Book Review: Famous in a Small Town by Kylie Scott

Kylie Scott released a new rock star romance book, Famous in a Small Town and I was all over it!

Check out my review to see what I thought of this neighbors-to-lovers romance book.

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Famous in a Small Town is a new romance book release coming April 2022.

Famous in a Small Town
by Kylie Scott

Category: Contemporary Romance, Rock Star Romance
Tags: Rock Star, Fake Relationship, Widow, Small Town, Neighbors to Lovers
Published April 2022
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★½
Boyfriend Rating: 💍💍💍

Two years after his wife’s passing, rock star Garrett Hayes hasn’t moved on. But he has escaped to the small town of Wildwood where he expected peace, not his new neighbor Ani.

Ani Bennet returned to her hometown for some much-needed serenity. The last thing she needs is a grumpy, too hot for his own good, rich and famous rock star living next door—who sets off her inner fangirl.

What chance does a small-town girl have with a world-famous rock star? It’s time for Ani to set her fears aside and find out.

I was so excited to jump into a new rock star romance from Kylie Scott, and I really, really wanted to like this but this book felt like two completely different books merged into one which just did not work for me.

The first half or so of the book, I adored.

I was really pulled into this small town and these two wounded souls. Garrett was a man still devasted from losing his wife two years ago and Ani was still recovering from her own trauma four years ago – A trauma that would really impact a new relationship mind you.

I was really invested in these two loners who seemed to be thrown together merely because they were neighbors.

But then the book took a complete turn into instalove and happyville where their issues were miraculously overcome overnight and everything became hunky-dory in a matter of days. The end.


When we first meet Garrett, this man is still grieving and is even stricken with major guilt from one kiss. But then all of a sudden, he’s ALL IN with Ani. I mean the mental shift he made was such an about-turn that it was really jarring and unbelievable to me.

Plus, they literally went through every major relationship milestone within just a few days (one maybe a few weeks but still). I don’t know anyone who moves in on day two of dating.

Ani wasn’t without her own issues but those seemed to just disappear overnight as well when years of therapy hadn’t helped. Poof!

I found these two to be really compelling characters and would have loved to have seen more of their journey, more of their past and more of their struggle honestly. Yes, they had a few deep conversations where they shared a personal tidbit or two, but I really needed more to believe that they fell madly in love and were completely over their issues.

Scott really could have played up more on their forced proximity as neighbors too which would have been great.

So, where I loved the beginning and felt for these two characters, their complete about-face just felt like some major whiplash which just made the rest of the story unbelievable.

I say if you love Scott’s rock star romances, check it out for yourself and see what you think. I will probably check out the next book if she chooses to write about Seth or any of the other members of the band but I wanted more with this one.

*I received an advanced reader copy, all opinions are my own.

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