August 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge

See what’s in store for the August 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge and join in the fun.

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August 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge

August 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge – When Relationships Starting Out as Fake Turn Real!

This month we are changing things up with the romance book reading challenge with an all new romance book trope! If there is one thing that is so fabulous about the romance book genre, it’s that there is something for EVERYONE!

There are so many sub-genres and different tropes in the romance book universe that you can seriously find one type of story that you love and read book upon book upon book.

That’s what’s so fun about this reading challenge. Throughout the year we’ve been exploring different tropes so hopefully you’re finding a new aspect of the romance genre that you’ll reread again and again.

Has a particular sub genre or trope stood out to you in the Romance Book Reading Challenge so far? Please share and let me know in the comments below.

As always, if you’re new to the challenge this month- Welcome!

Feel free to just join in on the fun this month though you can always go back and catch up from previous month’s challenges that speak to you as well.

Fake Relationship Romance – August’s Reading Challenge Theme

This month we’re exploring the fake relationship trope for the August 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge.

All you have to do is pick one fake relationship romance book to read and you’ve completed the challenge. That’s it- done and check!

This romance trope is a particular favorite because the romance catches the hero and heroine off guard (although some books in this trope have one person pining after the other in the fake relationship set up!).

Usually both the hero and the heroine each have a need for a pretend boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance causing them to agree to a fake relationship.

I just love it when the couples in these books show affection in public to make their relationship believable and find themselves surprised when the line between platonic friends and lovers begins to blur.

It’s fantastic because usually there is some great chemistry and slow burn that leads to their happily ever after.

If you are new to this popular romance book trope, you’ll want to check out my list of favorite fake relationships romance books. You’ll also want to view my list of best marriage of convenience books.

These books are a particular trope all their own but have a fake relationship aspect to them. Only in these novels, the couples take their fake relationship one step further, actually getting married! Their love stories come after saying “I do” and they’re fabulous.

Want to Increase the Challenge?

If you’d like to take the Romance Book Reading Challenge up a notch this month or you really love this month’s genre, then you can tackle the August monthly romance book reading challenge.

For the August 2020 reading challenge, I’ve given you four categories for selecting additional fake relationship romance books to read. So if you’re up to reading more than one romance book this month, choose one book from each of these sub-categories:

  • Fake Fiance
  • Fake Girlfriend (a boy seeks out a fake girlfriend)
  • Fake Boyfriend (a girl seeks out a fake boyfriend)
  • Fake Marriage

What’s My August 2020 Romance Book Challenge Selection?

A Prince on Paper book cover

A Prince on Paper
by Alyssa Cole

My August 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge Selection is A Prince on Paper by Alyssa Cole.

I’m excited to read this book as my challenge selection because it’s written by an author I have yet to read. Also, who doesn’t like a royal romance?

In this case, the fake relationship is between a member of a royal family and the girl who doesn’t believe Prince Charming exists in real life. Their relationship may be fake to throw the paparrazzi off the heir to the throne but I’m excited to see how it transpires from fake to real love.

What’s Up Next in September?

Be sure to share in the comments below what you are reading this month and we will cheer you along!

Then get ready for September’s Romance Book Reading Challenge when we’ll read a book in one of two great sub-genre of romance: college or new adult romance! Let’s go back to school and find love on a college campus.

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