Book Review: Hooked On Her by Stacey Lynn

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Hooked on Her  by   Stacey Lynn is a hockey sports romance book with a best friend’s little sister love story. Book review by romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books

Hooked on Her
by Stacey Lynn

Series: Ice Kings
Sports Romance, Contemporary Romance
Tags: Hockey, Little Sister

Rating: ★★


I jumped at the chance to read Hooked on Her because I’m a big fan of hockey romance books, plus I was in the mood to try a book from an author I’ve never read before. This is actually more of a friends-to-lovers story as it features a romance that finally blossoms between a hockey stud and the girl who’s he’s always crushed on – his teammate’s younger sister.

Told from dual points of view you get both angles of this story as Tessa and Jason try to navigate a new relationship. Initially their reaction to one another was always one of snark, teasing and antagonism to hide their attraction to each another. But now that Tessa’s ex-fiance has moved out and cleared out their entire apartment and bank account, she’s actually taking up Jason’s idea of moving to Charlotte to take a job with his hockey team AND move into his apartment.

I love it when a romance story brings two people together who have been pining for each other from afar for so long. Tessa has had a mad crush on Jason since she was a teen and has always wanted him. Now her dream has come true. He’s tired of waiting because he’s always loved her but couldn’t have her since she was taken. Well since she’s no longer engaged, he’s just come out and said it – he wants her. He’s not waiting any more.

So what does Tessa do? She hems and haws – plays hard to get, saying one thing when feeling another. I DON’T GET IT! Tessa goes on and on how much she’s been crushing on Jason but when he finally admits the same, she totally backtracks. I get it that there is some fear to taking things to the next level and potentially ruining a friendship and one between a teammate and her brother but if the guy I’d been crushing on since I was a teen finally announced that he was just as into me, I’d be all over it.

Instead, she totally says the opposite of what she’s feeling and kind of pushes him away. Sure she just left a crazy relationship, but it’s not like the guy is randomly proposing a fling. He said he wants a relationship, always has, and will take it at her pace. So why is she acting so bizarre? It honestly gave me whiplash and was really frustrating since it went on for more than half of the book.

Once she gets over herself there wasn’t much to the story. There’s a bit of will she stay in Charlotte or will she return to Canada but that wasn’t even a big deal. The ending was quite anti-climactic and I would have wanted a lot more than that proposal.

This was the third book in the Ice Kings series. I admittedly haven’t read the prior two books and I assume some of the teammates mentioned were in these books but I was able to keep up regardless. I wish I could say that I loved this story, but I didn’t.

*Thank you to Social Butterfly PR for the advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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