bookmark
January 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
February  2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
March  2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
April 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
May  2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
June  2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
July  2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
July 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
September  2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
October  2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
november 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge
December 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge

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