Book Review: The Devil in Her Bed by Kerrigan Byrne

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The Devil in Her Bed is the latest historical romance novel from Kerrigan Byrne. Check out the book review from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books

The Devil In Her Bed
by Kerrigan Byrne

Published: March 2021
: The Devil You Know
Historical Romance
Suspense, Tortured Hero, Strong Heroine, History between Lovers

Rating: ★★★★
Boyfriend Rating:

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Intrigue, deception, debauchery and tortured characters – what’s not to like in this wonderfully written historical romance?

This was my very first Kerrigan Byrne book and I was definitely impressed.

Though this is the third book in the series, I easily read this as a standalone and got instantly caught up in this story.

The flashback to Franscesca’s youth totally set the stage for what was a story filled with just the right amount of suspense and the perfect amount of heat that simmered between Francesca and Chandler.

If you like historical romances with strong heroines and tortured heroes like I do this one will totally fit the bill.

Francesca was a woman set on her goal of revenge and wouldn’t let anything stop her from achieving it. I admired the lengths to which she went to achieve her almost lifelong mission.

Many a man, including Chandler, were opposed to her direct dealings to bring about her revenge but she would not be thwarted and I loved that about her.

Chandler was just as engaging as a character. It was pretty easy to determine his identity early on but I loved how these two danced around each other toward a similar goal. Their chemistry was intense!

While the subject matter behind the suspense aspect to this story is darker than I typically go for in a novel, it wasn’t overwhelming and didn’t overshadow the characters who really stole the show in this book.

I have not yet read the first two books in this series and I probably won’t given the subject matter of their stories which was alluded to in this book. Those are definitely two trigger topics that I steer clear of but I am so glad that I got to read this one.

I will definitely be reading Kerrigan Byrne in the future.

I recommend this historical romance to fans of strong heroines, tortured heroes and those who like a bit of dramatic suspense with their romance.

*Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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