May 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge

See what’s in store for the May 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge.

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Join in the May 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge by She Reads Romance Books. This month we are reading an office romance book.

Let the May 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge Begin!

It’s the beginning of a new month, so it’s time for a new challenge for our 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge!

Although most offices are probably empty these days due to social distancing and COVID-19, we are heading into the boardroom for the May 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge and selecting one office romance book to read to explore this popular book trope.

But first, let’s check in! How are you doing so far with the book challenge? In case you are new to this challenge, welcome to the She Reads Romance Books Romance Book Reading Challenge for 2020!

This year we are reading one romance book each month for the entire year. For the January 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge, we tackled a contemporary romance book and for the February 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge we devoured an erotic romance book.

For the March Romance Book Reading Challenge we fan-girled over a rock star romance book and for the April Romance Book Reading Challenge we went back in time and read a historical romance. You can easily catch up or just dive into this month’s challenge.

Office Romance – May’s Reading Challenge Theme

We are taking things from the boardroom to the bedroom for the May 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge. Fans of the office romance book trope will enjoy this month’s challenge.

All you have to do is pick one office romance book to read and you’ve completed the challenge.

The choices for an office romance book can be endless! There are several office environments to explore such as the corporate business world, the law office scene, the Hollywood scene, the newsroom or even sports teams.

You can also choose an office romance that looks at love between coworkers, the boss and employee, the employer and nanny or the boss an intern.

If you are new to this popular romance book trope, you’ll want to check out my list of best office romance books.

In this list I put together my 10, all-time favorite office romance books that I’ve read that will make anyone fall in love with this trope so check it out to get started.

Want to Increase the Challenge?

If you’d like to take the Romance Book Reading Challenge up a notch this month or you really love this month’s genre, then you can tackle the May monthly romance book reading challenge.

For the May 2020 reading challenge, I’ve given you four categories for selecting additional office romance books to read.

So if you’re up to reading more than one romance book this month, choose office romances that feature different professions and different office relationships. These are some suggestions to help you choose:

  • Law Office Romance
  • Billionaire Office Romance
  • Businessman Office Romance
  • Nanny Office Romance

Want Me to Pick an Office Romance Book for You?

If you want me to give you an office romance book recommendation, I suggest you check out my list of best office romance books.

What’s My May 2020 Romance Book Challenge Selection?

A Reclusive Heart  is romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books’ choice of office romance for the May 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge.

A Reclusive Heart
by R.L. Mathewson

My May 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge Selection is A Reclusive Heart by R.L. Mathewson. I originally picked a different book for this month’s selection but a few chapters in I had to stop. Bummer!

So I’m switching it up because I want to read a good book and R.L. Mathewson never disappoints. I haven’t read a book in her Hollywood Hearts series yet so now is the time.

I can’t wait to check out A Reclusive Heart in which an editor and his author cross the company lines, and he shows her how to be less of a recluse.

What’s Up Next in June?

Be sure to share in the comments below what you are reading this month and we will cheer you along! Then get ready for June’s Romance Book Reading Challenge when we’ll tackle Sports Romance, a romance book genre that I’m a big fan of!

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