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Romance Book Reading Challenge 2022

The Romance Book Reading Challenge is the activity of the year if you are a romance book reader.

Join me for the 2022 She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge – the only reading challenge devoted exclusively to romance.

I’ve got a SPECIAL BONUS for this year’s reading challenge, plus you don’t want to miss out on the free printable and the free bookmark to track your progress that I’m giving away below, so let’s dive in!

Join the She Reads Romance Books 2022 Romance Book Reading Challenge.

It’s here! Join me this year for the 2022 She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge – the book challenge where we read romance ALL YEAR LONG.

But don’t worry. This reading challenge is perfect for the romance fanatic or the new romance book reader.

Basically, if you like reading romance or want to explore the genre, then this is the reading challenge for you.

The 2022 She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge

Read 12 Books in One Year!

The goal with this reading challenge is to read ONE romance book each month, for a total of 12 romance books for the year.

The theme for the reading challenge will focus on a different romance book category or trope each month.

The goal is to push yourself to explore the wide variety of storylines in the romance book genre. But, if you find you don’t care for a particular month’s theme, no problem. Just change it up!


2022 She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge Themes

January – Historical Romance

February – Sports Romance

March – Office Romance

April – First in a Romance Series

May – Slow Burn Romance

June – #OwnVoices Romance

July – Romance that Inspires Travel

August – Royal Romance

September – New Adult Romance

October – Fantasy Romance

November – Romance Retelling

December – New Author to You

Sound like fun? Who’s with me? But wait…there’s more!

The 2022 Reading Challenge BONUS

This year’s She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge also includes a Reading Challenge BINGO game!

Download your free 2022 Romance Book Reading Challenge tracker and Bingo sheets.

The bingo game includes all 12 monthly reading challenge themes PLUS 13 EXTRA reading challenges.

The bingo challenge gives you multiple ways “to win” and even more romance themes to explore.

Follow along with the reading challenge and play bingo or just pick whichever you like best.

Why You Should Join the Reading Challenge

There’s so much to reading romance, why wouldn’t you want to read it? But here are a few reasons you should definitely join this year’s challenge:

It’s Fun!

My goals for this and every year’s reading challenge are for it to be a lot of fun and to help readers discover great romance books worth reading.

It Gives You a Reading Goal!

Sometimes you just don’t know what you want to read. That’s where this reading challenge can help by giving you reading recommendations and a goal to reach this year.

It Diversifies Your Reading!

Whether you want to laugh or cry or even get a bit hot and bothered, there’s honestly something for everyone in the genre.

This reading challenge is just a fun way to do it.

How to Join the Reading Challenge

Joining the reading challenge is easy and open to any reader.

Simply follow along with the monthly themes above and have fun. You can jump in at any time and if you need to take a break, just hop back in whenever you are able.

Grab Your Free Romance Reading Challenge Tracker

Keep track of this year’s themes and your book selections all in one place with the Romance Book Reading Challenge Tracker.

You can grab your free copy along with the Reading Challenge Bingo bonus below.

By joining my list, you’ll also receive my recommendations for each month’s theme and special monthly challenges to spice things up!

Download your free 2022 Romance Book Reading Challenge tracker and Bingo sheets.

Remember All Your Reading Challenge Favorites

You definitely don’t want to miss out on the free 2022 Reading Challenge Tracker. But if you’re looking to track even more about your favorite romance book reads this year, then you need to check out the Romance Book Reading Journal!

Check out the Romance Book Reading Journal, the romance book tracker, planner and journal all in one designed exclusively for romance book readers.

The Romance Book Reading Journal is a printable reading tracker, planner and journal all in one with over 75 pages for you to customize.

I created it exclusively for romance book readers who want to remember everything about their most favorite books.

With pages such as the monthly reading tracker, favorite quotes tracker, book series list, book review form and pages to track your favorites in over 20 categories and tropes, it has everything you could possibly need and want (plus more!) in a book journal.

Grab your copy here!

Share Your Reading Challenge Selections on Facebook

This year I not only want everyone to participate, I also want to know what you’re reading.

Follow me on Facebook

Are you following me on Facebook? If not, get on that!

Every month there will be a specific post on the She Reads Romance Books Facebook page for Reading Challenge participants to share their book selections for that month’s theme.

Comment on each month’s post with your book selection, engage with other readers or even link up with a buddy reader!

Download the Reading Challenge Bookmark

To remind you of what’s ahead in this year’s reading challenge, be sure to also print the 2022 She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge bookmark.

Download the free bookmark for the 2022 She Reads Romance Books Romance Book Reading Challenge.

Join the Challenge Today!


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