Book Review: Unbreakable by Melanie Harlow

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Unbreakable by Melanie Harlow is her latest in the Cloverleigh Farms series about a divorced, single mother who finds love again. Read the full book review by popular romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

by Melanie Harlow

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Single Parent

Kindle | Paperback

Rating: ★★★★

Best yet of the Cloverleigh Farms Series!

I imagine every author really works hard at that first chapter of a book. You’ve got those first few pages to hook your reader and have them panting for more.

Melanie Harlow wrote a fantastic opener to Unbreakable that had me laughing and giving Sylvia a mental fist bump for her awesomeness!

I felt for Sylvia when I read Insatiable. She was a woman who’s husband was no longer invested in their marriage and had a piece already on the side. Poor Sylvia had been turning a blind eye for awhile until their eventual divorce.

I love it when a woman scorned finally says her piece and holds nothing back – even if fueled with the help of a few mimosas.

That beginning and tirade was the first step of Sylvia claiming a new life for herself. Sylvia then returns to her childhood home in Michigan with her two kids in tow.

At Cloverleigh Farms, she’s reunited with her family whom we’ve gotten to know in the previous books of this series. Also at Cloverleigh is Henry DeSantis, the winemaker and fellow divorcee.

Upon seeing each other, there is an instant attraction that quickly builds as the book goes on.

Unbreakable explores many topics I imagine any newly divorced mom may experience:

  • the reluctance to love again
  • the fear of getting your fragile heart broken again
  • trusting in a “fast” attraction and relationship
  • juggling the feelings and needs of your children with your own

I loved how strong Sylvia was portrayed as both a mother and woman trying to love again. I especially loved how she eventually went out and got what she wanted – and Henry’s response was perfect.

Henry was the perfect match to Sylvia. He was patient, loving and his alpha tendencies, though unexpected were HOT.

I did however feel like it was a bit of instalove between these two which took me a minute to get on board with, but if you love romances where characters once burned by love find it anew, then you’ll really enjoy this read. And don’t worry, it can easily read as a standalone.

Do you have a favorite book from the Cloverleigh Farms series? Share in the comments below.

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