September 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge

Check out the September 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge and book suggestions for your pick this month!

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September 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge

September 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge – Read About Love on a College Campus

September is back to school month so for this month’s reading challenge we are heading back to school where love is found on a college campus.

Fans of new adult romance will love this month’s theme because it’s all about young adults who are just starting out on their own and coming into their own identities. Get ready to read a college romance book!

If you’re new to this year’s Romance Book Reading Challenge jump in and join us.

I’m keeping it easy and simple with the challenge goal of reading one romance book each month to give readers a varied look at all that this book genre has to offer.

Whether you’re new to romance or a romance book junkie like me, you’ll love all the themes we explore in this Challenge.

College Romance – September’s Reading Challenge Theme

To participate in the September 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge, all you have to do is pick one college romance book to read and you’ve don it!

College romance novels have a lot of variety but a common theme among these new adult romance books is a coming of age story.

They feature college students who are figuring out their way in the adult world while also navigating relationships. There are many first love stories and stories of broken hearts so the choices are endless.

A large number of college romance books center around college athletes so if college sports romance books are your jam, then you’ve got this Challenge in the bag. You can pick a book about the star quarterback, the hockey captain or the baseball stud and the women who claim their hearts.

Check out my epic book list of college romance books to help you pick this month’s selection.

Want to Increase the Challenge?

If you’d like to take the Romance Book Reading Challenge up a notch this month or you really love this month’s genre, then you can tackle the September monthly romance book reading challenge.

For the September 2020 reading challenge, I’ve given you four categories for selecting additional college romance books to read. Or if you’d just like to stick within the new adult romance genre, that is great too.

If you’re up to reading more than one romance book this month, choose one book from each of these sub-categories:

  • College Sports Romance Book
  • College Romance Book Featuring a Virgin
  • College Romance Book Series That’s New to You
  • College Romance Book by a New Author to You

Want Me to Pick a College Romance Book for You?

If you’d like a college romance book recommendation, pick one of my favorites below or check out my book list of college romance books.

The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart book cover.

The Guy on the Right
by Kate Stewart

Teddy may be the band geek on campus but he knows a thing or two about what women want and he’s not letting his hot shot football star roommate win the girl he’s after.

This 5 star book hit so many boxes for me that I instantly wanted to reread it. It had me sighing from the sweet romantic gestures, it had me laughing out loud with its many hilarious moments, it had me fanning myself with its hot, panty melting sex and overall had me rooting for Laney and Theo’s HEA in this opposites attract, new friends to lovers story.

Jock Row by Sara Ney book cover

Jock Row
by Sara Ney

Scarlett likes to keep her friends out of trouble but guys call her the jock blocker so she’s been banned from Jock Row. The job to keep her out of the baseball house falls to the university’s hot shot short stop.

I really liked this book because it was unlike so many romance books. It’s SIMPLE (and I mean that in the best possible way) in that you are along for the ride in “watching” how Scarlett and Rowdy meet, connect and fall for one another over a period of weeks.

Sara Ney is at writing characters, their dialogue and moving along a beautiful story of falling in love. After reading it check out the entire series!

Upsy Daisy by Chelsie Edwards book cover.

Upsy Daisy
by Chelsie Edwards

Daisy Payton is a freshman at college ready to start a new chapter in her life, on her own and away from the pressures associated with her family name. She didn’t expect to meet Trevor Boone, a senior who’s biding his time til graduation.

This was an amazing book that takes you back to the ‘70s. It delved into friendship, the bonds of family, the importance of loyalty, honesty, forgiveness and grace. It also peered into the different social stratas, familial expectations and grief. Now that is A LOT to cover in one book but Edwards does it so brilliantly that I didn’t want the book to end. A fantastic college romance!

Want Me by Neve Wilder book cover

Want Me
by Neve Wilder

Nate is clearly letting off some steam in his room while studying when his roommate Eric walks in on him unannounced. Only Eric doesn’t turn his gaze right away, enjoying the view, and Nate finds he enjoys it too. Thus starts off a story of sexual discovery for Nate who realizes he’s not so straight after all.

This book checks boxes for both college romance and MM romance. But let me tell you, it’s also one HOT, erotic romance. One of my most favorite college romances!

What’s My September 2020 Romance Book Challenge Selection?

Finding Dandelion book cover

Finding Dandelion
by Lex Martin

Dani is a college student who decides to be carefree for a night and hooks up with a player. She shouldn’t be surprised when they run into each other again and he doesn’t recognize her.

Gah! What a start to a romance! I can’t wait to check out this college romance book, especially since it’s written by an author I have yet to check out!

What’s Up Next in October?

Be sure to share in the comments below what you are reading this month and we will cheer you along!

Then get ready for October’s Romance Book Reading Challenge when we’ll read a romantic suspense book!

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