New Romance Book Releases for September 2021 You Can’t Miss

Looking for the most anticipated, new romance book releases coming this September? Check out this book list of my top 10 new romance book releases for September 2021.

These are the romance books I consider must reads for any romance book lover!

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Check out this book list of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming September 2021.

Here at She Reads Romance Books I’m always on the hunt for the best romance books worth reading. That’s why I get so giddy when I see which new romance book releases I can get my hands on each and every month.  

New romance book releases that make my most anticipated lists often come from my favorite authors, include my favorite romance book tropes and also include a new author or two that I’ve been hoping to check out.

This month, my top 10 new romance book releases include a few sports romance books, a few MM romances and some favorite tropes including enemies to lovers, fake relationship and marriage of convenience stories.

There are so many goodies that my Kindle will be overflowing for the month!

Which new romance book release for September 2021 are YOU most excited to read? 

Share in your comments below. I’d love to hear it.

More New Romance Book Releases for 2021:

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My Top 10 Most Anticipated New Romance Book Releases Coming September 2021

Hard to Love is a new romance book release coming September 2021.

Hard to Love
by K. Bromberg

Sports Romance
September 7

Finn Sanderson is a sports agent extraordinaire. He just so happens to also be Stevie Lancaster’s one night stand and now the man who signed on to control her every move. Stevie may be a top-seeded tennis player but her partying ways and the bad press has caught up with her.

Now she’s staying at Finn’s house so he can keep her on the straight and narrow. It’s when Finn turns from babysitter to the one person who can help Stevie with her grief that their arrangement and friendship may turn into something more.

This has been such a fantastic sports romance series by Bromberg that I was so delighted that she announced a fifth book to give us Finn’s story. Finn has not earned the best of reputations in the sports agent world trying to steal clients away from the Kincaids, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store for his happily-ever-after!

Firefly Lane is a new romance book release coming September 2021.

Firefly Lane
by Riley Hart

MM, Small Town Romance
September 7

At forty-three, Holden Barnett is getting along just fine. But then one phone call from his estranged sister takes him to Harmony, a small town in Briar County, which represents everything he’s tried to avoid in life.

Monroe Covington is forty-five and happy. Sure he misses dating, relationships, and a man to hold at night, but at least he gets new eye candy when Holden, the brother of the woman who’s renting his cabin, shows up.

While their attraction is instant, Holden and Roe want two different things, or do they?

You don’t have to twist my arm to read a MM romance by Hart, but I am SO excited that we get two mature adults in this one. Finally, a romance book with men in their forties people! I just cannot wait.

At First Hate is a new romance book release for September 2021.

At First Hate
by K.A. Linde

Enemies to Lovers Romance
September 7

Derek Ballentine and I have always been on opposite sides of everything. I went to a public Savannah high school. He went to a private Catholic school. I went to Duke on scholarship. He went to UNC as a legacy. When we both end up at Harvard for graduate school and we’re finally on a level playing field, I think it’s all going to change.

I was wrong. The only thing that changed was ending up in his bed. Now my grandma has passed away, and Derek is the attorney helping the people trying to steal her legacy. I’ll do anything to stop that from happening. Even take on my lifetime enemy.

Yes! Bring on the enemies to lovers story. Linde’s work has been on my to read list for quite awhile so I’m hoping this is finally the chance for me to check out her books.

Saint is a new romance book release for September 2021.

by Sierra Simone

MM Romance
September 7

I can’t have Elijah Iverson. I may have broken my older brother’s best friend’s heart five years ago but now he’s engaged to someone else.

Me, I chose God and I’m determined to do this monk thing right but I’m no saint. And having Elijah join me on my European monastery road trip is making it extra hard to keep my vows.

Gah! I just know that Simone is going to give us something H-O-T with Aiden’s story in this MM romance. Talk about a forbidden romance – I must read it!!

The Winter We Collided is a new romance book release coming September 2021.

The Winter We Collided
by Victoria Denault

Small Town, Single Dad Romance
September 14

I had one rule when I decided to rent out the ground level of my house – keep it professional. So I have no idea why I told the hospital to call my new tenant, Logan Hawkins, when I ended up unconscious in the snow. It was impossible to keep my distance from the brooding single dad after he came to my rescue.

My past is tragic but I want his touch, his love, but he’s been keeping secrets of his own. They say the truth will set you free, but in this case, it might shatter what’s left of my fragile heart.

Denault blew me away with her book, Blindsided, so I am super psyched to read another one of her books. Let’s just say expectations are high but this story sounds really great and I hope it can deliver.

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With You Forever is a new romance book release coming September 2021.

With You Forever
by Chloe Liese

Slow Burn, Marriage of Convenience Romance
September 14

Axel has done everything possible to keep his distance from Rooney Sullivan despite his deep attraction to her. After one game of charades gone awry, everything has changed.

Rooney can’t help her crush on Axel, the gorgeous grump. That is until she kissed him. When Axel and Rooney unexpectedly find their paths—and problems—converging, a marriage of convenience proves the perfect solution until it becomes a real love match.

There’s something about this opposites attract story that has me so excited to pick it up and read it. It had me at grumpy hero for sure and will be my first Liese novel!

The Love Hypothesis book cover

The Love Hypothesis
by Ali Hazelwood

Fake Relationship Romance
September 14

As a third-year Ph.D. candidate, Olive Smith doesn’t believe in lasting romantic relationships–but her best friend does, and that’s what got her into this situation. Trying to convince Anh that she is indeed dating, Olive kisses the first man she sees – Adam Carlsen, a young hotshot professor–and well-known jerk.

Adam surprisingly agrees to keep her dating charade a secret and be her fake boyfriend. But when a big science conference goes haywire, putting Olive’s career on the Bunsen burner, Adam surprises her again with his unyielding support and even more unyielding…six-pack abs.

This book just sounds adorable which is why it made my must read list for the month. I also love fake relationship books and this one between two scientists could get very interesting indeed!

By Sin I Rise is a new romance book release coming September 2021.

By Sin I Rise
by Cora Reilly

Mafia/MC Romance
September 15

Maddox – Mad Dog – White hates everything the name Vitiello stands for, after he witnessed his father and his men getting butchered by the Capo of the Italian mob in their territory.

Raised by his uncle, the president of the Tartarus MC, Maddox is destined to follow in his footsteps. Now their chapter is on the rise again, but for their ultimate triumph they need to destroy the Vitiello empire. And what better way to do it than to steal the spoilt Vitiello princess and break her piece by piece until her father begs for mercy.

First off, can I just say that this cover is smokin’ hot! That may be reason enough to add this to your must read list but it also had me at mafia AND MC romance. I’ve yet to read a mafia romance that wowed me so I’m hoping that this is finally the one.

The Lie is a new romance book release coming September 2021.

The Lie
by Karla Sorensen

Sports Romance
September 15

Rule number 1 for the team owner’s daughter? Don’t date the players. That’s why Dominic Walker is completely off my radar.

Babysitting the team troublemaker when he’s forced to volunteer for the foundation where I work means I can’t exactly avoid him.

I wish I had though. Because once I get to know Dominic, it’s almost impossible to ignore the feelings he brings out in me and then I’m breaking all my rules.

It’s been too long since I read a good sports romance and this sounds like the perfect one to correct that problem. The forbidden aspect of player/owner’s daughter adds a fun element to it as well.

The Legacy is a new romance book release for September 2021.

The Legacy
by Elle Kennedy

Novella Compilation
September 21

Four stories. Four couples. Three years of real life after graduation…

A wedding. A proposal. An elopement. And a surprise pregnancy. This book is a compilation of four novellas featuring the Off-Campus characters as they navigate the changes that come with growing up and discovering that big decisions can have big consequences…and big rewards.

What a treat from Kennedy giving us a glimpse into the future of her beloved characters from her Off-Campus series! I love watching couples fall in love but it’s quite another to actually “see” them live out their happily ever after. I can’t wait to read it.

Don’t forget to also check out my New Romance Book Releases page where you’ll find even more new romance book releases for September and beyond.

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    • I agree. This is after all a series following on 2 previous series. Sins of the Father … would be best to actually read the father’s stories first.


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