Group Therapy by BB Easton: My Review

BB Easton delights with a new romance book that explores a bit of taboo where a therapist falls for her client.

Check out my book review of Group Therapy below to see if this is a romance book worth reading.

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Group Therapy is a new romance book release from BB Easton coming February 2022.

Group Therapy
by BB Easton

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Forbidden Romance, Romantic Comedy, Forced Proximity
Published February 2022
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★
Boyfriend Rating: 💍💍💍

I am so close to finally becoming a full-fledged psychologist, but my supervisor is holding out on my letter of recommendation.

I’m tasked with curing our most-prized client’s writer’s block in time for him to meet his insane deadline.

Only said client just so happens to be Thomas O’Reardon, the wickedly brilliant, achingly beautiful, devastatingly British best-selling author I may have a slight crush on.

So, when Thomas casually asks me out at the end of a therapy session, I’m forced to make an impossible choice: say yes and risk losing my dream job, or say no and risk losing my dream guy.

In a panic, I blurt out a third option—group therapy.

This book had me howling out loud in laughter – but what else would I expect from the woman whose penned memoir was just as hilarious, moving and impossible to put down?

To say that I was anxiously waiting for this romance is an understatement. In fact, I named it one of my most anticipated romance books of 2022 and it definitely deserved its spot on the list.

How Easton came up with this idea for a book is beyond me but it totally worked and had me laughing hysterically.

Lou is a psychology student who is right on the cusp of being a full-fledged psychologist.

She just needs to pass her exam and get a coveted letter of recommendation from her supervisor.

Only said recommendation is now contingent on her getting her crush out of his writer’s block in a matter of weeks.

Let me first say that I’m all in when it comes to romance but this book had so much more.

I honestly think the best part of the book was Lou’s recounting of her various individual therapy sessions and then of course the group therapy sessions that went off the rails.

I’m sure Easton brought a lot of her own psychology experience and knowledge into the mix but I was seriously in hysterics reading the stereotypical clients that Lou saw in her practice.

But when it came to organizing group therapy sessions as a way to see more of Thomas, her crush, in a less creepy way that didn’t violate doctor-patient privilege, Easton went ALL OUT.

First, we have Lou’s whacky band of friends – both psychologists and those not who were tasked with running group sessions.

Good God, the chaos and hilarity that ensured was too much. I only wish we got more of her friends because they were such an odd yet endearing squad.

Lou herself was such an interesting mix of a character who was dealing with her own psychological issues, a hippie-dippy mother and a quandary that pitted professional ethics versus personal lust.

I’ve found that all of Easton’s book characters have their own quirks and I love that she doesn’t make anyone “perfect.”

She keeps them real with unlikely choices in this case sleeping with your professor or snagging joints from randos on the street to name a few. 😊

Thomas was a bit of a hard one for me to crack. I liked his backstory and yet I felt like I never really, truly got to know him. Something stayed elusive to me about him…

As for their romance, I liked it and yet I felt like I also needed a bit more to really build their connection besides a few therapy sessions to really buy into it.

Honestly, the best part of this book was the therapy which you will find so entertaining.

I totally recommend this book for its comedic chops and can’t wait to see what Easton writes next.

*I received an advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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